Woman Healed of Cerebral Palsy by God

Woman Healed of Cerebral Palsy by God

What an amazing documented testimony about the pure goodness of our God! This one brought me to tears!!!! While some Christians don’t believe in healing for today, others believe God can occasionally perform minor miracles to make us “feel better”. But this miracle sure takes the limits off what any of us may think God can do to heal a person! God is so good! Jesus is Lord!!Click Here for Articles & More Healing!

5 thoughts on “Woman Healed of Cerebral Palsy by God

  1. I do believe God heals. I thought it odd that they never told her name or the Pastor’s name. I would love to follow up on this if possible.
    I love real stories from real people.

  2. Her name is Marlene Klepees! I spoke with her on the phone a few years ago! MY daughter has CP and the Lord has promised to heal her. When, I don’t know. I forget the pastor’s name. You can find it if you Google her name.

  3. I absolutely believe in the healing power of Our Lord it is God’s will that all his children have the anointing of healing thank you Lord for healing every human being that has received healing by you in the name of Jesus I lift up Selena and I pray that she will be healed of cerebral palsy and in doing so leading her entire family to Salvation in Jesus name I pray and thank you in advance amen

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