Documented Healings By God

Why haven’t I been healed by God?

This is an excellent video from Pete Cabrera Jr ( ) – Pete is a healer and teacher who travels around the world spreading the good news the God loves you and wants you healed and well!

Listen to what Pete has to say about why you may not have received healing – it’s a good teaching for anyone struggling with questions on why they are still sick.

Part II
Great teaching by Dan Mohler on why sometimes we are not healed after prayer.

Dan is usually super humble when he shares these things but in this he is very strong and honest about healing in his own walk….was spoken at the end of a healing conference, in an intimate Q & A session so please keep that in mind!


  1. Jack Philip Abbott says:

    Somebody PLEASE talk to me on email, I’ve seen the vids! I need someone to talk to from this website who has layed on hands and seen the actual miracles upfront. I’m in Britain so of course, it’s easier this way. Someone who knows God as personal Lord and Saviour who died for our sins as the Son of Man and one righteous Son of God who left His Spirit with us and gave authority to heal by His wounds – I implore you to encourage a brother who has epilepsy, no church here commands out the sickness rather than begging God all the time. I do command that I be healed, I’m sure God will give wisdom. and perhaps through some of you. So who is called by God to discuss the Word with me?! Or does anybody know Mr Cabrera Jr’s actual email address?

    1. Jack, I am not a qualified person to discuss the word with you. But, I just wanted to send you love. I believe the kingdom of God is within as believers. So, with that being said, we can go to our father ourselves. Might I suggest that instead of asking the Lord to heal you, thank HIM for healing you. And as you thank HIM, allow yourself to feel the feelings of what your body would feel like if HE already healed you. Let yourself cry and praise HIM. You might want to say something like “Through HIS stripes I AM healed”!

  2. wilson samuel says:

    My name is Wilson Samuel from India.I have scares and cuts on my face can you please pray for me so that I may get rid of these cut marks on my face.I feel very disappointed and shame when I see myself in mirror.I really want to be healed.I have sent my prayer request many times before this but still no sign of healing.I believe if you pray for me once more I will be healed.

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