Homeless Woman Healed of Three Forms of Cancer


Woman Healed of Three Forms of Cancer by Jesus!

Check out this testimony from Lyndsay who was healed of three forms of cancer by Jesus. The prayer team met her on the streets last fall and everyone laid hands on her and prayed. She was in a terrible state of depression and sickness, without much hope in here eyes. We didn’t see her after that for many months, and as often is the case we don’t find out about the healing until some time later. In her case, she flagged us down and told us her story…. it’s an amazing story of restoration by Jesus, through faith.

You too can develop faith for healing in the name of Jesus, if you will only believe and start laying hands on sick people. His word is true… Praise God!!

Jesus Restores Man’s Ability to Walk!!


Man in Boston Walks After Prayer!

This is Jeffery – He was hit by a car doing 45 mph while walking in Boston back in November of 2015. a few of us on the prayer team were ministering on Boston Common yesterday when we stopped and began to hear his story.

The doctors said he would never walk again but watch this, as he takes his first steps alone in almost 9 months! We spent about 15 minutes praying for healing and strength and took this video immediately afterwards! His speaking also dramatically improved after declaring healing in the name of Jesus- even Jeffery was amazed and remarked “Wow”!
Jesus is Amazing!!

Hearing Restored in US Army Vet in Massachusettes


Hearing restored in Vet after 15 years of total deafness in one ear!!

This is the testimony of Maurice who was awarded the “Distinguished Silver Cross” from the US Army. He is a homeless vet we met on the streets, who had suffered traumatic injuries while in combat. When we first met him, he had just heard a testimony of a man who was set free from anger when we prayed four months earlier. Maurice didn’t believe it and thought it was all nonsense. In fact, he was very discouraged and said there were no “good people” in the world and he was quite angry looking at first while we shared the love of Christ with him.

We encouraged him and shared the amazing truth about what Jesus had accomplished, and how there are many people in the world like Laury and I demonstrating the love of Christ through miracles, signs and wonders. Eventually he let us pray for his broken ankle and after speaking with him for a while, all his pain left.

Once that happened, we were able to pray for some other things and bless his future. In the end, he got so touched by the love of Jesus that he said that he really liked us and he was happy that we had stopped to talk and pray! That was a complete turn around from someone who originally said miracles were a bunch of $&@ bull!

That’s the transforming power of faith from Jesus that every believing Christian can enjoy if you are wish to be equipped, and activated to step out in faith and lay your hands on a sick person. It’s so simple any Christian can do it if you are open and willing to try!

This is Maurice’s testimony after Laury and I met him in the park and prayed for his ear! Jesus is amazing!

Man in MA Delivered from Spirit of Anger!


Lowell Man Completely Delivered from spirit of anger and oppression by Jesus!

Check out this testimony – our group prayed over this man who was struggling with oppression and anger several months earlier, and when we came upon him, he suddenly remembered that since that day, he’s been living with total peace and has experienced no anger or oppression. That’s what Jesus paid for, to “set the captives free”! He is the way the truth and the life and He can set you free as well – only believe and know, that He is Lord over all (including anger and depression and oppression) and you can be set free! If you know Jesus as Lord, then you have the same power in you, that set this man free – all you have to do is believe it, command the oppression to go, and walk free. No magic here, just faith in Jesus! It’s simple.

Man Healed and Walks Normal with Crushed Pelvis


More Miracles in NH!

This is the testimony of Jimmy who was in great pain having trouble walking after a terrible accident 6 weeks earlier when he got hit by a car. I saw him walk into the park with great difficulty and a heavy limp. We talked for a while about some questions he had regarding the Bible. then I asked if he had pain anywhere and he said he had pain in his entire body (10 out of 10 pain level). After two quick prayers, Jesus took all his pain away, and he walked normal, with amazement! I took the second video because he got back up in total awe of what happened, testing his new healing. It was a fun day watching Jesus heal so many people including one women who had a lump in her breast from cancer, completely disappear! Jesus is Lord!

More testimonies from the other men who were healed

Water Baptism in NH!


Another Water Baptism in NH!

This is our new brother in Christ, Lee Adams. God was pursuing Lee’s heart for almost two years until he came to this place where he knew that he wanted to repent, believe in Jesus, be baptized in water, and filled with the Holy Spirit. He contacted Laury and I and a couple days later, he did it all and became a new creation in Christ!! It took a couple minutes for him to receive tongues but the gift came in the end of the video – Yay God, ….He’s a good good father!

We look forward to helping Lee grow in his new identity as a son of God and watching the wonderful things unfold that God has planned for Lee! Welcome to the family Lee!

If you want to turn away from the sin of the world, or to dedicate your life to Jesus and place your faith in Him, or to be baptized in water, and or to be filled with the Holy Spirit, send us an email to testimonials@documentedhealings.com or fill out the form below and we’ll be happy to talk with you about your next steps in becoming fully alive in your walk with God.

Love and Blessings,
Scott & Laury Levesque

Street Discipleship and Healing Training


In July of 2014 our friend from Denmark, Torben Sondergaard from thelastreformation.com agreed to lead at a 4 day healing and discipleship training event I hosted here in NH and MA. Over 90 people attended from 13 states, and I believe the event was the start of a great revival for the church as the Bride of Christ prepares for His return.

Since the event, we’ve seen an awesome awakening where several of us have been hitting the streets for almost 2 years now, watching God transform life after life. People are getting healed, delivered, and set free from pain, sickness, and spiritual death everywhere we go. Salvation and the good news of the gospel are being preached and many are coming to know God’s love and truth for the very first time. The simplicity of the full Gospel with fresh perspective on repentance, faith in Jesus, water baptism, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit are being renewed in the church. This truly has been a reformation for us personally and we really do look and feel more like the book of ACTS church more than ever before! Hallelujah!! This is the gospel of Jesus, this is the life of a believer, ever filled with power and wonder in the Holy Spirit.

Because of these divine experiences, Laury and I have been receiving many requests for training people in healing, street ministry, and discipleship. Recently we were invited to do a conference for a Hispanic community in Texas to preach about manifesting the love of God, the teach about flowing in the spiritual gifts though the simple obedience of laying on hands and ministering in the streets. We were able to preach four different messages to several different groups of people growing in faith, and provide hands on training to those interested. Everyone was excited to see results as we walked in the simplicity of faith, and love. One thing has become obvious as we’ve traveled and met many who are hungry for the manifestations of God’s love, through the gifts and who are hungry to see God bring salvation to the earth through His children; God is ready, willing and able to do a great work through His people, and He’s not holding anything back from us!

If God is calling you and you are interested in getting Kickstarted, please fill out the form below and Laury and I will contact you as soon as we can!

May God Bless you richly,
Scott & Laury Levesque

These are a couple testimonials of people that came to see us and get activated:
August 15 2015 Bruce and Doretta drove all the way from Akron OH to join us- this was one of their first encounters.

…and this was their testimony from a week later!

Hi folks, I want to encourage you by letting you know that we went to an International Fair at our county seat, Medina, on Saturday to pray. We kickstarted two people, prayed for a dozen and saw three dramatic healings. It was a tough crowd, mostly affluent, but we made several breakthroughs. Jesus lit up three of us at the same time when we ran into a friend who may have “have had” thyroid cancer. She had a recent uncertain diagnosis. We were praying and I felt the power of God, when just at the same time my wife and a colleague from work did. At the end of the day, the two we kickstarted were ecstatic.

Today, at church, a young man came to me at the sound board requesting prayer for a pulled muscle in his rib cage, caused by congestion and coughing he was recovering from. This was astonishing to me, because NO ONE comes asking for prayer for anything, I usually have to chase them down. I prayed four times, and he said the pain was still there. Later I took him to my wife and we both prayed three times – no better. Then I grabbed my phone, and we watched the video of the spinal stenosis case from Manchester. We prayed one more time, “Pain be gone in the name of Jesus!”. He looked up and said, “It’s GONE!” This was a huge victory for me, because I’ve had very little success getting miracles to flow in the church.

We are going to more events, and my wife is tracking down local food distributions like there in Manchester that we can do regularly. I plan to start video documenting soon and posting them at dwjd.us .

Thanks again for our amazing weekend!

Follow up from 9/21- more testimonies from Bruce and Doretta

Hi folks, greetings in our precious Lord Jesus!

Incredible things have been happening. My amazing wife has been scheduling us for every public event she can find, and we’ve found a local food bank where we can pray for people every Thursday! I’m a little behind on our blog, but it’s at www.dwjd.us . (Do What Jesus Did). We’ve seen a man with no feeling in his arms due to a transformer accident regain feeling, a woman in an electric wheelchair get up and walk around her chair, pain go down from 10 (and sometimes 20!) to zero, sprained ankle with boot and crutches totally healed, and last week someone we prayed for in our house is now my sister in Christ! We have Activiated 7 other people, and someone is coming to us from PA this weekend.

Couple Kickstarted from Yonkers NY

Our new friends Steve and Daisy came all the way from Yonkers NY for Kickstart Training. This was one of their encounters in a Manchester NH park! Yay Jesus

Couple Kickstarted from Windsor Canada

Our new friends Paul and Lynn drove 16 hours to be Acitivated – that’s a strong calling to drive so far! It was another awesome weekend of training on the streets, in the parks, in two feeding centers, and in a shopping mall. God sure honored their hunger to serve Him in a mighty way! Jesus showed Himself strong everywhere we went we shared healing and the Gospel! Check out a couple of the videos.