Prostitute Redeemed by Jesus!


Call girl Anne Lobert’s Story of redemption by Jesus

The glamor and glitz of Las Vegas brought Annie Lobert to what she imagined would be happiness and stardom, but her life almost ended one night as she cried out to Jesus for help. But Jesus showed her his love and redeemed her life – He loves us and is the author and finisher of our faith. Believe in Him!

Ken Kirby Died in the E.R. – But God had another plan!


Ken Kirby Died in the E.R. but then God stepped in!
Watch this video as “prayers of the saints” who believed, were answered by Jesus and Ken’s life was restored! Doctors frantically tried to restart Ken’s heart for 45 minutes. Death seemed certain. See what happened when the E.R. staff joined Ken’s wife in prayer. Jesus is Lord!

Baby Isabella Healed Before Birth


Baby Miraculously Healed in Mother’s Womb! Jesus is Lord!

This unborn baby had problems: no kidneys, no bladder, and multiple complications. Doctors told Rachel there was no hope and urged Rachel to abort the child…but then God stepped in! Don’t miss this encouraging amazing testimony of hope for the unborn!

Tamara Laroux – Surviving a Suicide Attempt


Tamara Laroux tired to end her life and ended up in hell….

A story of attempted suicide leading to a horrific experience of hell between the time she was bleeding out and when she recovered.

Listen to her powerful testimony of how Tamara was totally deceived by the lies of the enemy and ended up tormented and suicidal as a result. She first went to hell, because she had not submitted her life to the love of God, found only in surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. But then somehow through God’s amazing Mercy, He heard her prayer and not only saved her from eternal death but also healed her. Watch this fascinating testimony of God’s amazing Love! Jesus is Lord.