Prayer pulls man out of coma in Lowell MA!!!


May 23rd 2015 – Prayers and declarations of life pull man out of a coma in Lowell MA!!!

Our prayer team with friends Garth, his boys, Janice, Bethany, Yvonne, my wife Laury and I, all hit the streets on Saturday to pray for and minister to the sick and we each saw many people healed but this testimony rocked the Kingdom!

We came across a woman in the park sitting alone. Janice asked if she need prayer so she spoke with her a bit, then prayed for and blessed the woman named Zulma. As she prayed, our other friend Yvonne felt The Lord had a special message for Zulma so she approached and also began speaking with her – this is what happened in Yvonne’s words:

“I saw this lady sitting putting on makeup and wondered to myself….why is she putting on makeup. Bethany looked over and said “Yvonne go, she needs you”. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me, yup that’s the person God told me I was to speak with today with a word of encouragement, but I hesitated. With a few promptings I went…..

Zulma went on to say she had lost her faith and only recently got some back because of her sister. She goes on to say that she was in the park because she had wanted to go sit alone for a bit because her and her family were going to a meeting at the hospital that day, to “pull the plug” on her brother who was in a coma.

As she said that my faith started to rise and I told her that her brother will live and not die. I prayed that God would send ministering angels to him while in the coma. I declared her brother would come out of the coma as a brand new person and that her faith, her family, and her life would not be the same from such a miracle.

We were there for maybe 40 minutes. We all prayed for her brother. I read 1 Cor 13 to her and then played a song. Then we hugged her and we all went on our way.

A few hours later we were heading back to the car. She saw us at about 4:15. She yelled to me and said…two hours ago my brother woke up!”

He awoke at almost the exact time of the prayers- wow, that’s faith in action!!!

This is the testimony- God is so good….Jesus is Lord over all!!!

Teens Instantly Healed from Pain after 20 mile walk in Boston!


May 3rd Boston Walk for Hunger – Teens Get Healed!

Our prayer team went to Boston Common to show the Love of Jesus and pray for the sick and homeless. We had just spent about an hour attending to a homeless woman who got healed of pain and delivered from a spirit of hopelessness and suicide, when two young women walked into Burger King badly limping. I asked if they were in pain (which was pretty obvious) and they explained that they had just finished the 20 mile annual “Walk for Hunger”. I said “let my wife and our friend Gbemi lay hands on you and pray so we can watch Jesus take away your pain” They said that they were Christians and believed in healing and said sure go ahead. One quick command for the pain to leave in the name of Jesus and all pain left both of the walkers.

They were pretty amazed and excited and caused a little commotion. They then went back to their table and shared what happened with two other walkers who were also in terrible pain. The two others quickly got up and sheepishly come over to us. I asked if they were also in pain and would like prayer and “YES” was the answer- so Laury and Gbemi each layed hands on these two girls and commanded the pain to go, and the pain was instantly gone – one girl was so excited that she put her hand over he mouth and started screaming so loud that the entire restaurant was looking at what happened! We just smiled and said they were healed by Jesus 🙂

Two other women got healed in Burger King while we were there: One had a cane with a bad knee, arthritis wracking her body, and Fibromyalgia. Her knee got healed, and all her pain in her body left and she proceeded to walk out without her cane! Jesus is so awesome!

After that we went out to the Boston Common and encountered about 20 more people in groups of 1-3 who were also limping and in extreme pain from the walk. Over about a period of one hour, every person prayed for got instantly healed from pain by Jesus! It was so much fun and a bit like popcorn exploding all over the park as each got healed by different team members.

It was so cool watching all the reactions from the teens we prayed for- one young man said he’d been in church his entire life and never seen anything like this (nor did I up until 4 years ago) another young woman was so moved, that she started to weep after Jesus took her pain away. It was an awesome day in the Lord! Yay! God

Man in Wheelchair with Foot Pain Gets Healed and Walks!


Foot Pain Gets Healed and Man Walks Without Pain

My wife Laury and I along with our friends Bethany, Janice, Yvonne, Garth and sons Adriel and Garret came across this gentleman on the streets of Lowell who was in a wheelchair scooter. We talked with him and he said he had extreme pain in his feet from a birth defect. We asked what level of pain out of 10 and he said 20! We first offered to pray and he insisted that this was his condition and he always lived with severe pain every day. It took a few minutes for him to take us seriously and I think we finally said something like “what do you have to lose anyway?”2015-04-18 14.20.33

His pain instantly went from a 20 to an 8, then a 4, then 1, then a zero within 60 seconds. Garth then told him to get up and check the pain, so he stood up and said he had some new pain in the bottom of his feet. If I remember correctly, I think he said that pain on the bottom of his feet will never leave either. We challenged him saying if all the other pain left, why wouldn’t you think Jesus could remove the rest? We pressed in and prayed twice more and all that pain was gone in about 10 seconds as well! Praise Jesus – He is Lord!

We ministered on the streets for several more hours that day and saw many such healing testimonies, but later in the day we happened to see the same man outside WITHOUT his scooter! Yay God!!!!

Woman who questioned if God exists, now on fire and healing on the streets!


Do you want to be used by God? Do you feel like God isn’t hearing your prayers? Does the Bible seem lifeless to you?
Listen to this honest testimony of a woman who was questioning if God even existed, but she was Kickstarted in healing and is now on fire for the Lord.

This is such a common testimony we come across by many people wondering if God is even real, but if you really want to be used by God, come get Kickstarted and your life will change forever….. ours did!

If you live in the NH, MA area and want to get kickstarted, send us an email and you can join us as we hit the streets each weekend, being used by God, laying hands on the sick and preaching the good news!

2000+ years later, Jesus is still in the business of healing the sick, setting captives free, saving lives, bringing hearing to the deaf and looking for those who want to be used! He is Lord!

Intoxicated Woman’s Wrist Pain Healed in Haverhill MA


Book of Acts moment #8

God loves the despised, the brokenhearted, and the lost.

This is an older one from last fall I forgot to publish. A team of us had met at His Way Home Church in Haverhill to to go out on the streets praying for the sick in a less popular section of town on Saturday afternoon in September. I went into a small grocery/package store to buy some water.

There was an older woman in front of me waiting in line at the counter. I noticed she had her wrist all bandaged up. It was very similar to the picture I attached on this post. I asked her what was wrong. She said she just had surgery on the arm/wrist. She was extremely intoxicated, slurred a bit, and seemed very depressed and hopeless.injured handI think the “old me” would’ve looked at her and judged her in kind of a religious way because she was drunk. But instead, my heart instantly expanded and I felt great compassion for her condition. Maybe that was the real miracle in this story! It was purely the compassion of Jesus because it’s so much greater than anything my old nature could muster up and whenever it happens, powerful things follow.

I asked her what her level of pain was on a scale of 1 to 10- she thought about it and said it was about an eight. I asked you if I could pray for it and she said yes. I prayed once in the name of Jesus and asked her what her pain level was again. She looked so drunk that she actually seemed like she forget I had just prayed for it! But her reply was that the pain was about a three. I quickly laid my hand on it again prayed one more time and asked her what her pain level was……She had a big smile and she said it felt really good! I told her Jesus did it because He loves her, she smiled again and said thanks.

I heard someone recently say that healing is one of God’s “languages of love”. I like the way that sounds and in this example, I’d have to agree He was speaking to her on that day 🙂

God’s love is truly amazing, ….Jesus is Lord!
Scott L

Homeless Boston woman healed, delivered, fed, and set free by Jesus!


Homeless Boston woman healed

This is the story of the homeless Boston lady by the name of Jewel who encountered the Love of Jesus. it’s a bit long, but worth the read I think. Sometimes ministering on the streets can get a bit messy but God is good all the time and love never fails 🙂

A few of us who gather together each weekend, had come up out of the Boston MBTA subway at the Boston Common specifically to lay hands on the sick. When we first arrived, 11 year-old Jacob who has been hungry to see his faith grow, had healed a guy on the sidewalk with an infection and pain in his ankle, then we crossed the street over to the Boston Common. Laury (my awesome wife) had just given a sleeping alcoholic her shirt to lay his head on, then she and my friend Garth prayed over him to be delivered from alcohol addiction, for he had said that he wanted/needed a drink. Afterward, he said he did not need a drink anymore.

Meanwhile, 11 year-old Jacob had pointed out to me a woman asleep on the grass a little distance away, saying she needed prayer. If I’m honest, my “flesh” thought this might get messy and hesitated for a second, but how could I refuse at the prompting of an 11 year-old boy? So I went over to the woman, and Garth followed a minute or so later and joined me. As it turned out, the woman was contemplating suicide (she had attempted suicide twice before), and was very thankful that we woke her up, because she had concluded that nobody cared about her anymore. In fact, before she went to sleep, she had prayed earnestly that God would send someone to her. She said that earlier in the day a man approached her and said that he would give her something to eat if she performed a certain act, but of course she refused.

Seeing that we were Christians, she pulled out a ragged paperback Bible to show us that she believed in God, and thanked God that we had come to encourage her. At this point, we had made her day just by showing her that someone cared about her. She was not expecting all that God was going to do for her through us, however God had another plan!

Initially, she began pouring out her story of difficulty as a young girl abused, repeatedly insisting that we not interrupt her, and to let her finish, because she “had to get it out.” When she was a child, she was placed in unspeakable situations to support someone’s drug addiction. She explained that her desire was to honor her mother, but she had to get away from that home to avoid the circumstances and stay safe, but felt she had dishonored her mom in a way. So she moved away and this had tormented her for years. Recently she came to Boston to bury her mother, for her mother had died and she sincerely wanted to honor her mother. Now she was homeless.

Worse than that, she said that two days before she had been in a wheelchair, and could still hardly walk. She had had seizures, but could not afford the anti-seizure medicine, so the homeless shelters had refused her, not being willing to deal with such a situation. She was oppressed to the point of bondage and mental anguish to all this, and still was not even of sound mind at this point. She would have ranted on and probably ask us for money to pay for those medications.

After she had vented a bit after maybe 20 minutes, we got control of the conversation, and when I asked her what her pain level was, on a scale of 0 – 10, she said “100.” Garth and I both began speaking life over her, and as the pain went down, she began to calm down. We continued to the point that she said that it was “much better,” and told her to stand up, which she did not think she could do. But she did (on her own), and we prayed over her some more as she became more and more coherent. She became so grateful for this progress that she said that this was enough, and began thanking God, but we insisted that all the pain had to go.

At this point after a few minutes, she was communicating perfectly normally and of sound mind.

She said that she was hungry, that she had not eaten all day long, so we asked her what she wanted, and she gave us an order for a double cheeseburger, onion rings, and soda. But at this point she could walk well enough that she said she would come with us, and began to pack her bag with her belongings.

But first, she wanted to know why we had come to her like this in her time of need. What prompted us? I said it was 11 year-old Jacob. She was surprised that it was a boy, and praised God for him, wanting to meet him. Garth pointed him out to her and beckoned him to come. He was lying on the ground with my two boys over him, and did not come. We found out that he had just fell and badly hurt his knee. He could not get up.

At this point we told her that he had just been injured, but that she should come lay her hand on him and it would be healed, just like what had just been done to her. We all walked over to him and and Garth told her to command that his knee be healed, in Jesus’ name. That is just what she did. She put her hand on his knee, spoke healing to him, the pain instantly left his knee, and he got up.

We all proceeded to the nearby Burger King, got the food for her, and some for the three boys (Garth’s two and Jacob). The four of them sat at a small table and ate and talked, while the rest of us encountered a number of other people at the fairly crowded Burger King who needed healing, all of whom left pain-free, including one older woman with a cane who had Arthritis, fibroid-myalagia, and four young ladies in this video:

At one point we looked and saw Jacob hand her one, two, three five dollar bills out of his pocket – that was his entire spending allowance for the day and he gave it all to Jewel!

We asked Jewell about her pain level one more time while she was at Burger King and she said she had a pain level of 2/10. It immediately went to zero and she was completely pain free. Her face was almost shining, so full of joy and peace by the time we left, you would not know she was the same woman who, one hour earlier, had a face that was twisted by thoughts of suicide, tormented by pain, and darkened by despair.

It is at that point that we got some video footage of her in the Burger King. The video ends with her breaking out in a song of praise for Jesus, walking through the crowded Burger King singing a beautiful melody, and when finished almost everyone in the place was clapping for her!

It was a really good day watching lives transformed in the name of Jesus! Yay God- thank you Jesus!
Scott L and Garth W
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