Jesus Restores Man’s Ability to Walk!!


Man in Boston Walks After Prayer!

This is Jeffery – He was hit by a car doing 45 mph while walking in Boston back in November of 2015. a few of us on the prayer team were ministering on Boston Common yesterday when we stopped and began to hear his story.

The doctors said he would never walk again but watch this, as he takes his first steps alone in almost 9 months! We spent about 15 minutes praying for healing and strength and took this video immediately afterwards! His speaking also dramatically improved after declaring healing in the name of Jesus- even Jeffery was amazed and remarked “Wow”!
Jesus is Amazing!!

Hearing Restored in US Army Vet in Massachusettes


Hearing restored in Vet after 15 years of total deafness in one ear!!

This is the testimony of Maurice who was awarded the “Distinguished Silver Cross” from the US Army. He is a homeless vet we met on the streets, who had suffered traumatic injuries while in combat. When we first met him, he had just heard a testimony of a man who was set free from anger when we prayed four months earlier. Maurice didn’t believe it and thought it was all nonsense. In fact, he was very discouraged and said there were no “good people” in the world and he was quite angry looking at first while we shared the love of Christ with him.

We encouraged him and shared the amazing truth about what Jesus had accomplished, and how there are many people in the world like Laury and I demonstrating the love of Christ through miracles, signs and wonders. Eventually he let us pray for his broken ankle and after speaking with him for a while, all his pain left.

Once that happened, we were able to pray for some other things and bless his future. In the end, he got so touched by the love of Jesus that he said that he really liked us and he was happy that we had stopped to talk and pray! That was a complete turn around from someone who originally said miracles were a bunch of $&@ bull!

That’s the transforming power of faith from Jesus that every believing Christian can enjoy if you are wish to be equipped, and activated to step out in faith and lay your hands on a sick person. It’s so simple any Christian can do it if you are open and willing to try!

This is Maurice’s testimony after Laury and I met him in the park and prayed for his ear! Jesus is amazing!

Man in MA Delivered from Spirit of Anger!


Lowell Man Completely Delivered from spirit of anger and oppression by Jesus!

Check out this testimony – our group prayed over this man who was struggling with oppression and anger several months earlier, and when we came upon him, he suddenly remembered that since that day, he’s been living with total peace and has experienced no anger or oppression. That’s what Jesus paid for, to “set the captives free”! He is the way the truth and the life and He can set you free as well – only believe and know, that He is Lord over all (including anger and depression and oppression) and you can be set free! If you know Jesus as Lord, then you have the same power in you, that set this man free – all you have to do is believe it, command the oppression to go, and walk free. No magic here, just faith in Jesus! It’s simple.