3 thoughts on “Boy’s Autism Healed!

  1. i am so thankful for this website and the testimony of this couple! It has blessed me so much! I especially am thankful for their transparency because I can imagine that is not easy. Glory to God! Jesus is Lord!

  2. Am so happy for this couple. I feel so encourage as we are also going through similiar ordeal with our son who has been diagnosed of cerebrial palsy.

    • Praise God and all Glory to Him. Thanks for this wonderful testimony of God’s healing. We are in a very similar situatuon with our son Dominic who will turn 3 next week and is still not talking and shows many signs of autism. My wife is devastated butI have faith that one day God wil work a miracle and heal my boy. This testimony has mightily strengthened my faith in God. God bless you all.

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