Todd White Healing Through God’s Love – Amazing LOVE!!!


Todd White Testimony of Amazing Love

I posted this amazing testimony of love, in 2015- it became the single my most viewed posts on this site, and is a great reminder of what the love of Jesus looks like when we become the son’s and daughter’s that creation longs to see… His Children, created in His image, made to become the face of His love!

Check out this amazing testimony of Todd White healing. His display of love should take our walk to a whole new perspective. What an example of walking like Jesus Todd has become!!! A walking epistle and an inspiration to all believers…Love you Todd 😉

Healing others during our own trials with Todd White


Can we still heal while we carry our own sickness?

Check out this amazing testimony of Lynn Marie who was healing the sick and sharing the love of God even in her own worst trials at the hospital. She has an amazing heart of love and a deep desire to share Jesus, and she never lets her daily trouble get in the way of her greater calling – what a great example! I heard Todd give testimony that he laid hands on many at the rehab center when he was recovering from knee surgery, and many got instantly healed while he was in still his own pain! If we keep our eyes on Jesus, He is faithful 😉

5 Amazing Healings with Todd White


5 Different Conditions Instantly Healed by God on 2 men!

This is amazing! Todd met these two men on the street and God started giving Todd “words of knowledge” (specific information) about each mans past and injuries. A shoulder injury, a knee injury, carpel tunnel wrist condition, a short leg and even sinus problems from allergies were healed by Jesus in this amazing video. In the end, both men were so touched by God, they gave their lives to Christ! God is so good!!