Miscarriage Miracle: How God saved a child from miscarriage!

Read one woman’s amazing Miscarriage Miracle Story: God saved her son!

About five years ago I was pregnant when I started experiencing symptoms of a miscarriage (cramping, bleeding, etc.) at about 12 weeks. I went to the ER (Albany Medical Center). After being examined and having an ultrasound the doctor told me that I was in the process of miscarriage and there was nothing they could do. His heart rate was below 90 and decreasing (125 is a normal fetal heart-rate) I asked if there was something I could do, if going on bed rest could help.

They said it would not make a difference, that I was already in the process of miscarriage. (They actually used the term ‘spontaneous abortion’ which I resented). They told me to go home and if the baby had not ‘passed’ within a week to come back for a D&C. I was absolutely crushed, especially because me and my husband had lost our first child at around the same time a few months earlier. I began to cry as the doctor left the room and I waited to be discharged. I could not believe it, my worst fear was really true, I would lose this baby also.

Without any words ( I couldn’t find any) I drew near to God in my heart. Immediately I stopped crying and at that moment a janitor was walking by mopping and I asked him to ask the doctor to come back in. When he came back in I told him that my baby (NOT, “fetus”) was going to live. He clearly did not know how to proceed and just apologized, reiterating the fact that based on my symptoms and their findings that that was the prognosis. I respectfully told him that I was sorry but I did not agree.

Upon leaving the hospital I called my closest family and friends (many of which are powerful intercessors with great faith) and asked them to pray for my unborn child. Many of them made prayer chains, some even reaching to Florida and California. When I got home I laid down on the couch and tried to find the strength to pray. I felt the Holy Spirit minister to me that I did not have to pray, just to rest, that I was covered.

What happened next is kind of hard to explain in words, but the best way to describe it is that I could actually feel the prayers of the people, almost like a very soft vibration. A wave of peace washed over my body. It was an unbelievable feeling that I cannot describe but I could physically feel it. In that moment I knew that my baby would live.

I determined to stay on bed-rest. Within 24 hours the cramping and bleeding slowed to a stop. My best friend would call me on the phone, declaring that my baby would live and not die, she commanded his heart rate to regulate, she spoke strength unto my body and his. When the week was up I returned to the doctor as they instructed. They gave me an ultrasound (as protocol before preforming a D&C). What they found was a perfectly normal pregnancy, with a baby who had a heart-rate of 125.

They could not believe it, but I could 🙂

At around my due date I was scheduled for my weekly check-up and my regular doctor was delivering another baby so I had to see someone else. When the doctor came in he began the normal questions about my pregnancy. I briefly told him about the visit to the hospital at 12 weeks and I told him what I told the doctor. His face was amazed and he began to laugh. I was probably looking at him a little weird so he proceeded to tell me he was there that day and remembers the doctor talking about my response. He looked at my huge belly with tears in eyes and said “this is the baby?”

Justice Jeremiah was born almost two weeks late at 8lbs 4oz after a perfectly normal delivery. He is a healthy, beautiful almost five year old who is an amazing big brother to Jackson Joseph who is one. I am sure they will be men after God’s own heart. One day ( when I feel the time is right) I will tell him this amazing story of the healing power of God and His abundant love for us!

Christina G.
Albany, NY

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  1. God is good, reading this story has encouraged me even more about my situation. There is only one true doctor, that can heal you from sickness and pain, and that is God!

    • this story has given me hope. I am 9 weeks preg. and went to the ob today. my baby is the size of a week 5-6 baby and could not detect a heartbeat. they believe it may be a miscarriage. ive had no symptoms, no pain, no bleeding . I am giving this all to GOD, he who has power and brings ALL LIFE!! Please if you read this, anybody, please life my child in prayer. I go back to the ob in two days for more bloodwork and to check HG levels. I pray that my strength runs to this child!!!

      • My name is Erika and im kind of goin through the same thing I’m like 5 weeks maybe less I’m bleeding, cramping and yesterday the Dr told me that I haven’t miscarried yet but I will. So he just told me sit at home and wait and eventually I will have it. I feel like the Most High have the last so. I believe the ALMIGHTY got me in his hand so no worries but I want to know your update.

        • Erika, We break that doctors words and say your baby is a gift from God and it shall live and not die. We say that this child will be healthy and whole and in perfect health, in Jesus name. Father I thank you that you are the author and giver of life and that you love every child born into this world. So we thank you for doing a perfect work in and on this pregnancy to deliver a beautiful baby, who will come to know you at a very early age and follow our King Jesus all the days of here life. Holy Spirit we thank you for your power moving mightily on behalf of this child, in Jesus name. Amen!

          • I said this prayer out loud today as I laid hand on my belly. The doctors told me 2 weeks ago that for as far along as I was there should be a heartbeat and that the baby barely grew from the previous appointment. I broke down but then remembered a few days before a woman who prays with my mom frequently told her ” who is waiting for news about a baby? ” not knowing I was pregnant. Tell mom that the baby is fine and that this will be a miracle baby. That I needed to fast and pray that she was going to bring my family together. Its been 2 weeks and I haven’t been back to the doctor and I haven’t miscarried. I cant move forward I need to dig deep and believe that God can give life to the bones, that I need to have that kind of faith that moves mountains. Every once in a while I feel crazy thinking all is going to be okay but I know my God is a healer and I need to stay strong and trust in him 100%. Please stay in prayer and ask all your prayer warriors to come into agreement for baby Lily. Our God is a Miracle worker

          • Ivette, we speak life to your unborn baby and say she shall live and not die, in the name of Jesus. Father we thank you in advance for this child’s life, Amen

      • your prayer I am giving this all to GOD, he who has power and brings back LIFE…I key into. I am 17 weeks and the doctor told me yesterday that they was no more heart beat and fetal movement. I have been praying and will not relent. God will prove himself in my situation. Please join me in prayers…

      • the doctors say that I’m 8 weeks and my baby is measuring 6 weeks and no heartbeat was found . They are saying I may have had a missed miscarriage or my dates are just messed up because I’m irregular. I’m going through test know to check my hcg levels. I know this is not over til God says it’s over. I’m praying for high hcg levels and a strong , healthy heartbeat. Please keep me and my baby in prayer. I am moved and humbled by your testimony.

      • Hi dear I know I am late in this post but hoping u will c y msg. Just read your story which is similar to mine. How did your pregnancy go?

        • I to measured 8 weeks and some days and on last Friday the doctor told me there’s no heartbeat detected. I was extremely nervous getting on that table because I had minor bleeding earlier in the pregnancy which stopped. I am scheduled for another scan in 2 weeks and boy am I scared. I have been praying everyday for good news for God to have his way because he knows best. This is my 2nd pregnancy I had a MC 3 years ago. Please keep me in pray. I will definitely say a pray for all you ladies. Bless you all.

  2. I am 4weeks 5 days pregnant my hcg level was only 11 then dropped to 8 yesterday doctors say I am in the middle of miscarriage but I have no symptoms not even spotting I called a different doc for a second opinion n he said the other doc has no proof of a miscarriage and that I am pregnant but he wants to more test in 3 days so that gave me hope I read ur story n pray mine turns out the same I have a lot of prayers and prayer chains goin up for me and my baby I refuse to give up I give my body n baby to God it’s in his hands!

    • I don’t really know how many weeks I am but my pregnancy hcg was 15 drop to 5 but I’m bleeding they gave me a microbit to drink every 12hrs. I’m worried about this one I had miscarriage 3 months ago I pray to god let me keep this one. And I also have hope my baby will live from the name of Jesus please every help me with a strong miracle prayer right now.

  3. Oh! I love your story and it give me hope and strengh my faith! I m going through the same problem. I m 8 weeks pregnant and doc couldn t find a heartbeat with vag ultrasound and my hcg level are dropping as I took it on 8 week 6 and 9 weeks. I have a scan again on monday and I m sure I ll praise God because my baby will be alive as I can see and feel it in faith. Pray for me please

    • Father in heaven by who’s love we breath and live, I pray for Diane, her pregnancy, and her child in womb and I speak life over the baby. In the mighty name of Jesus, the one who created all things, the One who gave up His life to defeat sin, death, and all it’s affects including sickness I command your baby to live. I command the spirit of death to bow before Jesus, and leave your child and leave your body right now. I thank you Father for life, for healing, and for miracles in the name of your Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen.

      • Hi my name is sophie and im going through same kind of thing i went for scan on friday and they said my baby is died and only can see a empty sack and i had blood and clots too im praying to god for a mircle for him to bring my baby back to life i will be goin back in 2weeks time please pray life and a mircle for my baby to be on scan and healthy and live and it to be to gods glory please can you all pray for me and my baby thankyou god bless xx from sophie

      • I am in a similar situation, baby at 7 weeks measuring 5 weeks and no heartbeat, very light spotting no cramping but doctor thinks miscarriage, going back in one week, praying this same prayer over my baby, and Jesus to wrap his arms around my baby and restore, protect and nurture. Amen! I believe by faith that the Lord will protect my baby<3

  4. Omg that is amazing my moms friemd just found out that she might have a miscarrige so any body out there who cares pray for her amber is her name..

  5. Thank you! What an encouraging story! So glad God has the final say. I put myself on bed rest and am spotting though after family prayer last night it is lightening up. I’d appreciate your prayers!

    • Father I thank you for safety, for rest, for peace, and for total healing for our sister Amanda and I call for these in the name of Jesus. Amen

      • Thank you for sharing your testimony. I m indeed v encouraged. I shd be 5-6 weeks pregnant, yesterday my Gynae told me I have a miscarriage. Gestation sac cannot be found n plus my excessive bleeding. I always feel n know miscarriage is never God’s plan. Today I m seeing the Gynae again to discuss about the operation to ‘clean away’ the baby. I m v devastated now. Trying to hold on to my faith n what I believe God to be. I m still praying for a miracle. Today when I see the Gynae, I hope he will scan for me again. Gestation sac which was there in the last few visits will be back in the correct place, will be visible and that my bleeding will stop totally. I hope I can hear the heartbeat. Pl pray for me.

        • Prayed for you sister – do not let the attacks of the enemy ever weaken your relationship with Jesus and your faith. You are His daughter who He loves much.

  6. Wonderful Testimony!!! I give God the glory for your life-it has encouraged me. God is in control I am 6 weeks pregnant today. started cramping on Thursday night and bleeding Friday morning, went for a internal scan this morning and no baby sac or fluid could be seen, blood test show that I am pregnant. My faith is that the baby is still there, I know he is there! spent all day in prayer, and praise today with my Husband Mum and family. I choose to listen to the report of God in my heart than to Doctors report on a piece of paper. I thank God for giving me strength in my spirit today to pray, read his word declare life in my womb and trust in him that all is well. I thank God for leading me to this word of testimony to lift my faith. Pray for me my husband and our Baby to be preserved. God gave us this blessing and he is the only one who can sustain it. I believe the bleeding will stop. will go back to the hospital on Monday for a repeat blood test. TRUSTING GOD FOR A MIRACLE TO THE GLORY OF HIS NAME AMEN!

    • I have also just received the same exact news you did, I hoping and praying I do not lose my baby. I also wish you the best for your health and the baby’s health.

  7. Wonderful story, praise God! I’m currently 8weeks pregnant and my hcg has dropped significantly, Dr says I’m having a miscarriage, but I refuse to believe it. I believe all things are possible with God, I’ve been declaring life over this precious baby. I go back next week for another blood draw to check my hcg, they say I might need a D&C … But I know God is the final authority, and His word is truth, and this baby shall not die, but live and declare the works of The Lord! Please join me in prayer, I need some faith filled prayer warriors!

  8. Chanda i am praying for you too!!!! I am 6 weeks and started bleeding Friday night after terrible cramps, DR said to rest this weekend and he would test on Monday! I have prayed and prayed. I am out of town at a competition with
    my older son. Spent all day yesterday in the hotel room resting with light spotting listening to hymns and in prayer! Asking God for guidance, thanking him for my serenity, and knowing that my supernatural God can do what Medicine cannot do. He is the Almighty and he has no limits! I have take 2 home pregnancy test and my hgh levels are still high because they come out with a strong positive. Please i ask that you all declare life and health to this baby I have prayed for. This baby will come and declare the works of my lord! This baby is a blessing and is loved greatly by God in my womb. Keeping strong because the lord is my rock. I choose faith over facts…. My faith is not limited by some spotting.

    • It was such a blessing coming across this website , After reading this wonderful testimony and all these responses my spirit is uplifted , I’m 25 years old with my first pregnancy and things aren’t looking God , but I know the God I serve and I know how much he has brought me from. I have declared the spirit of life be on me and in me , this baby I’m carrying is more God’s child than mine , I have faith that my God is working not only for me but for us all. We’re woman eagerly after God’s heart and I know that he will honor that. Thank you ladies for sharing, as we become more bold in our walk with Christ, and even bolder with our faith, we give others hope and allow them to find peace in our God as well . May Grace and Peace be upon you ladies and your homes , Praying for you , please pray for me .. Mrs Colon

  9. Good morning ladies – please pray for me. 46 yrs old South African. Don’t have any children. After 17 yrs of marriage all of a sudden we’ve received this great gift from GOD. 6 weeks pregnant. Doctor says I need to prepare myself for miscarriage. I am preparing myself for a miracle! All my friends and family is praying. Whilst spending time with the LORD i am continually urged by HIS SPIRIT to give THANKS. My nausea keeps getting worse. Please pray for Daniel – son of HIS maidservant. Many thanks – You sister in CHRIST

  10. Please pray for my son. I am also in a similar situation but I know MY GOD can do anything, anywhere at any time. He has the final say.

  11. I had an ultra sound 6 days ago, babies heart rate was 108,. My doctor said it was low and said baby was measuring at 6 and 1 day, I said she was wrong I’m only just 5 weeks. She told me to come back in a week. So I wrote up yesterday morning in a positive out look on what the ultrasound layer today would say. at this second ultra sound I was told baby’s heart rate is only 90, she told me the heart is allowing down and my baby is slowly passing. I refuse to except what she said, I am faithful and believe my baby will be fine, I do ask for prayers, I have my ultrasound on this coming tuesday, to see that the baby has passed. I am going in to this ultrasound with the mind set of seeing a healthy baby on the screen.

  12. God is good all the time; all the time God is good.

    I am in this same situation. Please pray for my unborn child, please pray for a miracle. God bless you all!

  13. So I found out March 27 I am pregnant. There was a sac but dr said I would miscarry. I bled April 24-May 25 and had a few clots. I still have some spotting, but something in me wants the dr to be wrong, that God will come through. I lost my first pregnancy to miscarriage and my second to ectopic. I try to hold to the verses that said God wants us to not miscarry and children are a heritage and blessing. Please, pray for a miracle despite these obstacles. It’s so very important to me to see God come through. Thank you in advance.

  14. Praise God! I feel like burden been lifted here and now with seeing all these testimonies I looked out for. My experience seems exactly like Sister Wendi’s. I had never missed a period, married for 4years plus. And God gave me a surprise as I got 6weeks into been pregnant with a gestational sac seen and measured. But entering the 7th week I started experiencing cramps,bleeding and clots too. Was put on bed rest and later carried out a scan, the 1st Doctor said he can’t find a gestational sac and the 2nd said its not possible that we should keep praying. I have to go back for a rescan in one week, please I need your prayers I believe God’s word that I will not miscarry. This is my first child. Someone talk to God for me,too. God bless you

  15. Thank you for your wonderful testimony! As i read this i felt the holy spirit upon me, i am 10 weeks pregnant and at my scan testerday they dated me at 5 weeks and could only see sac and yolk sac. We were told that we either have our dates very wrong or that the baby has stopped growing. I have had so many words from the Lord for this pregnancy and really believe that it is ordained by him. We have to go back next week to be re scanned and see if there has been any growth. Please pray with me that when we have the scan we will see a baby and a heartbeat. All things are possible through Jesus x

  16. I had my ultrasound today and at 7 weeks and 4 days only a gestational sac was seen. I’ll be getting my bhcg levels checked this Wednesday and Friday. This would be my 7th pregnancy. Three live births , two miscarriages, and an ectopic pregnancy. Please pray for me that I do not lose this precious little one too. Compared to the previous pregnancies that later became miscarriages I feel more pregnant than before. So with God’s intervention, I know He will protect my baby too. Thank you so much!

  17. Praise God! Thank you for sharing your story. It has given me hope. I ak 9 weeks pregnant and I started bleeding today. I have had several miscarriages and I am asking God to save my baby. Please keep me in your prayers . Thank you, God Bless

  18. Kindly pray for me. I am 8 weeks pregnant and hoping things should work out well for me. I am a staunch believer and I bank on all your prayers

  19. Hi, I believe in miracles and I am asking all of you for any prayers to my 7weeks old fetus without heartbeat. I have been bleeding dark for a week now, went for scan and detected no heartbeat. I am now going to check my hug level and another scan. My doctor told me I am having miscarriage already. But I do not want to loose hope. Please pray for me and my 7 weeks old unborn to have a heartbeat. Thanks you all. With all my faith to God.

  20. Please pray that Gid allows me to keep my baby. At 4 weeks pregnant, i was told I had an ectopic pregnancy and was injected with methrotrexate to get rid of the pregnancy. Two weeks later i was told that it was in fact a normal pregnancy and that there is a heartbeat. The Drs are all pushing me to abort for fear of birth defects(20-30% chance they said), but my cousin who is also an OBGYN advised me to wait and allow for the baby to grow more (and to switch Drs. She’s unfortunately in a different state). Please pray that I can carry my pregnancy full term an deliver a healthy baby, especially since I misacarried a few months before and suffered a botched d&c. I know all of your prayers and energy can help so much. Please pray for us.

    • I pray that you are having a healthy and happy pregnancy. That your baby has the breath of life, that your baby has the life of Jesus flowing throughout your babies little body. I am dealing with something similar but I am keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus and faith that His will be done. Praying for the best for you in Jesus name.

  21. Your testimony of God’s power has just given me even more faith and hope that my baby WILL LIVE and NOT DIE. The doctors keep telling me that my baby is dead and there’s nothing to do, that it is inevitable but I know no doctor or technology is bigger than our God.

  22. This story made me smile I pray God will save the baby of a friend of mine’s. The doctors said a similar thing: your baby is not expected to live, but I know that God will save her.

    • This story is beautiful i believe in you my god please help me am 34 an just found out am pregnant started woth brown spotting an now it has turned into red blood i think am 4 weeks not sure but everyone can yu please pray for me ive been praying please lord dont take my baby from me….. I see all your storys an it gives me hope godbless you all i hope it turns out good for you i pray for all of you

  23. I am suppose to be 12 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound yesterday showed baby was only 6-7 weeks in size. Dr said there is an 80% chance baby is not alive. They will do another ultrasound in 9 days. I am praying for a miracle. We are believing for life. Dozens are praying for our baby. I will take all the prayer we can get. This post is encouraging.

    • I am supposed to be 12 weeks pregnant also. I went to emerge bc I was spotting with some clots and was told that my baby is measuring 7 weeks. The doctor said there is no heart beat and that it will pass. I searched the web for miscarriage miracles and came across this. It makes me feel hopeful, I pray to God for a miracle.

  24. God is our real healer… as of now my doctor told me my pregnancy is no good and im waiting for 10days for another ultrasound. If my baby is still there.I am 8weeks pregnant but 5.5 weeks in ultrasound. Im having my brown spotting and its getting more each day… a liitle cramping and it makes me worried… but I know God is the one who can tell my situation and I do believe my baby is ok..
    Just like you I pray hard and ask my friends prayers too for a miracle…GOD is good and He will hear our prayers.

  25. Yeah God is great he can do anything whatever he wants if he want he can move the earth in few movements that’s why I fully trust in God.

  26. I stand in faith that my baby will live and not die. Thank you for sharing your testimony as it has lifted my faith up. I am 10 weeks pregnant and have been bleeding and cramping for a week and a day now. I went for a scan and the Dr told me that he couldnt see the gestational sac and the yolk sac is less prominent than before. He asked that i do an hcg hormone test and the results came back showing that my hormones has dropped significantly. My Dr says we would need to schedule a D&C in a week if i dont miscarry by then. I believe strongly that this will not be my story because i choose God’s truth over any other report. Please pray for me.

    • I’m praying and ask all of you to pray for my sister Sophia and her unborn baby boy, she’s 5months pregnant, early hours of today 3:00am Nigeria time…she lives in Sydney..she told me doctor told her baby boy heartbeat has stopped that she should come in tomorrow by 8:am Sydney time for them to induce the baby….i strongly believe in God Almighty that there shall be a turn around, that the heartbeat will be there in the baby boy’s heart stronger…please people of faith pray for my sister, let the healing hand of Jesus Christ restore life into her baby boy. I believe in Jesus Christ that it is well with her healthy baby. Amen

  27. God is real , reading this story has encouraged me even more about my situation also like other to be mothers. I left the ER last night with my heart devastated. Doctor said I was having a miscarriage and the baby haven’t develop after week 6 and it’s been 15 days after the last check. I’m resting home but after I left the hospital I thought what about if my baby still alive ? I will see my OBGyn tomorrow and I am praying I could hear s miracle …

  28. I’ve been in a spiritual war for hours. I’m 18 years old. I have not taken a pregnancy test but I’ve had symptoms, this morning I had spotting & I was so happy, so many emotions flooded me. Unfortunately, bleeding got heavier, cramps became umbareable, I have faith in the Lord. My body and my & my life rests in his hands. I’ve been praying & declaring that this is NOT a miscarriage in the name of Jesus Christ, the author of Salvation, AMEN!

    ** I know for a fact that this is not period cramps, plus my period never starts with just spotting, it has never hurt this bad. I know there is another life inside me & it WILL LIVE! Please pray for me— Thank you & much love- Judith**

  29. Thank you for your blessing and encouragment ! God has so elevated my faith through your story! I’m 4.5 weeks pregnant ! Found out Wednesday, with four possative tests (I was 3 days late) I then started bleeding the next morning. I went to the doctor the following morning. I was told that I had more than likely lost my baby. But they did blood work to check my numbers and be sure. Because it was a Friday I was told I would have to wait on Monday for results. Today is mothers day , I will hear tomorrow. But I just want to declare that I TRUST the Lord Jesus! I will have the baby he has given me dreams of, and I will put my hope in God above people! I thank you Lord for giving me the strength to ignore and rebuke the lies of death in the name of Jesus! Jeremiah 29:11-13 FOR I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU, SAYS THE LORD. THEY ARE PLANS FOR GOOD AND NOT FOR DISASTER, TO GIVE YOU A FUTURE AND A HOPE. IN THOSE DAYS WHEN YOU PRAY, I WILL LISTEN. IF YOU LOOK FOR ME WHOLE HEARTEDLY, YOU WILL FIND ME.

  30. My god please give the strength…i went for my 7th week scan and was diagnose no heartbeat and told to come back again 2 weeks for a d&c.. my lord please make miraacle happen to my baby… i juz had a miscarriage 6 months ago…and i cant bear another one….

  31. I have the same faith as you I truly believe my baby will live I have all the faith in the world Amen

  32. Pls pray for me too saints as I was told I have an embryonic pregnancy and I will go for a second scan next week. I’m speaking life over my baby in Jesus name and I believe when I go there next week , the dr will be surprised bcs Dr Jesus will do His work in my life, amen

  33. Please pray for me! I am supposed to be 12 weeks pregnant. Went to doctor for NT scan and found no heart beat and baby looks only 6 weeks with no growth. Doctor has asked me to come back for d&c. I am trusting God for a miracle. We are getting a second opinion in few days.

  34. I’m sitting here crying right now. I’m 6wks and my hcg levels are low and my doctor told me not to rule out an ectopic pregnancy especially since I have been spotting bright red for a week.I had blood work twice n my levels went up a little bit instead of doubling. I can not stop crying. I want my baby to live and be physically, mentally, n spiritually strong. I’m so worried n stressed but I keep saying small prayers to myself asking for a miracle. Please PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!!! I need this baby to live n not die in Jesus name if not, I will lose my mind and never be the same again.

  35. I went for an ultrasound this morning and the report said I have lost the baby since they still could not find a heart beat. I came across to this story after praying and I believe this is not a coinsidence. It is God himself directed me to read this story. It gives me reason not to give up. But to keep my faith and hope up because He is able

  36. So ive have just started my journey with getting closer to God. And opening more up to him and having him in my life. Coincidentally I also found out I was pregnant a week later. Well my level the day I found out was a 39 two days later it was a 37 dr said it was an impending miscarriage. I’m heart broken. I want another child so bad. To feel another blessing in my womb. Part of me is praying for a miracle knowing that hey happen. I know it’s in God’s control, but I hope I am worthy of him to give me a chance to raise this blessing. If prayers could be sent my way I’d greatly appreciate it

  37. I just came across this story this morning, and it has really helped me feel better. My husband and I went in for a second ultrasound (a week apart from our first one) and there hasn’t been a lot of change in our baby’s size and is actually measuring a bit smaller than how far along I actually am. A doctor came in immediately after the ultrasound and said it was a Blighted Ovum and that I should expect to miscarry. We went home feeling defeated. Yesterday, I still hasn’t experienced any bleeding and I was really considering the D&C although morally I didn’t feel right about it… It would just take away the agony of waiting for a miscarriage. Anyway, Saturday, while laying down and nobody was home, I heard, ‘I’m still here mommy’, as clear as day and had to sit up and look around. At first I dismissed it, thinking my brain was playing tricks on me, but yesterday after considering the D&C, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and God saying don’t give up on this one. So, our prayers have since changed… We are now praying for healing for our baby, and that God will breath life into them. We know that with his healing touch, anything is possible. So, I know you don’t know us, but prayer is greatly appreciated.

  38. God is good, but it did not happened to me… (yet) I prayed, called my aunt who was the one who brought me to God to pray for me, I really wanted for a miracle so badly but it didn’t… (yet) but this post made me feel so much better, I am still hoping that I won’t lose the baby completely, gynae said pending miscarriage but I am to go back in a month, to do a complete check (generally can also be said to be already “gone” but I don’t know why, I am still hoping…) really hoping for a miracle next month even though people tells me to face the fact but your post truly shed a little hope on me :’)

  39. Beautiful story and at this time I am praying for miracle as my daughter was told today that her baby died at six weeks. They are planning a DC for her tomorrow and I pray with my might that if it is the Lords will that the dr will hear a heartbeat. Please keep her in your prayers. Your story gives me hope

  40. Please pray for me at my 7week scan my Obgyn told me the baby was measuring a week behind and could not see a heartbeat yet. I have another scan on Monday 14th Aug and I am believing that the heartbeat will be seen then and my baby will be perfectly healthy and I will carry to full term and hold this perfectly healthy baby in my arms… Praise God.

  41. I need a meracle.. i am 6 weeks pregnant but i get my ultrasound but they did not see the gestational sac. My doctor told me that i have to wait for bleeding.. just need you helf for your prayer to not having a miscrarge.. thank you so much.

    • Father I thank you for a perfect pregnancy and perfectly formed child in Jona’s womb. Body work perfectly and fetus be healthy and you shall be filled wit life, in Jesus name.

  42. All things are possible with God if God be for us who can be aqaist us . My daughter I’s in labor at the moment and they can’t find the baby’s heart beat . Can you pray for my grandson and daughter .

  43. I am supposed to be 13 weeks pregnant. I started spotting and the Doc said its threatened miscarriage. One week later they said its missed abortion. I am not believing their report. I still feel pregnant and the comments here have encouraged me. Please pray for me. I have another appointment next week that will confirm if evacuation will be carried out. I want it negative. I believe God.

    • Father I think you for life in this child. Your baby shall live, be healthy and not die and shall have a long life following Jesus as Lord, in Jesus name- Amen.

      • Amen. The Lord has done it. Every miscarriage symptom has vanished into thin ear. Who can decree if the Lord has not? Certainly none. I have passed the evacuation appointment date and still healthy and with my protruding tummy. My scan appointment is this week which am not keen on cos God has already confirmed it. I will go anyway to fulfill all righteousness.

      • Amen. The Lord has done it. Every miscarriage symptom has vanished into thin air. Who can decree if the Lord has not? Certainly none. I have passed the evacuation appointment date and still healthy and with my protruding tummy. My scan appointment is this week which am not keen on cos God has already confirmed it. I will go anyway to fulfill all righteousness. Bless the name of the Lord! He is awesome.

  44. I’m so happy to have read your story about your miracle miscarriage, it’s giving me hope that my baby is still alive and healthy and strong. I am 10 w 3days pregnant, and I went in for my first ultra sound Friday the 13th and the doctor told me the baby measured only 9w 5days and that there was no heart beat and that shes sorry for my loss. I didn’t say a word to her because I do not accept what the doctors say about my baby. She told me to go back for a second ultra sound to confirm that the baby is gone on Friday the 20th. My baby is not gone, I believe and have faith in our almighty God the true healer and doctor of us all and that he will prove them wrong and that the baby will have a heart beat and is growing strong and healthy and is alive. Amen. Please also pray for me and my unborn baby to be healthy n alive as I will pray for all of you too. I have no signs or symptoms of miscarriage and feel very much pregnant. Thank you sisters in Christ for your prayers and unfailing faith in our Lord Jesus Christ! Love you all

  45. I need help pry to get pregnant I’m merry almost 10 yers I have miscarriage and doctor remove my healthy tube now 10 year I’m trying to get pregnant I can’t it’s difficult for me to get pregnant doctor asked for 10.000 dollar which I ever never can have I need pry from millions pepol s right away I pry 5 time a day it’s not good for my marriage lots of problems thank you send this email to millions s other thank you this is a testimony today God bless all of us I’m rubina my husband abid

  46. God is great.. He is always with us in whatever situation and He answers a prayer of faith. Indeed His children will never be put to shame

  47. Thank You for sharing this miracle. I am asking for prayers as well. This is my second pregnancy, had a miscarriage last year. I’m on my 7weeks, but on the ultrasound the other day, doc only saw a sac. Her estimate was I am very early at my pregnancy around 4wks only. Then I bled today.
    Asking for a miracle that i will carry this baby full term and have a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy blessed baby.

    • I declare a perfect pregnancy in Jesus name. No complications and no sickness in Jesus name. Thank you for your love and finished work Lord. Amen

    • Thank you for all the sharings,it’s really helpful to comfort and encourage each other, to strengthen our faith in Jesus! I have the same situation i am 9weeks now and i had ultrasound at my 8 weeks and scan showed small embryo and there is heart rate..so doctor scheduled for another ultrasound and that was last week and the scan showed no changes that the embryo is not growing and slow heartbeat so she want me to comeback to confrim if im having miscarriage..i had miscarriage 6 months ago and its my first pregnancy..pls pray for miracle..i cast out and i cancelled miscarriage over my baby in Jesus name..

  48. Reading This Gave Me Hope. I’m 7weeks pregnant according to my last period (Feb 9th) . While Ive been cramping and spotting but I heard spotting normal. (My grandma had her period for 6months when she was pregnant with my tia) So i went too the Er and They did an ultrasound and vaginal u\s And they said they couldn’t see anything in my uterus and the doc said if I was 7weeks my Hgc should be 1500 and rn it is 500 … Idk what going on.. Like i said this is my first pregnancy .. Doctor is already talking about getting a shot to terminate pregnancy.. or he said I might having a miscarriage but nurse said it possible that it might be to early to tell … I went to a different Doc and He told me I might just be ti early so I have ti go back in 4days to see my hgc levels. Please please please Prayer Im so scared, and hope my babys okay and that I’m just to soon to tell or something cause I really want this pregnancy. I leave God In control Please Heavenly Father I pray..

  49. M 10 weeks pregnant last two days i have brown dicharge and bleeding continue till …plese pray for me ..god plese help me

  50. hello, my name is ashley i supposed to be 10 weeks this week, this friday I started bleeding and cramping but it wasn’t that bad. I went to the doctor but they told me they couldn’t see my baby and that my level was 944. Im sill bleeding but I believe in God and I have a feeling that they are wrong because I was feeling fine.I know a miracle can happen and I believe when I go this Wednesday they are going to see my baby.

    • Father I thank you that you are the one who creates and loves each child. I thank you that with you all things are possible so we declare that Ashley’s baby shall live and be healthy and grow up to server you father all the days of her life, in Jesus name!!

    • I am about 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant last week was a tough week for me because I started spotting and went to the ER and they told me I was more than likely going to have a miscarriage then I had a sonó and the baby was fine! With a strong heart beat of 150! So They said to follow up with my doctor in 2 days I did and he told me they were wrong my baby was fine and that just to rest! Then a week later which is today I started spotting again but this time it was like red with a little clot and after that it’s just brown I’m going to the doctor tomorrow I’m nervous I don’t know what he’s gonna say please pray for me and my baby

      • Hi Abigial,

        Remain in faith and do not believe the lies. Your baby shall live and bring Glory to God, in Jesus name! Amen

  51. Hi, this is so touching, and i thank god for his blessing and love to you and your baby, now i am 7.3 weeks and i have a alturasound yesterday, and they told me that i have a baby, but could not find and see the heart beat, i was so heart breaken, i have 2 miscarriage, and 1 successful just after FATHER BIAS pray on me and bless my baby,

    so now, i have this hardship situation, i went to church and ask for forgiveness and pray for my baby, i ask father to bless me and my baby, as i really want this baby,

    after reading your story, it makes me encourage and makes me to put god first on all things, now i will resent to the alturosaound this wednesday to double check on my baby’s heartbeat, i have no doubt that god is the doctor and he will heal me and my baby. he will give me my baby,

    god hear my prayer….with love. ada

    • Ada,

      We say yes and amen to your baby living and having a life consecrated to the Lord. We thank you Father for doing a great work in Ada, keeping her child alive and well, and showing Ada the fullness of your power and love, through the name of Jesus. Thank you in advance Jesus, for this child’s wonderful life. Amen

  52. I’m currently praying with everything that I have that I am currently pregnant. I’m 2 days late with crazy sore boobs, dizziness but no vomiting. I’ve been so heartbroken spending years trying to have a baby. I’m 37 next week and this would be my first baby. None have ever even made it to my first check up. I’m praying so hard for a positive pregnancy result and a safe delivery. And I pray for women who are facing the same difficulty that we are that they will have their prayers of becoming a mom answered.

    • Father I thank you for peace and wisdom in this matter and that you would guide and comfort Kaidy and her husband for starting a new family together, in Jesus name.

      • Thank you for your kind words. I am just updating everyone to know that while this baby did not take I am not giving up because I know my Lord will bless my womb when he knows that I am really ready.

  53. Praise God!!!!! If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that whenever something is impossible, or too hard for man; it is JUST RIGHT FOR GOD!!!!!!! Luke 18:27 reads: “And he said, the things which are impossible with men are possible with God.Happy for You and your family.

  54. I key in to this testimony and The Lord will make me a joyful mother of children regardless of the odds now IJN..Jesus lives and He will do mine too

  55. Please keep me in your prayers Im facing a blighted ovvum its a complicated miscarriage but I have left everything to God I asked for his mercy and hopefully he will hear my prayers I am very depressed about losing my baby who is with me since 11 weeks hopefully he will come through for me,

    • Please pray for me as I pray that my pregnancy will be fine I’m a mother of 7 and pregnant again I’m bleeding and clotting and I have not experience this before I feel very down and nervous and I just want everything to be fine I’m cramping some I was dealing with stressful situations like a week before I just want my pregnancy to be fine please keep me in prayer I’m in my first trimester suppose to be 7 weeks

  56. This is an amazing testimony, it clearly shows he that is in us is very and realistically Greater that he that is in the world. CHRIST in us the Hope of Glory. NOTHING IS TOO BIG FOR OUR GOD ALMIGHTY IF WE BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH.
    Glory to God almighty.

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