Boy returns from death coma with a meassage from God!



What an amazing testimony of God’s love through a young boy.

As Retah and her family were returning from one of these public speaking events in the Free State not long after she delivered the message above, her own precious tablet fell from her hands and shattered into a million pieces. The entire McPherson family was involved in a terrible motor car accident. Retah, her husband Tinus and her youngest son Josh walked away with little or no injuries, but her eldest son Aldo felt the full brunt of the impact. He was thrown from the vehicle and found unconscious on the other side of the highway.  This was the start of a long upward road of endurance relying only on God’s grace, mercy and provision.

Aldo was on life support for a long time after the accident, and during that time Retah was lifted into a new level of walking by faith and not by sight. Although Aldo suffered severe brain injuries as a result of the accident, Retha testifies: “God is good! He has awakened my Sprit to Him and I have come to know Him as a holy God who wants my life, not only my heart.”

After a few weeks in a coma, Aldo finally woke up. While he was in a coma, he had a supernatural experience where he went to heaven, saw God, the angels, Moses and Abraham. Aldo came back with one message: “Jesus is alive!” Due to the seriousness of his injuries to his head Aldo was not able to speak for a long time and related his miraculous journey by writing letters lead by the Holy Spirit – which he is still doing today.

After these series of events their lives were forever changed. Retah and Aldo co-authored a book titled “A Message from God” which relates their miracle story in detail. Retah has since retired from her mainstream job and is now busy with full-time ministry. She travels around the country and the world spreading this simple truth “Jesus is alive!”

In closing, here is an excerpt from the preface of her book A Message from God:

I’ve always confessed that I’m a Christian. I’ve always known God. I believed in the Holy Trinity and even served God.

Yet, when I look back now I realize that I was merely living a good life filled with good deeds. I didn’t really know God’s character and I had no idea what it meant to be completely sold out to Him – which is the only sacrifice that is ever acceptable In His sight. I had to live through a terrible tragedy and huge suffering, before I was finally willing to sacrifice everything, including my son to God. Only after all that, did I hand over control of my life to Him and did I get to know Him personally.

All this pain was so unnecessary! Jesus had already paid the price in full. After I had given my life to Him as a living sacrifice, I could get in line with God’s perfect plan for my life – to live in a love relationship with the living God!

Only then could I say that it didn’t matter whether I lived or died, as long as I glorified God.

For a long time I thought it was my husband’s responsibility to make me happy, but the truth is no human being can make you completely happy. Only Jesus can do that for you. He is the ANSWER to all questions; the SOLUTION to all your problems, the FULFILMENT of all your needs and desires. He is ALL things to ALL men! I tried to quench my thirst with all sorts of things like perfectionism, fame, wealth and achievement. But, now that the fire of the Holy Spirit has purified me from the inside out, I know Jesus is the fountain of living water.  He is the only One who can quench my thirst forever.

Know one thing for sure: Jesus is alive! – Retah McPherson

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Throat cancer healed by God, Demon cast out in young girl, mute boy healed in India!


Throat cancer healed by God, Demon cast out in young girl, mute boy healed! “Through miracles people are flocking to Christ” in Rajasthan India

By Mark Ellis

Pastor Promod Patel

Christians make up less than one percent of the population in Rajasthan, the largest state in India, which borders Pakistan to the west. There are few Christians amid the oldest civilization on the Indian subcontinent, but God is moving in powerful ways that sometimes resemble the Book of Acts.

“Through miracles people are flocking to Christ,” says Pastor Promod Patel. “The church here is growing day by day.”

Pastor Patel is the grandson of one of the first Indian believers in Rajasthan. His life is like one of the early church fathers—he plants churches, travels and encourages the church, at times taking great risks to his own safety.



Not long ago, Pastor Patel was in the region of Kushalgarh, where he met a sick couple, Kalu and Nirmala. “Both were sick but after praying for them in Jesus name they were healed,” he recounts. “Then they started a church to serve the Lord.”

When the couple began to minister they encountered a slightly built, middle-aged man named Waloo, who had been bedridden for two years, suffering from throat cancer. “They prayed in Jesus’ name and he was healed,” Pastor Patel reports. Waloo’s neck reveals a long stretch mark where God touched him and “surgically”removed the large tumor.

Today Waloo sells ice cream from a bicycle-mounted ice chest. His new career gives him a chance to share the gospel with children.

In a neighboring town, Pastor Patel met a demon-possessed girl named Romila. For

Romila (left)

two months, the young girl suffered with the oppression and her family was desperate for relief. “After prayer and fasting she was delivered in Jesus’ name and is growing in His Word.” Pastor Patel reports.

A 12-year-old deaf and mute boy named Patrus in another town was also healed at a prayer meeting. When his healing came, he shouted “Alleluia” and then “Praise the Lord!” After this miracle, he was able to start attending school for the first time.

“As the gospel was being preached and miracles were


happening we also encountered opposition,” Pastor Patel reports. “As believers came to Christ there was persecution from the village.”

Pastor Patel partnered with Living Water International to bring clean water into Todi Village. “Since bringing the clean water, the opposition has melted away,” Pastor Patel says. “We are now not only giving people an opportunity to drink clean water, but also giving people an opportunity to hear the gospel and drink the living water.”

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