Healing Testimonies from Boston!


Healing Testimonies in Boston from my new friend Trip Nine!

It’s amazing how the body of Christ is connecting believers everywhere in the church. I came upon this great video after attending a men’s event and re-connecting with my old friend (Russ Shiebler) from high school who leads a large men’s ministry in NH. Two days later he put me in touch with one of his friends who has a heart for laying hands on the sick and sharing the Gospel and the love of God.

Trip and a few of his friends, recorded these healing testimonies in my back yard, Boston back in April. I’m so excited to find a new local friend that I hit the streets with, laying hands on the sick and sharing the good news!!!

….just like Jesus, as written in Luke 40 “While the sun was setting, all those who had any who were sick with various diseases brought them to Him; and laying His hands on each one of them, He was healing them.” Amen!!!

Two amazing healing testimonies from Sweden!


Torben Sondergaard Healing Testimonies from Sweeden

Watch the amazement and their faces as these two women are healed by Jesus right at the mall! Torben Sondergaard is teaching them how to build faith and “lay hands” on the sick.

The healing doesn’t come from us, but from the love of God and the work Jesus did on the cross, through the power of the Holy Spirit in us….all three working as one, within His sons and daughters… Christians!

Last comment he made is worth hear and remembering….”we don’t live by feeling, we live by the word of God” ….. I say AMEN, let’s walk by faith not by sight!

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Russia Healing Testimonies with Torben Sondergaard


Amazing Healing Testimonies from Russia with Torben Sondergaard

Watch these three amazing miracles from Russia! Simple yet amazing miracles just like in the book of ACTS for those who believe! I love Torben’s heart to reach the unsaved by demonstrating the power of the Gospel through miracles!

….these were his words about this meeting: “An atheist started believing when she experienced healing and much more happening. Jesus says that the harvest is great and that it is ready for harvest. The problem is not the harvest, but that the laborers are few.
If we again begin to go out and heal the sick and then preach the gospel to them, we can quickly see people saved.”

For more radical teaching on the power of the first century church visit www.thelastreformation.com – God Bless You
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John G Lake California Testimony: They Shall Take up Serpents


Brother Tom and “they shall take up serpents”

In Southern California, during one of the harvest seasons, I had an honest young infidel working for me. The young man was engaged in loading and I was pitching sheaves on the load, when he said;
“brother Tom do you believe in the Bible?”
“I said, every word of it.”
“He said, do you believe in Mark 16:18?”
“I said, I do.”

I prayed silently to Jesus, that if he wanted to convince this young man of the truth of his word, that he send along a snake and I would take it up. Soon I heard a hissing sound from under the sheaves, I said “Jesus sent you a long, I want you!” I grabbed the snake some distance from the head and I lifted it up to my friend on the wagon. He looked at me, and then said “Kill it! Kill it!”

No. I said, Jesus sent it along, I am going to let it go about its own business. After a while he laughed, and said “Tom that was only a common California snake” I judged from the expression he was not satisfied with the test. I prayed again “Jesus, why did you send along a common snake? If you want to convince this man, send along a venomous one.”

Not long after I heard the hiss of another snake. I cried “hold on there, I want you,” and laying hold of it I did the same as the former one and I held it up to my friend saying, how about Mark 16:18?”

He turned pale and said hastily “drop it! Drop it! Kill it!” I put it quietly down after stroking its head and body with my other hand and said “go on, Jesus sent you here, I’ll not kill you.”

When my friend could speak, for he was pale and shocked, he said “Tom, did you know what kind of a snake that was?” “I said, no” he replied, “that was a deadly Viper, and if had bitten, you would be a dead man!” I said, “it could not bite, Jesus would not permit it!”

I don’t pretend to have that kind of faith, but I am not going to belittle it in the man who has. I am, I trust, man and Christian enough to praise God when I see someone going further than I can!

John G Lake:
Divine healing
The complete collection of his life teachings p626

Man With Disabled Arm Healed through Torben Søndergaard in the name of Jesus!


Torben Søndergaard Testimonies from Arizona Part 2

Amazing Healing testimony from Arizona teaching with Torben ( Thelastreformation.com ) Torben teaches the simplicity of faith by living out the book of ACTS. He has many free and solid disciple teachings on his site if you are looking for grow in your walk with a pure heart! Love Torben’s heart!!! He’s awesome

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Child Birth Miracle from Denmark


Child Birth Miracle from Denmark

This is a written testimony of beautiful birth miracle recently sent to Toben Sondergaard!
God is Good!
A few days ago I got this amazing testimony.

Hello, Torben
I hope you and your family are doing fine. I don’t know why, but I suddenly got a strong feeling to share this with you… back in the beginning of 2007, you vistited us at home. Then you suddenly asked if you could pray for me because I had some stomach ache. At the time you didn’t know what was wrong as far as I know…The truth is that we had tried to get child no.3 for over a year, which just kept waiting…At the end I got so strong stomach ache that I was hospitalized on the department of Gynaecological in Herning Hospital. After some thorough medical examinations it showed that I had a cyst on the right side of my ovary which had grown so big, that it bursted. My left ovary was twisted around itself and there was nothing to do… I couldn’t get any more children – The physician told me… two days after you vistited.

When you prayed for me I didn’t think so much of it. I had already given up hope of geting any more children. I just wanted God to take the pain. But at a rutine check at the Hospital 5 weeks later, I had a tiny baby. Its funny, just 5 weeks old. The doctors couldn’t understand it and more scannings only showed the same. Two ovaries that didn’t work, but a healthy little foster…I don’t remember what you exactly prayed for that day, but you said something like God heard my prayer, and knew my burning wish…When I was 5 month in pragnancy, I feared losing my little girl, which we just camed to know was a girl… we talked about the babys name at Bibel Camp. My hospand tolded that Sara, Abrahams wife, sounded in his head. I went to intercession that day and the person came to me, prayed and said, you dont lose what God has given you…and tell me, Sarah, Abrahams wife…does that mean anything to you?

I was shocked. She said the child whould bring many to God and be a great joy, too. Exactly a child like my little Sara, I have never seen before, who is so happy and rewarding… she prays many times a day, sing for God and tells about him to others. She knows thing that she isn’t surpose to know. Things I havn’t told her…things that is written in the Bible. I just wanted to share this with you, and thank you for the intercession back then.

The Pioneer School