Heavenly Assignments – Revival in South America!


Laury and I have been called to South America to Raise Up and Army of Believers in Faith!

We are so are excited to be going to South America to start a revival in God’s Church filled with a demonstration of the real power of the Gospel!

For the past two years we’ve been quietly training people from all over the US and Canada in the gifts of the Holy Spirit watching God build an army of believers, walking in a real demonstration of God’s power, and miracles everywhere we go..

As a result, we’ve seen thousands of miracle healings, the oppressed set free, demons cast out, prophesies fulfilled, churches strengthened, and lost souls making Jesus their Lord! …..and now we’re going international!

We’re so excited to be working with Anthony and Daisy from www.BeTheGospel.com who are connected with some local pastors and churches in Bolivia and Brazil. We’ll be on a kingdom mission to equip the saints and share all we’ve learned about healing, prophesy, evangelism, and street ministry to reach the lost with the real Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please keep us in prayer as we venture into this new assignment from Heaven! To God be the Glory!

Blessings to all,

Scott & Laury Levesque,
Imperishable Love Ministries
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Woman in tears after knees are healed!


Woman in tears after knees healed by Jesus in Manchester NH!

I love it when people are so touched by the love of God healing them, that they can not help but cry tears of joy! We see this very often when we are on the streets praying for the sick and it never gets old! A couple people on our team prayed for this women who was so overwhelmed by the love of God that she broke out in tears. Previously she couldn’t bend her knees and suffered with terrible pain at a level 10, but Jesus healed her! Yay God 😉

Food Miracles in Boston- Christmas Day 2016!


This is a great testimony of how God longs to give us the desires of our heart.

About a year ago, our friend Dennis said his heart longed to cook a nice, carved roast dinner for the homeless one day, but he had no idea how that could come to pass.

We serve on the prayer team at Food for Children every Saturday and wouldn’t you know, a local company (Aspect Software) wonderfully blessed FFC with a donation for 500 sirloin roasts to give out on Christmas eve/day. It turned out they had some roasts left over so I mentioned it to Pete and Jeff who run FFC and they graciously gave Dennis a case (TEN) roasts to cook for the homeless! And if that wasn’t enough, they also provided all the potatoes, lemonade and eggnog to be served. Thank you FFC for all you do in Manchester and beyond!!

And talk about God giving His children the desires of our heart! When our heart aligns with His heart, God is saying “Go ahead, dream big and I’ll surely give you those desires for My name sake!” So Dennis cooked all the roasts the next morning and Laury and I met him in Boston with some tables, and the prayer team all joined in to carry all the food and supplies to a popular location where the homeless congregate on the corner of Mass Ave near Boston Medical Center.

The cooler was full of hot food but we had one small problem; Dennis, followed a recipe I had given him from the internet, and it turned out the recipe was a disaster and totally overcook them to the point where the first three roasts were hard and dried out! But in speaking with him earlier that morning, we had told Dennis to bring them anyway, and if we ran out of meat, we’d cut them thin so we could at least provide a meal anyone in need. June also suggested maybe we could make sandwiches.

As we got to the end of the meat in the hot cooler, I asked Dennis if he could get the overcooked roasts from his trunk. We had no knife to cut the roasts but our friend Garth had a large Leatherman tool with a sharp knife on it. I grabbed the first roast which was literally hard as a rock and as Garth started cutting the roast, the first couple slices were very well done and hard but as he cut each subsequent slice, the roast got more and more tender and the cuts were getting pinker and softer as he kept going. They were actually more tender than the first batch!!! He finished cutting that roast and I grabbed the next roast which was now very soft unlike the first roast and as he cut this one, it was all perfectly cooked and tender, and then the last roast was also the same, Perfect! We watched God redeem the overcooked roasts as we continued to serve and bless the poor – how amazing is Jesus!

If that’s not cool enough, packed with those roasts were 6 cold uncooked hard potatoes wrapped in foil. I accidentally tried to place them in the cooler but immediately Dennis said they were not cooked. I thought “how can I possibly find them in the pile of similar cooked potatoes”, but they were so hard, it was very easy to figure out which were uncooked so I took them out within 60 seconds, and placed them on top of the other cooler. Later, when we completely ran out of all the potatoes, A man said he’d take one of the ones sitting on the other cooler (exposed to the cold air). We grabbed one and said sorry they aren’t cooked but he insisted on taking it so we opened and sliced it and it was completely cooked and soft! We gave out all but two of those potatoes, each fully cooked, yet the last two we didn’t need, were hard as a rock and uncooked!! You do the math, it was another miracle for sure! We also got to pray for many who got healed, received gloves and hats, and gave thanks for God’s blessings- it was an awesome day!

God surely dazzled us with His Glory as we celebrated the birth of His son in a lowly place with the poor, on Christmas day in Boston 2016!

Hallelujah and Glory to God in the highest, forever and ever-AMEN!!




This is an update on Marcos whose testimony we gave below a couple weeks back. He fell from a building and suffered severe brain damage when we met him over the summer. He was looking very bad when we first encountered him, in a wheelchair, unable to walk, unable to talk clearly, and living on the streets in Boston. He recently said that every time we pray he gets better and better and look at him now!
He is quite a miracle to those of us who love to see faith that can move mountains through the finished work of Jesus, and an inspiration to those who need hope! Check out his awesome testimony giving all the Glory to the one true God! Jesus is AMAZING!




This is Marco who had a severe brain injury from a second story fall. This young homeless man was left in a wheelchair without much hope to survive and no hope to ever walk again according to doctors reports. He was in really bad shape and honestly he looked more dead than alive when we first met him on the streets of Boston.

Our team laid hands and prayed for Marcos for about 40 minutes as his speaking gradually improved. We encouraged and blessed him and after leaving, hadn’t seen him in several weeks and wondered how he was doing until coming across him on this day in August where he was sitting in the shade.

We were amazed at how well he was speaking and walking without a wheelchair, without physical therapy, and without speech therapy! Praise God! At this time he had quite a bit of pain in his hip and knees when our friend Ian came across him and started praying for him for a couple minutes until all his pain was gone. He then walked without a cane as you can see in this older video below! The rest of the team ran into him about an hour later and prayed a bit more for him and his walking even further improved.

Finally, we met just him again about two weeks ago ( 2 months later) and he is continuing to improve in every area including speaking and walking but I was so excited I forget to get another video! He’s walking with much more confidence and seems improved by another 50% over this video. He also said he he was pain free since the last time we prayed in August and that every time we pray for him, he significantly improves, and is eager to see us again soon in the future!

We see a lot of instant healing but this is a case where the manifestation of healing happened in steps. The results were accelerated after each encounter of prayer. I think we’d all rather see instant healing but the lesson here for us is to always continue to believe, remain in faith, and don’t let what we don’t see on the outside with our eyes, lose sight of what may happening on the inside by faith. God is just waiting for us to rise up in faith so He can show himself strong.

I’m want to learn to stand firm on His truth so my faith doesn’t get hijacked by relying on what I see with my eyes, even if it takes some time. I want to rely on God’s Word with all His promises and continue to believe through Him, so I can keep my faith from being shipwrecked on the doubts of what I see, rather than on the promises I know that real faith can release. I want to stand on the finished work of Jesus and see the unseen happen, as His Glory is manifested by faith….I want to see more of Him! He is amazing and worth believing!!!

Presidential Elections

The Kingdom of Heaven and the world around us….

2 Peter 1:19

And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts;


Friends, if you are a child of God, then be of good cheer, for we are called to bring light into the darkness. 

If the darkness tries to increase, then our light shines brighter, darkness flees and situations are shifted. 

In the most difficult times, many will be drawn to Gods light, many will be comforted, and many healed. God uses all things for good and many will be saved from eternal darkness, through the love of God demonstrated by His elect during this time. 

Use your light and do not hide it under a basket- our country needs our light regardless of who is president. So shine, shine, shine with His love, for the Kingdom of heaven is in you!

Philippians 2:15

“that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world,”

Homeless Woman Healed of Three Forms of Cancer


Woman Healed of Three Forms of Cancer by Jesus!

Check out this testimony from Lyndsay who was healed of three forms of cancer by Jesus. The prayer team met her on the streets last fall and everyone laid hands on her and prayed. She was in a terrible state of depression and sickness, without much hope in here eyes. We didn’t see her after that for many months, and as often is the case we don’t find out about the healing until some time later. In her case, she flagged us down and told us her story…. it’s an amazing story of restoration by Jesus, through faith.

You too can develop faith for healing in the name of Jesus, if you will only believe and start laying hands on sick people. His word is true… Praise God!!