Man Healed and Walks Normal with Crushed Pelvis


More Miracles in NH!

This is the testimony of Jimmy who was in great pain having trouble walking after a terrible accident 6 weeks earlier when he got hit by a car. I saw him walk into the park with great difficulty and a heavy limp. We talked for a while about some questions he had regarding the Bible. then I asked if he had pain anywhere and he said he had pain in his entire body (10 out of 10 pain level). After two quick prayers, Jesus took all his pain away, and he walked normal, with amazement! I took the second video because he got back up in total awe of what happened, testing his new healing. It was a fun day watching Jesus heal so many people including one women who had a lump in her breast from cancer, completely disappear! Jesus is Lord!

More testimonies from the other men who were healed

Water Baptism in NH!


Another Water Baptism in NH!

This is our new brother in Christ, Lee Adams. God was pursuing Lee’s heart for almost two years until he came to this place where he knew that he wanted to repent, believe in Jesus, be baptized in water, and filled with the Holy Spirit. He contacted Laury and I and a couple days later, he did it all and became a new creation in Christ!! It took a couple minutes for him to receive tongues but the gift came in the end of the video – Yay God, ….He’s a good good father!

We look forward to helping Lee grow in his new identity as a son of God and watching the wonderful things unfold that God has planned for Lee! Welcome to the family Lee!

If you want to turn away from the sin of the world, or to dedicate your life to Jesus and place your faith in Him, or to be baptized in water, and or to be filled with the Holy Spirit, send us an email to or fill out the form below and we’ll be happy to talk with you about your next steps in becoming fully alive in your walk with God.

Love and Blessings,
Scott & Laury Levesque
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