Todd White Healing Through God’s Love – Amazing LOVE!!!

Todd White Testimony of Amazing Love

I posted this amazing testimony of love, in 2015- it became the single my most viewed posts on this site, and is a great reminder of what the love of Jesus looks like when we become the son’s and daughter’s that creation longs to see… His Children, created in His image, made to become the face of His love!

Check out this amazing testimony of Todd White healing. His display of love should take our walk to a whole new perspective. What an example of walking like Jesus Todd has become!!! A walking epistle and an inspiration to all believers…Love you Todd 😉

4 thoughts on “Todd White Healing Through God’s Love – Amazing LOVE!!!

  1. I love Todd White and I love and am encouraged by his amazing encounter in the love of God … but. Is Jesse saved now? Or loved? Is it enough to love people? Ought we not also lead them to repent?

    • The Word says “it’s the goodness of God that causes a man to repent”. The greek word for “repent” is to change the way you think”. I’d say he got a pretty good dose of the goodness of God to help him “repent” (change how he thinks), and a good start to discovering Jesus. Saying a prayer to “repent” leaves many people unsaved, but believing in Jesus through a demonstration of His love generally takes people much further towards making Him Lord.

  2. I’d seen this video last fall, but since then have been to Global Awakening’s June 2017 GSI School (Global Summer Intensive) in Mechanicsburg, PA. Viewing this video for the second time, just now, I see Todd is standing where I was for those three weeks. Wow. I really think that’s Global Awakening’s cafe area he’s standing in. That’s so fun! Especially considering that coming across Todd White’s videos on YouTube is what started this whole crazy journey of mine the past year. By December 2016 I realized I wasn’t living out the gospel like Todd was, which caused such a drive in me to “get this going” in my life, that I searched online for schooling in Power and Love. I found GSI, and also found and attended Harvest Chapel’s School of Kingdom Living, Feb – Apr 2017. Now I’m back in Maine, and off and running! Yay, God!

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