Stage 4 Cancer Documented Medical Miracle Healing

Stage 4 Cancer -Documented Medical Miracle Healing

Watch this man’s amazing story rising up like a warrior, standing on God’s word to break into his healing. Rising up declaring God’s word, worshiping, and praising Jesus and believing by faith in his heart that he would receive his healing.

Folks this is what looks like to battle cancer the way God intended- we can all learn from this – never give up, crush the enemy, declare healing, cast out the sickness, stand on God’s word, and praise God with all your heart, mind and soul regardless of how bad things look, trust in HIm….never give up, never give up.

Hebrews 11:1 Greek translation says “Faith is the substance of things expected….” This man expected to be healed and knew it was God’s will to heal him, so he stood his ground.

Published on Mar 2, 2014

At only 25, Nate was diagnosed with Stage 4 Terminal Cancer and was given 6 months to a year left to live. Even with treatment, doctors only gave him a 3% chance of surviving. Only 3 months later, all of the cancer was gone, healed by Jesus. The doctors could not believe what they had seen.

11 thoughts on “Stage 4 Cancer Documented Medical Miracle Healing

  1. This is what my God can do. My son was diagnosed with testicular cancer in October 2015. There was a 6mm by 6mm nodule in his left lung. The docs have been watching that. Two weeks ago, scans showed the nodule had doubled. Tomorrow, March 11th, he has to have a lung biopsy. We are believing God for the healing. He was prayed for last Saturday by multiple people. On Tuesday night, he said he was having pain in his chest and then a deep heat and burning. He has had no pain since! We are praying the biopsy will reflect this tomorrow!

  2. My name is Marion Sequeira. I am from India.. I came across your site as I am desperate to save my mom. My mom has been diagnosed with Grade 3 breast cancer. My mom o she is the most wonderful mother i have ever known. Has been through so much all her life yet kept singing praises to Our lord. We lost our father when we were babies, she lost her first son, when she remarried the second husband tortured her yet through this all, she never once left our Lords hand. I am praying to the Lord to work a miracle as there are many who have mocked her, made fun of her, belittled her..yet she forgives them all and prays for them loves them.. her wish is to attend a retreat and seek spiritual advice ..She is not afraid of her cancer .. she once again willingly accepts her cross and is ready for the Lords will to be done. This time I am fighting with the Lord to work a miracle. to save my husband , my sister, my sisters husband , ME .. my whole family who are far away from the Lord. I want the Lord to work this miracle to save US. to change us .. The way she prays, the faith she has. O lord touch us. heal us. Use my mom as an instrument of faith .. that there will be no need for that operation.. that each and every bad unhealthy cell is removed from her body.. that we sing the lords praises and remain in his love forever more.

    • Hi, I am Prasad from Mumbai. The reason for writing here is I had once a very near n dear friend by the same name of yours and we worked in the same office in Mumbai. Came across this website and chanced upon your post….If you know me and remember me…this is for you.I hope your mom is fine.

      while i really wish you aren’t the one who i knew . Though i wish no ones mom be ill and unwell..

      I know we haven’t been in touch for a while and that you don’t look at me as a friend anymore..but I will never ever be able to strike your name off from my dearest friends.

      Well, just felt worried. Wont bother you…take good care of mom and yourself. Will pray everything best for ur mom’s health and you too

  3. Seeking prayer for my son-in-law who has stage 4 metastatic melanoma that has spread to his brain, heart, bones, liver and adrenal glands. He and his wife and family are devoted born again Christians and believe in Gods healing power through the name of Jesus. He has had many different drug trials, chemotherapy and radiation. The doctors have given up but he is believing in a miracle through Christ. Could you please lift up this young man and his family to the Lord through healing prayer.

  4. Please pray for my dear and only sister.She has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer,and NOW Gall bladder cancer,which is a very rare cancer.The prognosis according to the doctors is not good,but I am trusting the Lord Jesus to touch her.She is a mother of three children.Please join me in prayer for her.

    • Holy Spirit you know Ann’s sister’s name – Father I thank you for healing her. Tumors I command you to shrivel up and die or leave that body and never return, in the mighty name of Jesus. Thanks Lord!

  5. I certainly believe that God is the ultimate healer. I totally believe that he can CURE diseases. However as believers we must totally surrender and BELIEVE in the healing power of Jesus and KNOW that by his stripes we ARE healed!

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