Knee Instantly Healed in Boston – Happy Man!


Knee Healed then Man Skips without Cane!

Jose was limping really bad with his cane as he approached us so we flagged him down Sunday on the streets of Boston. We gave him a sandwich and a drink and then prayed for his knee. He said it was an eight out of ten. Two quick prayers in Jesus name and it went to zero, but he didn’t get excited until he started walking without a limp. Then he said “wait until my friends see me now! …I got no pain, for real!!! …thank you Jesus”

It was a delayed reaction but he was very happy to be healed and then began spinning his cane around as he skipped down the sidewalk.

We generally see several knees healed every weekend, but this guy was so happy I had to get his testimony on video!

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Healed and baptized in the Holy Spirit!

At Todd White’s conference (Power & Love in Springfield MA) Laury and I volunteered to take out believers and show them how simple it is to pray for the sick and see Jesus heal.

When Marie came up to us to be trained, she was in a lot of pain and not feeling well, and she had no smiles to share with us due to her discomfort. She was the total opposite of what you see now in the video!

The second woman Jeanne, who wanted to come out with us, said she didn’t want to lay hands on people to pray because it was too uncomfortable for her to do.

Well, after speaking with both for a few minutes, we decided this was the perfect time to kill two birds with one stone and activate Jeanne and show her how easy it is to lay hands and see healing and to get Marie healed.

Jeanne began commanding healing to Marie’s body and for the pain leave in Jesus’ name. Marie’s back pain was a bit stubborn at first, but we had Jeanne keep praying and after a few minutes the back pain began to go until it was completely healed. One by one, each part of her body got healed by Jesus. By the time we went outside, her back, neck, knees, and headache were all healed and she was smiling real big!

We then hit the streets to share the Love of God and saw multiple people instantly healed, along with others who were greatly encouraged who were previously far from Jesus. In this city that many would call spiritually dark, we saw the light of Jesus piercing the darkness and bringing light everywhere we walked as Christians flooded the streets filled with power and love.

We had a fantastic afternoon of healing testimonies, and just to cap off the night, Marie was so hungry for the baptism of the Holy Spirit that we all layed hands on her and she got filled and began speaking in tongues. She was dancing and praising the Lord, filled delivered, and set free with a new outlook on what means to walk with Jesus every day! Yay God – #LivestyleChristianity

Miracles on Methadone Mile Boston MA


Miracles in Boston MA

We hit the streets every week, ministering to the homeless, praying for the sick, and blessing the poor and we see people touched by Jesus and healed every week. Not only are they healed, but seeds of hope are planted, and watered, as God gives increase as His goodness leads them to repentance. MANY hearts are turned back to the Father as they begin to see hope that they will indeed find their way out of the bonds of addiction and poverty.

Check out this interview with me, our friend Garth, and Brandt Gillespie formerly with the Christian Broadcast Network and now head of Media Productions at Lion of Judah church. See how it all started and where the Lord has lead our efforts these past three years!

May you be encouraged to step out in faith, be the light of the world, and see miracles, signs, and wonders in your everyday life!

Healed after Three Years In a Wheelchair!


Never Give Up, …..Remain in Faith!

This testimony is very similar to many we have also encountered where more than one person on our team has prayed for someone over time, who is sick, and the healing took place in stages. Like this testimony, if you need healing, remain in faith and focus on the improvements, giving thanks and not focusing on what hasn’t happened YET!

We know so many people who experience complete healing but continue to place their faith in their sickness believing it will remain or come back, rather than faith in God’s plan to heal them completely and to keep them well. We all have to rise above this temptation that wants to rely on our past circumstances rather than the Word of God. His Word is true!

Here is a perfect example of someone who remained hopeful and in faith until he saw his complete healing!

Miracles on Methadone Mile


Miracles in the Boston Homeless Community!

Check out this Boston based newscast/interview that our friend Brandt Gillespie filmed, who is Audio/Video Director at Congregación León de Judá in Boston MA.

He is a media mogul with a YouTube channel called PRAYtv, doing wonderful exploits for the Kingdom of heaven and wanted to capture exactly what we were doing each week when we minister to the homeless in Boston and see miracles every week.

May this broadcast inspire many to step out in faith and watch Holy Spirit reveal the nature of Jesus, and God’s Love!




Here’s a short and quick example of how Jesus heals through us. This man had quite a bit of pain in his feet and it instantly went away after prayer. We had a flurry of people on this same corner who got healed and rocked by Jesus within about a 30 minute period. Backs, necks, feet, knees, and a broken arm. Jesus gets all the glory! Yay God

Neck Instantly Healed – Man not sure how to react!



James had level 7 pain in his neck when I asked if we could pray for him and he said “sure why not”. It was healed so fast He didn’t really know how to react – watch as he seems amazed and a bit confused at the same time! He was super nice to us and thanked us for doing a good work on the streets – I think he said he was a rehab counselor so he’s definitely familiar with the addicts on the streets we help and pray for each week. I say “good work” to James as well! Jesus is Lord, only believe!

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