Homeless Woman Healed of Three Forms of Cancer


Woman Healed of Three Forms of Cancer by Jesus!

Check out this testimony from Lyndsay who was healed of three forms of cancer by Jesus. The prayer team met her on the streets last fall and everyone laid hands on her and prayed. She was in a terrible state of depression and sickness, without much hope in here eyes. We didn’t see her after that for many months, and as often is the case we don’t find out about the healing until some time later. In her case, she flagged us down and told us her story…. it’s an amazing story of restoration by Jesus, through faith.

You too can develop faith for healing in the name of Jesus, if you will only believe and start laying hands on sick people. His word is true… Praise God!!

Does Going to Church Make Us Christian?


Does Going to Church Make Us a Christian?

Hey all, check out this 18 minute video of my personal testimony and how I came to Christ. I hope this message can be shared with many friends and family around the world, who go to church but have not experienced a true born again experience, and need real salvation.

Over the years we have come across hundreds of people who profess to be saved, and believe they are saved simply because they go to church, sing songs, and follow church routines. Many believe Jesus is the son of God, but hey so do demons.

The problem is that many do not know Jesus as their Lord, have never turned from their sinful ways, don’t read His word, and would not know His voice from a false prophet if one showed up. That was the state I was in for many years of my life. Like me in my past, if they have not been born again, these friends and family members are essentially lost, with no hope of eternal life if they do not understand that “showing up at church” doesn’t save.

A relationship with Jesus as Lord, is the ONLY thing that can save us. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with going to church, but the church can’t save anyone nor bring anyone eternal life, any more than a cross around your neck, a Saint past, a golden idol, or even a virgin Mother.

If you want to be saved, Jesus said you must be born again. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life”. No one can be saved on the basis of going to church, being born into a church going family, by good deeds, or because they are a “good person”. Yes you can be saved in a church, but not by the church. The only way to be saved is by making Jesus your Lord, and being born again.

Make Him your Lord if you haven’t already; Repent, be baptized, and be filled with the Holy Spirit and start living a life for Him. You will never regret it!!

Much Love,
Scott Levesque

Calling All Saints! Divine Healing Training in Florida


Don’t Miss The Devine Healing Training Classes Coming up!

October 7th-9th in Orlando Fl
Ocotober 14th-16th in Naples FL

DHT Intensive training

Please join us and our good friends from John G Lake Ministries for a unique 3 Day DHT (Divine Healing Tech) “Hands On” activation course for street ministry and healing the sick. This is a wonderful opportunity to be discipled by others who have experience activating believers who have a desire to see God’s Love and Power, demonstrated through the name and authority of Jesus.

For more details, go to JGLM DHT Intesives on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/JGLMTEAm/?hc_ref=SEARCH )or email Anthony at lifeteams@jglm.org

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