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First 10 Lessons from Dan Mohler HCSKL – FREE

First 10 lessons From Dan Mohler’s teachings from Harvest Chapel School of Kingdom Living (HCKSL 2011)

These are fantastic teachings from Dan Mahler in the summer for 2011 when he went through the bible for 13 weeks, 4 lessons per week, and 2+ hours per session/lesson.

They are filled with insights from Dan that will reveal the revelation of God’s truth that Dan acquired so early in his walk, making him the amazing man of God that he is today. We love Dan and his messages of love and truth, taught in a way only Dan can do! This was a 51 day, truth intensive school that is now available on MP3 and DVD. Contact for more details.

NOTE: Lesson #1 is Audio only but the remaining lessons are all full stream video- enjoy!

For more Videos from Dan in this series, go to the HCSKL channel on youtube here:

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