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Love’s Calling- A Communion Prayer

Love’s Calling

Each day we were reminded of how it takes key elements to build a long-term healthy relationship. The fulfillment of love’s purpose is to grow, and growth can only happen when the elements of trust and commitment are present at its foundation. Deep within us we understand the nature of love and if we hear love’s call, we know we’re wired to “listen well” for the sake of love; we’re wired to turn our hearts in a direction to experience greater love; and we’re wired to commit our life in such a way, to produce even greater love. Yes, God has without question, wired us for love.

The pure nature of God himself is founded in the beautiful trust relationship of the trinity and I believe that same relationship is what God intended for each of us, when He created us in His image. But man was separated from that relationship with God, when Adam and Eve fell in the garden that is, until Jesus came to make things right again.

Now, through the sacrifice of His Son on the cross (for those who have accepted Jesus), His very Spirit has been placed inside us and we are again restored into a right relationship with Him just as before the fall with Adam and Eve, and we’re made righteous as if we had never sinned. Once restored, if we take time to listen, we can hear God’s cry for greater relationship where “deep cries out to deep” and we hear the whisper of God’s love wooing us closer to Him through a deeper relationship with His Son.

If you are looking for a way to experience God on a deeper level of your heart, then I encourage you to consider communion on other days in addition to Sunday; whether alone, with Your spouse, or with Your family, communion is a beautiful way to grow in deeper fellowship with the one who lives in our hearts. I think when Jesus said, “as often as You do this, do it in remembrance of me”, that He was encouraging us to draw closer to Him in fellowship not just on Sundays, but as often as we may, and allow this sacrament to be a powerful means of building relationship between our heart and God’s heart.

If you will allow me today, I’d like to share a communion prayer is if we were in the intimacy of my own home;

Heavenly father, I thank You that You loved me so much You made a way for me to know Your deep love through the sacrifice of Your Son. I thank You that You found a way to take me from my fallen state as a sinner of this world, back into You’re Your family as a child of God, and that You now see me as a righteous spotless citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven through Your Son. I thank You that You have forgotten all my sins “as far as the east is from the west”. I give thanks because You restored me back to a place where You will never leave me or forsake me and nothing can separate me from Your love, forever. I thank You Father that the precious blood of Your Son has washed me, and made me clean in Your sight. I thank You that just like the parable of the prodigal son, You eagerly and joyously received me back into Your house and placed the robe of righteousness on my shoulders, and I now dwell in You sight forever. I thank You that Your love was revealed through Jesus, as a real example for us to follow; when He showed His commitment to His disciples, when He trusted in the Father onto death, when He was baptized, when he loved, when He listened to the sick and showed compassion, and when His mercy healed every person who came to him in need. I thank You that Your love for Jesus, and Jesus’ love for You, revealed Your love for me at the cross where He redeemed my life, not because You saw me as a retched sinner, but that You loved me so much that it was You Father, who knit me in my mother’s womb as Your own creation. I thank You that You love me as a child with great value in Your sight, and You enjoy me as a son with great purpose, and that You hear my prayers through Your Son and I can fully trust in Your spirit to help me become the hands of feet of your Son, so I may spread Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven. I thank You Heavenly Father for the blood that Your son shed for me, and for that I give You my blood. I thank You Father for the body Your Son broke for me, and for that I give You my body. I thank You Father for the life Your Son gave for me, and I fully I give my own life, back to You. Holy Spirit come now and fill me with Your grace and love that I may listen and follow You all of my days. Today Father I give thanks for this cup and this bread in remembrance of Your son Jesus, in His name, Amen.

Scott L

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