John G Lake on Christians


…..Christians as a rule are covered with shadows, with fears, and doubts. That is not the realm of God at all. That is the realm of darkness.

Christianity lives in the light. Christianity lives in the glory. Christianity lives in the power of God, in the eternal presence of God. And it is that consciousness of God in union with him that gives to the soul strength and assurance and confidence and helps the soul to go on its way, regardless of conditions and circumstances, so that he is not being governed by this thing or that, but by the faith of God.

Instead of conditions controlling him, he is controlling conditions. That is the power of God.
John G Lake 1922

Mans shattered foot healed right before your eyes after miracle!


Mans shattered foot healed right before your eyes!
Metal pins dissolve after miracle

During our Miracles Signs and Wonders Conference in Houston, James Maloney was flowing in the prophetic gift of healing and so many people were radically healed. In this clip you can see this man get an overhaul — metal pins disappeared from his foot and he was made whole. Thank you JESUS, you are the same yesterday, today and forever!