Neck Instantly Healed – Man not sure how to react!


James had level 7 pain in his neck when I asked if we could pray for him and he said “sure why not”. It was healed so fast He didn’t really know how to react – watch as he seems amazed and a bit confused at the same time! He was super nice to us and thanked us for doing a good work on the streets – I think he said he was a rehab counselor so he’s definitely familiar with the addicts on the streets we help and pray for each week. I say “good work” to James as well! Jesus is Lord, only believe!

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One thought on “Neck Instantly Healed – Man not sure how to react!

  1. I want to see my friend be healed from a stroke now I feel their a re not enough miracles when it comes to strokes diabetics heart art acts and blindness hearing and multiple other. Illnesses thank you harry


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