How to Walk in Greater Faith


How can we walk in greater faith?

Check out this message I gave in Springfield AM. It’s full of encouragement on waking in faith and healing the sick as presented at Lighthouse church with our friends Pastor Bob and Barbara Olmstead. Incidentally, the house sale we prayed for in this video which was on the market for some time, sold in two days after we prayed in faith! We’ve seen this happen so many times, not so we can call on God as a “genie in a bottle” ready to meet our every need, but so God may encourage us and show Himself strong.  We have found that as we begin to walk closer to Him, for His purposes, we can expect His faith to manifest in our lives in ways that will make the world want to come to know Jesus not for what He can do, but to know just how great He is!. Yes, he wants to bless us but that is only secondary to coming to know Him and to sharing life with Him through our Lord Jesus Christ!

Man Couldn’t Walk is Instantly Healed by Jesus in Lowell MA


Leg instantly Healed by Jesus! Yay God!

We were handing out food, supplies, and Bibles to the homeless in Lowell with our friend Laura. We came across this man laying down who couldn’t get up to come over to us and receive what he needed. He said his knee and leg was in so much pain that he couldn’t stand or walk. So we went to him and after a couple quick prayers I asked him to stand up – he was shocked he didn’t have pain and could freely move his knee again – He was so happy, that he said felt like running around the field! Jesus is Lord! ….only believe!

Scott & Laury Levesque
Imperishable Love Ministries

Street Discipleship and Healing Training



If you are feeling God’s call for a greater revelation of His word in your life and to walk like the apostles did in the Bible, filled with Holy Spirit demonstrating the power and love of Jesus, then please contact us. If you have a group or a church that believe in healing and want to know how to unlock the manifestations of healing, prophesy, words of knowledge, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, we can help!

Laury and I have been training individuals, groups, and churches who are hungry to walk out the Gospel and see God restore His Kingdom on this earth! We’ve trained over 1400 people now in the US, Canada, and South America in healing, prophesy, and street ministry.

If God is calling you and you are interested in getting Activate, please fill out the form below and Laury and I will contact you as soon as we can to see if we can assist!

God Bless You,
Scott & Laury Levesque
Imperishable Love Ministries

These are a couple testimonials of people that have been Activated –

August 15 2015 Bruce and Doretta drove all the way from Akron OH to join us- this was one of their first encounters.

…and this was their testimony from a week later!

Hi folks, I want to encourage you by letting you know that we went to an International Fair at our county seat, Medina, on Saturday to pray. We kickstarted two people, prayed for a dozen and saw three dramatic healings. It was a tough crowd, mostly affluent, but we made several breakthroughs. Jesus lit up three of us at the same time when we ran into a friend who may have “have had” thyroid cancer. She had a recent uncertain diagnosis. We were praying and I felt the power of God, when just at the same time my wife and a colleague from work did. At the end of the day, the two we kickstarted were ecstatic.

Today, at church, a young man came to me at the sound board requesting prayer for a pulled muscle in his rib cage, caused by congestion and coughing he was recovering from. This was astonishing to me, because NO ONE comes asking for prayer for anything, I usually have to chase them down. I prayed four times, and he said the pain was still there. Later I took him to my wife and we both prayed three times – no better. Then I grabbed my phone, and we watched the video of the spinal stenosis case from Manchester. We prayed one more time, “Pain be gone in the name of Jesus!”. He looked up and said, “It’s GONE!” This was a huge victory for me, because I’ve had very little success getting miracles to flow in the church.

We are going to more events, and my wife is tracking down local food distributions like there in Manchester that we can do regularly. I plan to start video documenting soon and posting them at .

Thanks again for our amazing weekend!

Follow up from 9/21- more testimonies from Bruce and Doretta

Hi folks, greetings in our precious Lord Jesus!

Incredible things have been happening. My amazing wife has been scheduling us for every public event she can find, and we’ve found a local food bank where we can pray for people every Thursday! I’m a little behind on our blog, but it’s at . (Do What Jesus Did). We’ve seen a man with no feeling in his arms due to a transformer accident regain feeling, a woman in an electric wheelchair get up and walk around her chair, pain go down from 10 (and sometimes 20!) to zero, sprained ankle with boot and crutches totally healed, and last week someone we prayed for in our house is now my sister in Christ! We have kickstarted 7 other people, and someone is coming to us from PA this weekend.

Couple Kickstarted from Yonkers NY

Our new friends Steve and Daisy came all the way from Yonkers NY for Kickstart Training. This was one of their encounters in a Manchester NH park! Yay Jesus


Couple Kickstarted from Windsor Canada

Our new friends Paul and Lynn drove 16 hours to be Kickstarted – that’s a strong calling to drive so far! It was another awesome weekend of training on the streets, in the parks, in two feeding centers, and in a shopping mall. God sure honored their hunger to serve Him in a mighty way! Jesus showed Himself strong everywhere we went sharing the Gospel! Check out a couple of the videos.



Man stunned by a demonstration of the love of Jesus and says he’s “awkwardly amazed” by the miracle!

We met Caesar last week and he shared his amazing testimony he found Jesus and was born again 3 years ago and how his life has drastically changed for the better. He loves Jesus with all his heart and is certainly a believer! He also told us he goes to a local church which he loves very much. On this day, he witnessed a new side of Jesus he had never experienced before! Christ, the hope of Glory, our healer!

Scott & Laury Levesque
Imperishable Love Ministries

Depression Instantly Cast Out – Joy of Jesus fills his heart!


Spirit of Depression Cast Out!

We met this homeless man Jose on the streets of Springfield on Sunday. After speaking with him and giving him some food and supplies, our team with my wife Laury, Mike Ermold, and Pastor Bob Olmstead from Lighthouse Church asked if we could bless him through prayer.

As we we praying, all his depression left and he was filled with joy. Jesus is so real to us because He constantly reveals Himself like this when we pray. Holy Spirit who lives in us wants to demonstrate His Power and Love to the lost, and set the captives free.

This is the simplicity of the Gospel. When miracles like this happen, people are looking for real answers to their problems in life – we point them to Jesus, the only real solution to eternal peace, joy, and fulfillment in life. He is the way, the truth, and the life and worthy to follow. Do you know this man called Jesus? He’s amazing!

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How to Defeat the Enemy and Increase Blessings in Your Life!


THE MESSAGE: “How to Increase Blessings”

There are two kingdoms – The kingdom of darkness, and the Kingdom of light (The Kingdom of the Son of God). What we think, say, and believe matter greatly because these will reveal where our faith lies, and produce corresponding fruit from one of these two kingdoms.

Hebrew 3 and 4 talks about how the Israelites wandered the desert and NEVER entered into His rest because they had hardened their hearts through complaining. Ultimately grumbling and complaining always leads to a hardened heart, full of unbelief in the promises of God.

The writer of Hebrews states: “12 See to it, brothers and sisters, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God.”

When we say things like: “I never get a break”, “I never find a good job”, “I get sick every winter”, “I’m always in pain”, “I don’t get along with people”, etc. we are actually cursing our own lives to say such things. Such comments reveal to both heaven and hell, exactly what we believe and ultimately show where our faith is, and will produce fruit in our life from the wrong kingdom. Jesus said “be it unto you as you believe”. This is so important for us as a Christian to recognize so we can correct the way we think and talk about our experiences.

Grumbling, complaining, and talking about the terrible things that have happened in our lives, is placing our eyes on the wrong kingdom, and in fact is allowing the devil to rob us of God’s blessings. Paul said to keep our eyes on the things above and not the things of this world for a good reason. He also said in 1 Thes to give thanks in all things, for this is the will of God.

In God’s great wisdom, he understood that when we give thanks in all things and when we declare God’s promises over our lives, we are placing our faith and our expectations on the Kingdom of light (in Jesus) and we exalt the goodness of God. This is a form of faith that says “I believe my life is blessed and God’s goodness will flow through my life”, and it produces corresponding tangible spiritual, emotional, and physical blessings in our lives.

To do the opposite by grumbling and complaining does exactly the opposite; it brings more strife, loss, and destruction to every area of our lives and ultimately turns our faith away from God and towards the kingdom of darkness.

This has been a strategy of the devil for thousands of years – he believes that if he can poke Christians with adversity, most of them will fall into the temptation of grumbling and complaining, and ultimately take their eyes off the goodness of God, shipwrecking their faith in God. If we are honest and look at the history of the church, this has indeed shipwrecked many Christians (myself included in the past), for far too long. I say it’s our time to shine and begin believing God’s promises over ourselves and others, so we might receive the rewards of son-ship, found in our faith in God.

The good news is that we no longer need to fall into this trap if we simply come into agreement with God. By renewing the way the think, what we say, and what we believe through God’s word, we are more than conquerors and His Blessings dramatically increase as we come into agreement with His truth!

This is only a part of the good news of the gospel of reconciliation, that Jesus paid a very high price for, so we might be transformed into the likeness of His image! Are you ready to walk in such a renewed state that the world desires your amazing life in Christ, as you manifest His Glory everywhere you walk? I say …Yay God!