Who was this man called Jesus?


Who was this man called Jesus?


And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” In the same way, after the supper he took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you. Luke 22:19 & 20

That was the scene in the upper room just a few days before He rose from the grave on Easter, when Jesus invited the apostles to remember Him, to explain that His body was to be given for them, and to predict how His blood would be poured out for the new covenant …He said “do this in remembrance of me”, knowing He would be leaving them soon.

Webster’s dictionary gives us a definition of Remembrance as: “an act of recalling to mind or – a memory of a person, thing, or event”

Most of us have lost a friend or loved one in our lives and we inevitably recall an event that reminds us of that person…”in remembrance of them”. Generally, at that time we remember a couple things that may have defined that person’s life…sometimes good or sometimes bad.

Some friends past we remember by their virtues…”he was a generous man”….”she was so kind”…”that guy was a saint”…”she was so patient”… or perhaps some are remembered by not so saintly virtues like “what a cheat”…”he was a bum” …”she was cold hearted”…. Others we might remember by a hobby they enjoyed…”he was a biker”, “she was a great dancer”, “he was a fisherman”…and many we remember by profession…a salesman…a policeman…a surgeon…a nurse… a pastor

So which traits should we remember of Jesus… when he said; “Do this in remembrance of me”?

I decided to make a list of the things the gospel of John had to say about who Jesus was, which is by the way only one book of 66 books that are woven together as the Bible describing Jesus as the Messiah.

These are some of the common words the Apostle John used to describe Jesus:

The son of Mary, the son of Joseph of Nazareth, cousin of John the Baptist, a brother, a good friend, a carpenter, one from the family of David, Teacher, Rabbi, the good shepherd, and a man full of love. And those common terms are where it would end for most of us if we were being remembered after our death.

But when remembering Jesus, John wrote many other words while inspired by the Holy Spirit to describe Jesus – it’s a list like none before or ever since – these descriptions are the ones that make Jesus different than any other person in the history of humanity. These reveal the one true Messiah:

The one who could change water to wine, the Holy one from God, The one who could restore sight to the blind, The one who has shown us what God is like, the Profit, The Son of man, The bread that came down from heaven, The Holy One, The word that became human and lived among us, The light of the world, Protector from the evil one, The King of Israel, The one hated for no reason, The Way, The Truth, The Life, God’s Bread, The one who came down from heaven and gives life to the world, The healer, The one who raised his friend Lazarus from the dead, The forgiver of Adultery, The one who judges for the Father, The one who fed 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish, The Messiah, The one who harvests believers, The master, the one Samaritans called “Savior of the world”, The true vine, God’s only Son, Lamb of God, the One who washes feet and cleans men’s souls, The one the Father gave power over everything, The word, The one sent by the Father to save the world, King of the Jews, The tortured one, The one crucified that others might live, the one whose bones were not broken, the one who defeated death, the risen one, and As the apostle Thomas called him, “My Lord & My God”

No one, in the history of mankind can be remembered like that…not one person has ever come close to these descriptions…no one, ever – no other religious leader can make such claims. That is why the Christian religion is like no other religion in the world. There is only one Son of God, and one way to our father in heaven, and that is through Jesus Christ alone and He proved it through thousands of miracles, signs, wonders, and prophecies that predicted these events hundreds of years in advance.

So if you thinking right now, “I’d like to learn more about this fascinating man they called Jesus, or maybe you wish you could have been there to hang out with a guy like that…well, I have great news to share…..Jesus was all those things over 2000 years ago, and He is still all those things for you and I today, because He is eternal and He gave each person a way to know Himself intimately by accepting His free gift of salvation.

If you don’t know Jesus yet, know this, he loves you and want’s to be those things for you, and the best friend you will ever have!…He cares and loves you so much that he gave up his own life to save yours! If you haven’t been introduced, don’t hesitate to ask me about how you can be adopted into the eternal family of God, receive forgiveness, and the gift of God’s spirit living inside of you. … there’s still some really good tickets left to meet with Him! Don’t miss out, your eternal future is at hand 🙂

God Bless you,
Scott L

Amazing healing testimony! Baby’s heart restored by documented miracle.


God heals a baby’s heart through the love of God and the faith of her parents-Amazing!

This is one of our top posts added to the site in January of 2013 and worth re-posting for anyone who missed it. It’s an amazing story of faith. As Laury and I minister on the streets and in the marketplace each day, we are learning to stand on God’s truth with an unwavering faith that is compelled to believe God’s love is greater than any sickness, no matter what our eyes may witness. As a result we are becoming more bold in knowing God’s will to heal, stepping out further in faith, and Jesus responds with greater and greater miracles. The story below exemplifies the kind of faith that inspires us to believe. May we all grow in such a faith!

Jamie Scott remembers how her mother introduced her to Andrew’s teachings. Her mother had said, “He explains things so simply. The Bible really comes to life.” That was enough information to pique Jamie’s interest, and she went online to awmi.net and checked for herself. She was astounded at what she was able to read and learn on the website, and immediately ordered some books and teaching CDs

Audrey Scott Baby 1

Jamie was raised in church, yet her understanding of God was limited; she had many unanswered questions about how to relate to God. One morning, Jamie sat down and began to read Andrew’s, True Nature of God. As she read, she realized that the scriptural teaching

in the book answered all of her questions. “My life changed. I was hooked,” Jamie said. From that point, Jamie began an on-going process of developing a deeper relationship with her Heavenly Father.

Three years ago, following a normal pregnancy, Jamie gave birth to her second child, Audrey. At first glance the baby appeared to be perfectly healthy, and she and her husband, Tom were excited to have a baby girl. The doctors however, were having a hard time keeping Audrey pink, so they took her to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Audrey Scott Baby 2There, the doctors determined that part of the baby’s heart was missing and that there were no major arteries flowing from the heart to the lungs. The baby was then moved to a different hospital in the city known for its outstanding cardiac care.

Jamie remembers an anger rising up on the inside of her and she felt the Holy Spirit remind her of what she had learned from Andrew’s teaching. At the next opportunity she had to see baby Audrey, she laid her hands on her and commanded Audrey’s heart to be there, and spoke 1 Peter 2:24 over her, “…By whose stripes you were healed.” Even though she was looking at her tiny, pale baby, wired from head to toe, Jamie felt a peace come over her as she prayed.

When she returned to her own hospital room that evening, Jamie heard the Holy Spirit say, “Watch me work.” Jamie knew her sense of peace was coming from her relationship with the Father—knowing Him, and what His word says. “I would have never known that if I had continued going to the church that I was attending prior to finding Andrew’s ministry, because they never taught that God wants you well.”

Once again prompted by the Holy Spirit, Jamie called the helpline at Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM) in order to have a prayer minister agree with her in prayer. Her faith was strengthened as she heard the authority with which the minister spoke healing and health over Audrey. Later that day, when the specialists delivered the grim news about the poor life expectancy of her baby girl, Jamie stood firmly on the truth, knowing her God did not create these problems, and that He had made Audrey whole.

The following morning, Jamie called the hospital to check on her baby and the nurse told her that things had changed. During the night, the cardiologist had given Audrey another echogram in preparation for an upcoming surgery.

When they did the echogram, they saw that Audrey’s heart was completely formed. Jamie got off the phone with tears running down her face and told Tom, “They see her heart.”
The Scott’s rejoiced, knowing that it wasn’t the doctors that had done anything for Audrey, but God. “I knew my God was there and His hand was in it, and He showed them [the nurses and doctors] that there is a higher power.”

When Jamie and Tom met with the doctors to discuss the new test results, they were told that there was still a “crinkle” in her aorta, and that a small surgery would take care of the issue. But once again, Jamie stood on God’s word as she thought to herself, “My God’s not going to do anything halfway,

He’ll complete the whole thing, and she will not need surgery.” Jamie was right, and it was during this experience that she realized that coming to know God, through the revelation she had received, was invaluable.

Audrey Scott Bed

One week to the day after Jamie gave birth to Audrey, she walked through the door of her home with her beautiful, perfectly healthy baby girl in her arms. The phrase, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” had continually come into Jamie’s mind over the course

of the week she had spent in the hospital. “He does not do anything halfway. He is a good God and a faithful Father,” Jamie said. Today, Audrey is a healthy, vibrant three-year-old

.Audrey Scott Family


You can visit Andrew Wommack’s ministry site here: http://www.awmi.net/extra/healing

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