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JGLM DHT Training with Curry Blake

These are a series of training videos with Curry Blake from JGLM Ministries, from 2013 in Australia. We fully endorse JGLM and Curry’s teachings and recommend that you purchase the current DVD training directly from JGLM here: or visit for more information. Filled with decades of practical insight and knowledge from John G Lake and Curry Blake, we also HIGHLY recommend purchasing the “New Man Series” which teaches about our authority in Christ in a powerful way that is biblical and easy to understand.

These are the videos from 2013:


  1. in 1991 i fell 41ft and lived,soon after i got saved and was annointed to preach i was a jr pastor for 8 yrs under my uncles ministry.he divorced his wife and married the piano player,our church was destroyed and i wasforced to leave by him.he said god told him to stand in the pulpit and preach and i needed to leave,so i took me many years to overcome thiis spiritual trama,in 2007 iwas electrocuted with 14,400 volts and lived,i believe it was god who saved me again,i sought out the babtism of the holy ghost and fire and now i ask god to heal me from the after effects of my accident.i prayed to be heald but nothing happened. i was smoking a pipe and some cigars and refused to quit. i finally saw my disobidence and repented ,i am studing faith healers,my body is full of pain from arthritis,fibromyaliga,diabetes,psorisic arthoritis also. i am asking GOD TO RAISE ME UP AS A FAITH HEALER., i believe god led me to john g lake to teach me about healing, god still hears our prayers and i believe in miracales ! i was broken hearted and had to lay my dreams to rest just as if a person died ! i wanted to be a holy man and satan destroyed my dreams ! i pray in the spirit every day now and seek GODS wisdom and knowledge, have mercy on me and forgive me for my lack of faith.i wish i was a holy man , i am convinced there is more of GOD to experience at every age !!! please help me ! someone please help me find GOD .! I WISH I WAS A HOLY MAN !!!

    1. Arthritis and fibromyalgia go, get out of Frank’s body, pain go and body be healed. Frank, praise God you have lived though so much but more important, praise God you were made into a son with all the benefits of heaven, here and now. The word talks a lot about who we are in Christ when we believe and follow him. Keep growing in the knowledge of Christ in you, keep seeking him, and start stepping out in faith praying for others and He will teach you by His Spirit. Know that Satan has already been defeated and is under foot. Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these thing will be added. Bless you my brother!

  2. THANKYOU !!! I am still in awe,i have been a born again believer for 25 yrs,the first 10 yrs i was wide open ,the emmaus community,karios prison ministry,lay wittness missions,i consumned tapes and books,kenneth copeland,kenneth hagin,hagee,osteen. i went looking for GOD ! i was grateful to be alive after a 41 ft fall,i turned my back on GOD and walked away 2 weeks prior at a campmeeting service when i knew GOD called me foward for salvation . i was like the woman who washed jesus feet with her tears,i had been forgiven much ! my heart was broken and all i wanted to do was serve GOD !!! I just
    wanted it all,I went to the big charasmatic church in statesboroand was babtised with the holy ghost and fire.I prayed and studied and never had i heard about john g lake,or dowie . it was like it had been hidden from me,i remembered oral roberts,and how my mother watched him so intensely.i wanted to preach and worked with my uncle to build a local missions church,for 8 years i taught and led sunday evining services.non denominational / freewill babtist \ has been methodist. we annointed with oil and layed hands on the sick but very few miracales. my uncle divorced his wife and married the piano player, destroyed the mission,and with no where else to be, i crawled back to my pew at the methodist church.I guess the call of GOD is without repentence. i could not help myself i needed more of GOD so I started watching the tv preachers and got interested in leroy jenkins,and joseph prince and became convinced that there is more of GOD for every person at every age . so i set out again at 58years old to find that which had been hidden from me for all these years ! my spirit has cried out to GOD in pain and with tears in my eyes i need more GOD, pastor prince mentioned his name,andt i started reading a book about the greatest faith healer i never knew ! i saw proof that god still heals and jesus never fails. 1oo,ooo confirmned miracales and i never heard of it,how sad i thought? and then there it is for such a time as this ! just when i needed it ,HOPE ! of all the places i have been i have learned that lesson well , where hope in man ends hope in GOD begins. i sought the hand of GOD in my early years, I just wanted to see god move ! OH please lord give me this and give me THAT !!! I pursued HIM with my great lists of prayer requests – ;only to learn GOD is not santa claus nor is He a respecter of persons,then i decided i would seek the FACE of god,imagine being so close to GOD the devil had to look jesus right in the FACE if he wanted to torment me ! Being close to GOD is easy being OBEDIENT to GOD not so MUCH !! just wanted to share a few pages out of my book with you,yes I robbed GOD I could not afford to tithe, yes my faith was too weak to be healed,yes i wanted my sin and my saviour too ! i call it the little pieaces of me that arent very GODLY ! what a great sermon that was ! NOW I SEEK THE HEART OF GOD ! I WANT TO BE A MAN AFTER GODS OWN HEART ! MY SPIRIT SAID IF I COULD MOVE THE HEART OF GOD HIS HAND WOULD MOVE AUTOMATICALLY…..i am thankful to have found your pageand i believe there is more of GOD for me,thankyou for your prayers,i could use a brother !

    1. Frank, your story is much like mine – thank God for the hunger he has given you and remember it all comes through faith, not works. God bless you brother and keep walking in faith!!

  3. Jay Morgart says:

    I have never been able to fulfill the power of the Holy Spirit needed to perform the commands Jesus directed us to do within The Great Commission. I would like to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

    1. Hi Jay,

      Shoot us an email to talk about coming to NH to get you baptized and trained. Send your phone to

  4. I have been a Christian for a long time but still in bondage with sexual sin. I watched porn and addicted to it. How can I be a follower of Christ when I can’t get this off from me. It started when my mom allowed me to watch it when I was in my early 20s and it became a bondage. I love Jesus but can’t continue like this. Please help me come out of this.

    1. Hi James, I suffered the same but am totally free for 12 years now. Message me your phone number on Facebook or send an email and we can talk.

  5. Thembi Gladys says:

    My name is Thembi From South Africa Johannesburg .I have been following you on the faith channel week days 9:30 am and i was struggling to receive healing on a chronic condition and i was healed after following your teachings .I am interested in receiving a training The Holy Spirit has been showing me lots of people in my area that are suffering from sickness and deceases and the church is here but is quiet .i am a born again child of God doing my 3rd year at Bible college ,

  6. I have only today discovered this ministry. I face many chronic diseases and am sick a LOT! In my heart of hearts I believe I (and all Christians) should be walking in wholeness and healing and victory and power!!!!!!!!! How can I get this from my heart into my head and then into my actions?!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve just come back from my brother’s house (where he smokes), and facing another bout of bronchitis…. I want free!!!!!!!!!!!!

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