The Last Reformation Movie – “The Beginning”


The Last Reformation Movie is coming soon!

When Torben Sondergaard came here last month to train & kickstart 90 people from around the states and Canada, he said on the flight to the US he really felt God wanted him to make a documentary movie on the reformation of the church about to unfold, using live testimonies never seen before. After 4 days of traveling by his side, he told me that we had just filmed some of the most exciting testimonies he personally ever captured anywhere in the world during his lifetime, and that God was surely in the middle of what was happening!! WOW! I felt so blessed to spend 12 days watching all these events unfold first hand. The experiences have changed my life forever, and I believe this film will do the same for many who watch it around the world! Don’t miss the movie!
Scott L

Man with Parkinson’s walks after two years in wheelchair!


Man’s shoulder healed and walks after two years in wheelchair with Parkinson’s!

These miracle’s happened on the first night we gathered for a “Kickstart training” meeting in MA with Torben Sondergaard from

It was around 6:30pm when Gunner’s sister Michele pulled up in a minivan to drop off her brother to attend the meeting with hopes to be prayed over for Parkinson’s. As I stood there with my friend Garth (from the MA chapter of John G Lake Ministries), I looked at Garth and said “he needs prayer”; Garth said, “yah, he needs prayer, we should pray”; I said “yah, we definitely should pray now not later, don’t you think (smile)?

So in the next moment before our first meeting even started, Garth asked if the man had any pain and Gunner replied that his shoulder hurt and that he couldn’t lift his right arm. Garth then sent his 7 year old son to lay hands on the shoulder and to say a quick “child like” prayer in the name of Jesus. There was no difference, so the boy prayed again and Gunner said it felt a little better, he prayed again and the man said all the pain had left and he started to lift his arm. One more prayer by the boy and the man lifted his arm straight over his head!!!

Oh My! I just witnessed an awesome display of child like faith by a boy who prayed with such simplicity, it was as if he was just asked to open a car door for someone…and then Jesus showed up!

If that wasn’t cool enough, Garth then decided it’s time to crush more of the affect of Parkinson’s, prayed for his legs, and the man stood up and begin to walk. Gunner’s wife was so moved by what unfolded, she was weeping with tears of joy. Torben who was greeting guests in the parking lot, joined in prayer halfway through the process. (As for the video quality, my apologies for the switching of angles and for all the personal comments and sound affects, – I was so excited that I couldn’t contain my body or my spirit! ;-)

Buy the way, he continued to walk after the video and walked up two flights of stairs to the meeting that night, walked back down later, and then walked up the stairs back at his own home after a very long night of miracles at the meeting!

What a life we are called to live as followers of Jesus, what a God who reigns above and joins us below for times like these! All glory and honor and power to the Father, to Jesus the Son, and to the Holy Spirit – Amen!
Scott L