Documented Healings By God

Inspirational Videos & Skits

These are some of the best inspirational videos and skits I’ve come across. If you have one you think I should share, please leave me a comment with the link. Enjoy and thanks!

Scott L

The Offering Music Video

Lighthouse “Everything” Skit with testimony:

Lifehouse Everything Skit -STREET VERSION!!!

God’s Chisel

Set me free skit

Rope Drama Skit – Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape

The Jesus Rant! Simply awesome!

Skit Guys What Keeps You From Following God Today’s Christian Videos GodTube

Set me Free

The Crucifixion Skit

Amazing how different life looks from God’s perspective….if we can only stop looking at ourselves!

Pastor Dan Mohler on Communion

Dan Mohler on Communion from TruthQuest

Worship music mix with amazing video imagery!

The most unwanted are loved again- Bethel testimony

So what do you think?

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