Women Healed From MS by Jesus


Women Healed From MS by Jesus – Medically Documented

She was beaten down by her sickness, had given up on God, she took her eyes off Jesus, and wanted to die. This is what the enemy does to try and get every believer’s eyes off of Jesus. But if you will keep your eyes on Him and stand believing that His love is everlasting, his Grace will empower healing through faith, and we can walk in victory. This is the promise of His covenant, if we will only believe!

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Palsy Healed, Legs Healed, Arms Healed, Brain Healed, Dislocated Back and Shoulders Healed, 4 Sets of Eyes Healed, Hip Healed, Shoulder Healed, Nerves Healed, Knee Healed, Addictions Healed, and if that wasn’t enough, the dead was raised!

This my friends, is what it should be like every Sunday at church!! …. believe it because it’s coming to a church near you soon!

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