Heavenly Assignments – Revival in South America!

Laury and I have been called to South America to Raise Up and Army of Believers in Faith!

We are so are excited to be going to South America to start a revival in God’s Church filled with a demonstration of the real power of the Gospel!

For the past two years we’ve been quietly training people from all over the US and Canada in the gifts of the Holy Spirit watching God build an army of believers, walking in a real demonstration of God’s power, and miracles everywhere we go..

As a result, we’ve seen thousands of miracle healings, the oppressed set free, demons cast out, prophesies fulfilled, churches strengthened, and lost souls making Jesus their Lord! …..and now we’re going international!

We’re so excited to be working with Anthony and Daisy from www.BeTheGospel.com who are connected with some local pastors and churches in Bolivia and Brazil. We’ll be on a kingdom mission to equip the saints and share all we’ve learned about healing, prophesy, evangelism, and street ministry to reach the lost with the real Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please keep us in prayer as we venture into this new assignment from Heaven! To God be the Glory!

Blessings to all,

Scott & Laury Levesque,
Imperishable Love Ministries
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3 thoughts on “Heavenly Assignments – Revival in South America!

  1. Could you please help me…I fairly recently moved to N.H. under, I believed, clear direction from God; as yet I have not found a church, or fellowship to connect with (I am in a temporary living situation in Concord, so could more permanently move anywhere in the state under His direction). I’ve longed for many years to be more used of God, I believe in the area of discernment, and even with a ministry to witches (which years ago, the Lord seemed to make clear). Of course, I love to hear testimonies such as from your ministry; but one difficulty I can’t get beyond…the possibility of evil spirits having invaded “miracle ministries” causing weird manifestations (kundalini spirits perhaps); and other strange things, and teachings going on that don’t reflect God’s character, and even seem New-Age. This seems so prevalent, so it gives me pause to quickly hook up with a church, or ministry that evidences these types of things, or has connections with these ministries…of course, I wonder about a danger in getting involved. Could you please help me with any thoughts you have (I don’t know if you would private email–I would welcome that or simply reply here)…thank you.

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