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If you have a prayer request, please post your request here in the “So what do you think” box below:

Your request will be displayed for others to see so anyone willing can pray for you silently or respond to your request in writing. My hope is that the “Body of Christ” will rise up and pray for each other to strengthen the church, and prepare the bride of Christ for His coming.
May God’s breath be upon us……


  1. I wish for a healing of the cancers that are in my body and my hair is falling out so fast – I believe in the power of prayer – and I have no family to pray with me. Please- will you pray with me? Bless you – in the name of Jesus.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Heavenly Father, I pray for Mary in the name of Jesus. I pray the chains of sin and sickness in her life be broken. I pray that all pain in her body go – I pray that ALL cancer and sickness leave her body in the name of Jesus. I pray that as a precious woman who you love dearly Father, that you would restore Mary back to good health, restore her hair, restore her vitality, and restore her with your peace and presence and fill her with your spirit. I pray that if she is not a believer in you Jesus, that she would come to the saving knowledge of your gift for eternal life ( ) and accept you as her savior and Lord. I pray that she may live a full long life, releasing and fulfilling your destiny as you have predestined her life, to spread the good news of your Love and your word, through her healing testimony.
      I pray this father in the name of your Holy Son, Jesus Christ, Amen
      Be healed Mary, live a full life as a testimony for His sake and God bless you!
      Scott L

      1. I was hurtting so bad and in need of god to bless me with money now im not working i fell so alone i cry to my father for help and i wont let go.when you prayed for me i felt the lord here with me.i pray for a car a home a godly husband. Thank you brother please dont stop praying for me.

        1. Amen! Matthew 6:33
          “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

          1. Hi Scott I was very moved by your prayer for Marygrace.
            Please help me pray for my friend keith who has terminal lung cancer and he is going for a Pet Scan on 1st of july 2015. Please help me pray for him that he lives a long long life and God heals him and that keith lives for 30 years more and more disease free and healthy. Pray that keith gets baptised and starts to go to church and please pray that keith be in awe of our mighty God when he hears the good news that he does not have cancer. I am am standing in the gap and praying for his healing and long life in Jesus Name.

          2. Hi scott please help me pray for a supernatural financial breakthrough over my business. Pray that I receive the loans that I am waiting for..pray that patsys contacts call me in to sign for the loan today in Jesus Name. So many people around me are desperate for help and I pray that God helps me so I can bless them too. Please pray that my business starts to flourish. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

          3. Gail McNamee says:

            Please pray for me. I,ve been suffering severe depression for some time now. I feel hopeless. Please pray for me to be healed from cancer. Gail

          4. Please pray urgently to save my home from being auctioned early next month (June 2018). I and my family have nowhere else to go. We need a miracle from God. Also I am the sole breadwinner and lost my job. Please pray for miracle re a suitable job/earning opportunity for me to come urgently/right away. Thanks and bless you.

          5. Father we thank you that you are our provider in all things. We thank you for Shelly to receive a great job and that she might be able to keep her home, or secure a wonderful new place for them to live. Lord I thank you for moving quickly so that everyone would know it is by your glory these miracle happen and other’s would come to know and trust you through Shelly’s life. In Jesus name.

        2. please pray for our new christian neighbor Sandy Benjamin , she has many health issues, has been very ill for many years had cancer, had most of her bowel removed, is diabetic, has glaucoma which is sending her blind, she is only in her 50s, has stomach and bowel issues, lives on pain killers thank you one and all SHE IS HEALED IN JESUS NAME

          1. Father we speak life over Julie and say cancer go, diabetes be healed, glaucoma go, eyes see perfectly, and pain go from her body in Jesus name, Amen.

          2. it is Sandy that needs healing

      2. Marygrace…I was touched by your need of healing…so father God we come against every attack of the enemy over Marygrace’s body, mind, emotions, finances, and all things that concerns her. We speak restoration throughout her body, healing of cells and tissues, healing in the blood, peace of God in her mind knowing that she is already healed. I prayer that you will have beautiful hair starting to grow as I pray. I bind fear and doubt…perfect love cast out fear I thank you God that her healing has come. Bless you!!!
        Rhonda M

      3. Please pray for my husband Russ, he has cancer and is on his last FDA approved meds. I am praying for a miracle that Jeus through Our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and padre pio he be healed and regain his strength.

        1. Timothy Matula says:

          I curse the spirit of cancer in Russ in Jesus’ name, wither and die. Come out right now and do not return in Jesus’ name. I command all that has been damaged to be restored to the glory of God in Jesus’ name and bless his body with the peace that passes all understandinfg to guard his heart and mind through Christ Jesus. Be completely healed. Thank You, Jesus!

        2. He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? Romans 8:32
          Instead of waiting to see what the next problem is gonna be , why don’t
          u wait to see what the next blessing is gonna be.
          Believe that something good is gonna happen this day.
          “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

        3. I pray for healing upon your husband in Jesus Name.

        4. Blessed be the matchless name of Jesus Christ who is able to heal everyone of their infirmities. Father thank you for healing Russ of his condition and helping him to serve you faithfully and giving him the strength to do everything for your glory. Amen.

          1. I recently came upon this site after receiving a copy of Torbens Last Reformation dvd. I am so hungry for more of God. After reading several prayer request posted here, I can see how much this world is falling apart. I attend a full gospel church, but I am not seeing the power demonstrated in the bible. The church continues the same week after week, while broken and hurting people continue to suffer in their misery. Where have we missed it? Why am I not laying my hands on the sick and seeing them recover? My heart aches, and cries out to the Lord to use me! Untill we, the church allow the Holy Spirit full reighn, we will never see the miracles and wonders the Word talks about. Isn’t it time we rise up and do what we were commanded to do? My prayer is that the Lord use me in a mighty way. I’m the one who is suppose to heal the sick and bring others to the saving grace of Christ, not wait for someone else to do it. I ask forgiveness from God. God didn’t ask us as believers to go, He commanded us to go! please pray that I move forward and not worry about what others think of me. Lives are hanging in the balance. Thank you

          2. Crystal, If you have not done the JGLM DTH and New Man series, look them up online or purchase the DVD’s and learn about our authority so you may rise up and see results when you pray. We have also found it helpful if you can find someone in your area who can take you out and demonstrate healing with you, to show you how simple it can be to to pray and see results. Having someone disciple you in this way, has been extremely successful to those we have trained. Keep going after more, and don’t look back! …..the Kingdom of heaven is at hand 🙂

          3. Thank you Scott for your reply. unfortunantly I live in a small community in Ky. If you blink, you would pass through without knowing. So in regards to meeting someone close to me to take me out and train is nearly impossible. From what I see, all these miracles I see and people are in the bigger cities. Not small out of the way towns where I live. Maybe I should just step out on faith and trust? I am just now recovering from something the enemy has been putting on me for weeks and since I have no dr, I have had to stand on my faith and the promises of God. Please pray that I can move forward and see these things happening my life and those around me. My church is so full of sick ones and I would so love to see them set free. Thank you

          4. Crystal, there are DHTs from JGLM all over small towns like yours – you never know how close someone could be to you, so you should fill out a prayer request anyway. Someone may be willing to drive there, visit your church, or perhaps meet you half way. All things are possible with God 🙂
            Bless you,

      4. I am Nick and I am asking the Lord for the immediate restoration of my teeth, gum, broken cheekbone, and facial skin; and that 2015 be a year where I receive divine restoration in all areas of my life and for divine protection from any tragedy..

        1. Again Thank you Scott for your reply. I live in Carrollton Ky. 41008. On the other side of the Ohio River. I attend a Full Gospel Church with around 35-50 members.If here is anyone close to me who is willing to help in any way, please notify me. I thought these groups were only in large areas, but hopefully this is not so. Thank You

          1. I ask to pray for my daughter Evelyn who suffered severe eczema since she was born, and she is 2.5 yo now, she generated skin defect gene from his father’s side, my mother in law is pollen and dust allergy so I guess Evelyn is the same. Every specialist told we have to put steroids on her on and off but I can’t really do this because she has already tolerated some cream so I can not keep this going anymore. I asked my family to pray for us but some of them are non Christians and very skeptical about praying. I decided not using steroids anymore but solely depend on God’s healing of my daughter, so please pray together with me. Thank you!

          2. God bless your faith – Evelyn be healed in Jesus name!

      5. Yolanda Shelton says:

        My boyfriend was evicted from his apartment because his neighbor falsely accused him of burning incense and smoking cigarettes. I ask that you pray that God bless him with another apartment real soon. He really would love to move into these beautiful apartments in Westwood. He put in his application on Saturday.

      6. Marcela Gilbert says:

        I need prayer for the healing of my hearing, I am losing the hearing, please help me

        1. Deafness go, ears open in Jesus name.

    2. My name is Jane, please pray for my healing from diabetes and depression . Have suffered for 3 months now and it has been terrible. May God touch and heal me instantly. Amen.

      1. Father in the precious name of Jesus of Nazareth we intercede on behalf of our sister Jane. We ask you to heal her from diabetes and depression because sickness is not impossible for you to heal. We love you Lord Jesus and believe in your healing power. Help sister Jane to experience your healing power and love so that she may share it with the world and be a light to everyone she comes in contact with. Amen

    3. hi mary

      you have your father (God) with you and consistent prayer with him is a good relationship- and you have us ” your spirit and blood” family praying for you hence you have family in relationship- praying for your hair growth – pain to cease completely and for complete cure of any cancer in your body. You are henceforth cancer free! Take account of all other sicknesses that have been cured in your body and that fact that jesus took cancer upon him on the cross for us all. He is thee life giving source- he is life! hence we pray life over you and each cell in your body. with love that’s mine to give freely courtesy of dad ! Lishi (from wow SL)

    4. Kristie Chesney says:

      Dear Mary,

      I thank God that peace will flood your soul right now. Rest in His arms and know that Jesus has healed you. Be at peace right now in Jesus name. His love is so beautiful! Bless you sweet Mary.

    5. Gail McNamee says:

      Please pray for me to be healed of my debilitating depression and cancer. Please ray for me to regain the faith I once had in God and my positive attitude. Please pray that I get back my peace of mind.

    6. Father God I pray for mercy and healing upon Marygrace. I pray that the cancer dies and dries and its roots and i pray for life and life more abundantly over Marygrace.By Jesus .stripes she is healed
      i pray this in Jesus Name.amen

    7. There is nothing impossible for God. I was very sick at one time and Jesus appeared to me and I was healed totally. Jesus is real and He is the doctor and the great healer. You are set free from this sickness in Jesus name

    8. My name is Charles, and I just this last June I got serious about returning to the Lord Jesus after years of being backslidden. I started seeing a Christian therapist, and really began praying hard and reading the word more diligently. Not long after, I started getting tingling and pain in my right shoulder and collarbone, and later little nerve “pin prick” feelings all over. I recently got my MRI, and I have severe spinal stenosis in my cervical spine, causing nerve compression, pain and tingling. I believe that Jesus can heal me, but I struggle with doubt and guilt, which I know can hinder his work. I pray that you Christians and prayer warriors will pray for my healing. I am 51, a high school teacher in Northern California, and really crying out to Christ for mercy.

      God bless and thank you.

    9. Margie Culhane says:

      Can I have prayer for my husband Steve. He has served 30 years as a Fireman and USAR emergency services worker. He is currently ‘burnt out’ and very unwell with PTSD, depression and anxiety.He has been struggling for a while now and getting very tired. He has been discharged from the Fire Service due to being unwell. This is causing grief and loss. His identity has been entwined in his ‘rescuer role’ please pray for healing.


    11. I will pray for you! In Jesus name you will be healed! God Bless

    12. Margrace, I join with you in Quest to be healed , we lift you up and believe for you healing, we pray that others would come forward and comfort you with there love, we curse those cancers to the root in Jesus name , to leave that body know! Amen and Amen!!

    13. I am requesting prayers for healing for myself have been battling multiple sclerosis for 20 years and my mobility has finally declined and I am having increased difficulty walking even with my cane. I am a single mom and have been still working but it has been more difficult please pray that I can regain my ability to walk there is power in prayer thank you

    14. Oscar Guardado says:

      In the name of Jesus you are healed from any disease.

    15. My son John lost his wife of 6 months and newborn daughter by a drunk driver 20 years ago. still to this day he suffers from drugs, alcohol, bitterness and depression. Please pray for him to be set free. Prayers also for my families salvation and a much needed healing in my body. Like everyone else, I know there’s more to throwing up prayer and wondering if and when it will be answered. We all ache for our children, and I am hungry for more that just church on Sundays and B-study on Tuesday.

      1. I need prayers for my uncle ‘Sil’ that is terminal ill with brain cancer. He’s got a merely weeks up to maybe a month to live. I believe in the power of prayer and in Jesus. My uncle feels discouraged, sad and lonely in his valley of death.

    16. Dear jesus please heal this women of cancer. I ask that you send your healing powers from heaven and heal this women wherever she is right now in your amazing name. I love you jesus and she loves you. Please send your might power from heaven and heal her. Amen.

    17. I am requesting prayer for a young lady I just met yesterday so I’m not sure of her name. She has stage 2 cancer and has a 2 year old son. Her husband works with my husband and she had requested to be baptized. My husband took her down to the river yesterday and baptized her, along with her husband. They didn’t know it was so simple. I ask that God feel her soul with peace and manifest the healing that He so graciously provided. I’m not sure how much she knows about all this, but I ask that God give me another opportunity to see and share these truths with her.

    18. I humbly ask for prayer to release me from addiction of tobacco and alcohol. I want to serve the Lord, and I no longer wish to make this addiction a priority. Please help me release this horrible experience that is ruining my life. Thank you for your service in the Lord.

    19. My name is Darren, I ask that you pray for me. I need to be fully restored unto the Lord. I left him years ago and I need to be healed in my mind, body and spirit. I have been diagnosed with multiple injuries, illnesses and mental problems. I served in the military and maybe with that information may help you to understand the obstacles I face and how to pray for me. I know that the Lord will give you the right words to pray for me. Thank You!

      1. Hi Darren, send us your phone number and we’ll call and pray.

    20. Mary Tracey says:

      In faith I would like to bring a prayer request for Aishling who has pheochromocytoma and is having a serious operation on 2nd April 2019. She will not experience sudden death syndrome due to her problem with high blood pressure. In Jesus’ name, Amen

    21. Phyllis Cameron says:

      Please pray for me I need a job and fiancés and also my body need a healing my shoulders and my back also my both eyes my left knees also depression and stress anxiety I just need help can’t sleep please pray

    22. Joe Tovar says:

      I need healing in my body… I have pain in my groin and stomach as well as poor digestion… also my left main molar is cracked and infected. I’ve seen testimony of creative miracles in teeth so I’m
      Believing in Jesus name

    23. Barry BOREN says:

      By his stripes we were healed.
      Cancer go now in Jesus name.
      Thank you God for providing for us through Jesus Christ.
      If you would,,
      Take communion each day in remembrance of his body that was broken for our healing and for his blood that was shed so that we are redeemed.

      Praise you father for all your benefits you have provided through Jesus Christ .

      I am redeemed by the blood of the lamb and delivered from the hands of my enemy.

      What a merciful and gracious God.

  2. God Vidya is suffering from breath holding spells and seizures due to her brain injury at birth, I am not more able to see her pain, please take her away Lord Jesus, Please take her away with you instead of having this painful life.

    1. Preethi, I Know God hears your pain and Vidya’s suffering, and that He has great compassion for the two of you. I also have compassion for your difficulties and pray for healing.
      Jesus said “John 10:10
      A thief comes to steal and kill and destroy, but I came to give life—life in all its fullness.” Therefore, I pray that Jesus would take away the seizures and brain injuries and all the affects of these forms of destruction that came from the enemy Satan. I pray that Jesus would heal Vidya and take away the sickness and give her a healthy life. I have seen many brain injuries healed in the name of Jesus. Jesus was harsh on even His own disciples when they did not believe that they could heal the young boy with epilepsy, in Matthew 17 not because He was rebuking them out of anger, but because He wanted them (and us) to believe and to live by faith and not by sight. He wanted them to understand that with faith, nothing including this disease are incurable and to believe the boy could be healed….. and then He showed them faith the same faith we have been give when we are saved and come to Christ and He healed the boy. In the same way, I pray that my faith would raise up and in the name of Jesus heal your Vidya who has suffered in the past but will suffer no more and be healed. May the Spirit of God come upon her and heal her in the mighty name of Jesus! Will someone pray with me in agreement? Please see this video to build your own faith
      God Bless you as Vidya receives the healing that Jesus paid for on the cross!

  3. I need healing prayers for my daughter shweta motwani, 28 yrs of age and from Mumbai india. she is keeping unwell often. she suffers from bouts of cold, headaches, dizziness and palpitations. pls pls pray she is healed soon. she is getting married in December. thankyou.

  4. Please pray for my beloved mother-in-law, who yesterday had what the doctors say is a severe stroke. She is an amazing young, vital woman of God who lives the love of Christ toward everyone who knows her. She’s so very healthy, and this has been a shock! Though at this time she is unconscious, she squeezes our hands and acknowledges our voices. We are praying for complete healing of anything that has been damaged. The doctor said “if anyone can beat the odds, she can.” But we know it’s not about beating odds, it’s about God miraculous healing power. Would you please stand with our family for her healing? God bless you abundantly to overflowing with Himself.

    1. I read your prayer request in the middle of moving some boxes at my home. I was so moved and filled with compassion for your mother right at that moment that I began to weep for her and had to stop what I was doing.

      Whenever that happens, I believe God is showing me that He loves that person very much and that His compassion for them is very real and He wants us to co-labor with Him so that through our prayers, and through our love for them, we defeat the works of the enemy together with Him and they are healed in the name of His son Jesus.

      He can heal them alone but He wants us to join in with Him, being salt and light in a world of darkness and sickness, restoring His Kingdom together, as sons and daughters who walk by faith not by sight.

      I am standing in belief and faith with you, for complete recovery for your mother-in-law along with anyone else who may read this and may wish to stand with us in believing Jesus already paid for her healing, the results of the stroke will be reversed and will get up without harm.

      I pray in boldness for complete recovery, with no side effects from the stroke – total healing by God’s love, in the name above all names, Jesus!

      God bless you and thank you for your blessing as well!
      Scott L

      1. Charlare neale says:

        Please pray for my husband he had a stroke in July 2014 and we have had the mighty hand of God restore almost everything except his speech will you stand in agreement with me that Jesus will restore his speech and vocabulary and fill him with the love of God many many thanks he had 2 strokes a heart attack and a blood clot on his heart he truly is a miracle but I miss talking to my dear husband and he is frustrated and a bit sad

        Char N

  5. Dearest in the Lord,
    Please pray that my broken leg should heal and be perfect again. I was shot by robbers at close range resulting in open compound fracture of my leg. It is now 3 months and and no healing. Please pray that my healing to come very fast and i can return to function and walk and that the 2 legs will be of equal length as the fracture resulted in bone loss.
    Thanks you.

    1. Henry,
      Be healed in the name of Jesus! I spent much time for you tonight, in deep prayer for your leg to be completely healed. He already paid the price for you to be healed – believe and receive, giving thanks to our Father in Heaven, Jesus, and the power of Holy Spirit.
      Walk by faith, not by sight and
      whatever you believe in His name shall be given to you – God Bless you my Brother!

      Mark 11:24
      Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

      John 14:13
      Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

      Matthew 21:22
      And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

      1. Thank you so much for your prayers I feel excited and at ease

  6. To those that have/are prayed/praying for me – in the Name of Our Beloved Savior Jesus Christ I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please do not stop – I am starting to feel a little bit better – I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I believe in miracles – bless you all – I also pray for only goodness and peace and love in your lives! Thank you!

  7. Hi! This is Liza G. I do believe in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, i know that He can heal me…my brethren kindly pray for me as i have the symptoms of cancer. Please pray for me that the Lord will take off all the sickness in my body. Thank you and may God bless us all!

  8. Dear Marygrace,

    I just prayed for you, have faith in the Lord that He will heal you. Keep on praying and obey His teachings. May God bless and heal you. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

  9. Please pray for my healing of oral cancer so that do not have to have part my tongue removed. I believe in the power of prayer

  10. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and claim your healing. Keep the faith and seeking the Lord and obey His words. Prayed for you.

  11. Please pray for the healing of my knee. I injured my knee in 1979 while in the military. Today I can hardly walk. Please!

    1. Joseph, I have prayed for you.
      Jesus is Lord….now be healed in His name! Amen

    2. rhonda mathis says:

      Lord we ask that you heal Joseph’s knee and make his body whole again in the NAME OF JESUS, WE ASK THAT YOU BIND UP THE PAIN AND CAST IT OUT, HEAL HIM FROM THE TOP OF HIS HEAD TO THE SOULS OF HIS FEET IN JESUS NAME,,,,AMEN!!!

  12. Lord I need you my family needs you. My husband is struggling and can’t beat his drug addiction only you can help break his bondage. Please break the bondage all the evil people have on him please let them get out of his life so he can be the husband and father you want him to be. Please go to him and show him the right way. We are hurting and need your help. Please help. He left and didn’t contact me after a month. Now again he has stop contacting me. Whatever it takes even if he needs to go to jail. We need you please forgive my sins and I thank you for going and taking my husband and family in your hands in your protection and breaking the bondage Of all the evil people my husband is with. I give up your will be done but please show me what it is I am struggling with depression and I am very scared. In Jesus name amen.

  13. rhonda mathis says:

    Hello, I have just been diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma non small cell lung cancer, and I am asking for prayer to be healed. I totally believe in the power of prayer and that Jesus is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow, so I know I will be healed. I have been reading the healing scriptures in the Bible and I know that “BY HIS STRIPE YE ARE HEALED.” This scripture has been in my head since October 25,2013 the day of diagnosis, I am doing chemo treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, in Tulsa, OK. They specialize in all types of cancers and I have been tested in the genetics side of it and have the genetic markers that makes me a candidate for a special drug for my situation. So please pray for me and my family, during this time. I have taken my case to the highest authority and I know I am destined to be healed.

    Thank you,
    Rhonda Mathis

    1. rhonda mathis says:

      Hello I forgot to tell ya that I have been a non smoker all my life and I am only 48 years old, so the fairness of the situation is really blowing me away. Just thought I would throw that in a bit, never even knew I was ill until I went to the urgent care with what I thought was the flu or something and they sent me to the er, from there it has escalated to this diagnosis., thanks

  14. I need healing for my right ankle which I fractured two bones…being that I’m older, 56 the doctor said the healing will take longer…I don’t think so. It will be two months tommorow when I go back to the doctor. I have swelling and some pain, but I’m afraid to walk without crutches or a walker. I have no medical insurance and I need to return to work as soon as I’m able. So thank you and many blessings. Rhonda

  15. Claudette Leeman says:

    thank you for praying for me. i have large fibroid tumors in my uterus, back pain and other issues are arising.Doctor wants to operate. been prayed over many times. discouraged a bit not being free since Jesus already paid the price.

  16. Please pray for the restoration of our loving relationship and restoration of a crumbling marriage.

    We (my wife and I) have known each other for almost 47 years (our first date) and have been married for over 44 years.

    Through that time, our marriage – like most – has experienced ups and downs, but it was always clear that we loved each other and that we would cycle out of “bad occasions” into primarily good to very good cycles of much greater lengths.

    Recently however (over the last several months to 2 years maybe) she has become, well, almost as if possessed. She rejects anything romantic or (especially) intimate. Doesn’t like even receiving romantic notes, cards, etc. And has made it clear that she is “comfortable” with that type of relationship (what relationship?) and “thinks that she loves me”…

    She absolutely refuses to seek help with this problem (when we tried it a couple of years ago, she stopped her individual therapy when her therapist started getting close to “uncomfortable areas” – and on 4 separate occasions walked out of marriage counseling sessions when it was my turn to talk and the counselor would not let her “shout me down”… of course finally leaving the counselor no choice but to terminate the sessions.)

    This not only is NOT the woman that I married, but is not the woman who loved me so dearly just a few years ago. And the change has not been subtle, but very drastic. And there is NOT another person in the picture (man or woman) as far as a love connection.

    My life has become one of misery and I must admit that the thought of simply ending it has crossed my mind on more than one occasion… of doing just that to just STOP the pain..

    I do not know how much longer I can hold out.


    I request prayer to the strongest degree that you can… before it is simply too late. (I must admit that the pain has been so bad as to approach becoming unbearable)

    Thank you for any extra effort that you would make available.


    1. Larry, I hear your pain- my situation was similar in my marriage. I was hopeless and wanted for God to take me home, every day for almost two years. In my misery, I got on my knees and surrender my life (again) to God, surrendered my marriage, and surrendered my wife into His hands, as I was unable to defeat what was deceiving my wife. He answered me exactly as in Psalm 40, literally lifted the dispare from my shoulders, and although I did not understand at the time, He baptized be in the Holy Spirit. He had saved me from the deception and torment I had come to accept as “reality” in life, which was the enemy coming to kill steal and destroy my marriage and life.

      I have since come to understand that my identity in Christ was never to be defined or ruled by anything on this earth, including my marriage, and or my feelings.

      You and your wife must have an amazing future ahead or Satan would not be working so hard to defeat you. Put all your hope and trust in God and start praising and thanking Him and the enemy will first flee you, then your wife….but he will test you to see if you will crack again, so do not give up and keep praising EVERYTHING of God and focus not on the things here but the things above.

      Be filled with His Spirit in the name of Jesus and be healed my brother. I say this with brotherly love, Do not be deceived any longer. Do not be defined by your wife’s lost condition, pray for her, as I will pray for both of you.

  17. Please JESUS forgive me. Have mercy on me and grant me a miracle. I need you .i love you

  18. Please help me. I have been “Baptist” for around 35 years. I have been in the “spirit filled” camp for about 5 years. I have almost given up on the idea of healing miracles for today. Your website is called “documented healings”. I don’t see and DOCUMENTED healing stories.

    I saw the VIDEO of a woman paralyzed for 23 years. A video doesn’t prove a thing. My understanding of DOCUMENTED means, you provide, Names, Dates, Medical Records, before and after, and CONTACT info, so it can be verified.. Anything else is just so much talk, NO proof.

    So, please either provide a truly DOCUMENTED healing, or consider changing the name of your website to something like, Almost Documented Healings.

    I’m not trying to be a trouble maker, I’m just tired of all this talk, with NO proof.
    Please prove me WRONG.

    Regards, Steve Spevak

    1. Hi Steve,

      If this is a prayer request, then my prayer is that the Holy Spirit would lead you to truth, and would allow your natural mind to find the facts you desire for proof of miracles.

      If you take the time to look through other videos on the site, you will find many are well documented cases, medically verified hence dozens of documented miracles do exist on the site and the site name is not misrepresenting the facts about real healing testimonies.

      Yes, you are correct that not all cases on this site are documented but I’m ok with that since not every real miracle will ever be documented, nor is this a scientific site bound by laboratory regulations.

      That said, there are thousands of credible testimonies with many verified by witnesses which are highly worthy of being shared with the world, especially in order to build up faith in other believers. Often, when someone is so dramatically touched and changed by God, I don’t think proving it to that person is a high priority, since they are fully living the reality of the healing.

      If you are looking for stronger proof, this may not be the site for you, that said there is plenty of evidence out there if you are willing to press forward and look past your doubts. I encourage you to keep looking and know that the enemy works very hard to keep believers in the dark so try to press past your doubts with an open mind.

      Randy Clark has started a new organization specifically set up to better medically document, miracle cases. I think it’s called Dma.Org or something similar. Around the turn of the century, John G Lake who did some great scientific studies, had over 100,000 documented miracles in both South Africa and in Washington State as well as hundreds of verified miracles by Smith Wigglesworth around the same period. Right now there are countless cases of AIDS and terminal cancers being healed around the world if you are willing to do the research, you will find the proof you desire.

      If you are willing to do the research, you will find what you seek. Hope that helps you.

      God bless you on your journey 😉

    2. Steve , dear brother, i was raised Southern Baptist years I was baptized in the Holy Ghost in a tiny AOG church on Cape Hatteras. I was so put off by tongues because i was alwys told it was of the devil. Healing ….?well that was really far out.
      So I began to go to the church there.My husband was a baptist and hated it when i prayed” Hes a very quiet Christian, a reverent man, but when Id pray( i went to another part of the house) he would go into a room slam doors, knock things around, huff and puff, scoot furniture for no reason. It broke my heart that he did not allow me the courtesy to pray unhindered. He mad a good devils advocate then.
      We moved becaus of his job. Two yrs later we were commanded by the Lord to go to a full gospel church in a largeTexas town whose members were at one time Fundamental Baptists. 17 members were seeking a deeper walk with the Lord and at a prayer meeting seeking the Lord the pastor & wife,most of their 7 children and the other members were all baptized in the Holy Ghost. On Sunday, they all went back to church with great joy to share their experience and what the Lord had done.
      The congregation literally kicked them all outwhen i looked up , and made the pastor hand in his resignation ,leave the pastorship of the church. They rented a church and parsonage and began services there. It was a filled church angels walked the isles you coul smell their sweet fragrance. I had one stand beside me.all i could see was his shoulder , he was so big . Im 5’3″
      Then one Sunday we were at church a woman in her 60’s, well known,condition uneven legs Three inches shorter,went up to have her leg healed. grown out. My husband got up went up to watch (skeptical engineering physicist that he was). He saw it grow till they had to remove the elongating brace and shoe. He went right over to elder and said I want (IT)now he calls Him Him,but he was baptized in the Holy Ghost right then and there with evidence of speaking in other tongues He was convinced of God’s holy power and his willingness to heal.
      I’ve been where you are, yes even now, I see frauds!
      That doesn’t mean everyone is. God will deal with them. Please,Don’t hinder the Holy Spirit in a service by letting your disbelief sour the moment.. If it’s too much for you, ask for God to show you truth.or slip out quietly . Keep yyou lps zipped. Some people have ears like eagles and you might be the one who drives them away.
      That’s Not nice nor is it fair. You had your chance to be saved & baptized in the Holy Ghost. Let every man have his moment . I hope you understand that i am not trying to be mean to you or embarrass you.
      It’s so important to allow others to experience the wonderful miracles of God. Don’t be a selfish Christian.
      You have to seek God for discernment, because there are frauds. But don’t judge, please, until you have sought out God’s opinion. Read the Word, watch and pray, Brother. God will show you the truth, and precious Holy Spirit will teach you.
      There is so much joy to be had in seeing miracles.when you seek the heart of God, you will learn by degrees. Don’t seek for signs. Ask Him to teach you what you need to know. He will be glad to do it. He loves you and wants you to know the truth,so you can share His love and blessings with others in need. There is nothing like praying for some one to be healed and seing it happen!
      Enjoy what you have received freely from the Lord!and don’t rob others of joy by being sour and caustic. They know wht they’ve received. Some day you may pray for someone and see a demon go running.thatll convince you.that you are working in a holy realm and God was in it. You will be oberjoyed that God used you to pray to free that beloved person.Some one will tell you “you did a trick. you are a fraud!”
      Well you have just experienced what you’re doing at this point. Do unto othres as you would that men would do to you!
      I Love you in the Lord .
      In Him,
      A Sister in the Great family of our Holy Lord
      And Savior, Jesus.

  19. Hi Scott,

    Thank you for your prayer and your response.

    Yes, i am willing to do the research, and have already done a fair amount of it.
    The church I’ve been attending has had Bill Maloney (with a healing ministry for almost 40 years) and we have had Leif Hetland (another healer) at least 1/2 a dozen times.

    I have attended all those meetings, without seeing a single provable miracle.

    Perhaps you could direct me to just one of the videos on this site that are documented with names, and can be verified.

    You suggested that if I wanted stronger proof I should go to the website recommended by Randy Clark. I have Randy Clarks’s “Ministry Team Training Manual.”

    I am familiar with the Organization you referred to in reference to Randy Clark. It is, the Global Medical Research Institute. The director of GMRI is Dr. Kenneth Klein. The website has existed for about a year and a half or more.

    I have been on the website numerous times, but was unable to find a single documented case of healing. So I contacted the director, Dr. Klein, by phone and email. His reply is below.

    Dec 14, 2013

    Dear Steve Spevak,

    Many thanks for your note about the GMRI web site! Sorry that I never received your voice mail.

    At the moment the site is limited in its functionality because GMRI is still a young organization with limited funding. Once we are better funded the site will be upgraded and registration, etc will be possible.

    In the mean time I invite you to submit any cases of physical healing through prayer directly to me.

    Thanks again for your interest in GMRI!

    Kenneth Klein

    So here we have it once again, the site you thought would be better than yours, and more complete, has NOTHING.

    I am still waiting for a single case of an absolute proven medical miracle. With names, places, doctors, medical evidence, contact info. X-Rays, before and after.

    This should be very easy with the case of metal disappearing from someone’s body. Or the appearance of a gold tooth..

    If I got a gold tooth my dentist would know from his dental records that he did not put it there.

    Also, with metal disappearing the X-Rays would be positive proof. The surgeon that put the metal in someone would know that he did not remove it.

    OK, I’m still waiting. Do you have anything that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Something a jury could agree on unanimously?

    As you said, “That said, there are thousands of credible testimonies with many verified by witnesses which are highly worthy of being shared with the world, especially in order to build up faith in other believers.”

    I’m not looking for thousands, just ONE, that is a proven miracle by one of the “Big Name” healers. There are plenty of them out there, having healing sessions, and making claims. I’m sure you know many of the names and don’t need a list from me.

    Regards, Steve Spevak

    1. Hi Steve,

      Don’t give up hope, there are many out there and you WILL find what you are looking for as proof if you don’t get discouraged. It’s a war we are in and the last thing the enemy wants is for people to see truth and start to believe, so he brings discouragement and frustration to keep you in unbelief. Once Christians are set free with the truth, the enemy knows there will be no end to Gods Kingdom, and the days of deception are numbered.

      Start with the Andrew Womack category on this site. The CBN category has very solid testimonies as well and may share the details of patients.

      There are testimonies of an in-curable heart deformity in a child, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, death from heart failure, a massive stroke with documented evidence and Dr. testimony, stage 4 cancers, and others including some from the Bethel Healing rooms which may be a good source for your search for better proof. Two other sources you can try who are less “main stream” are David Hogan and Curry Blake. I’ve added some links below to get you started.

      Keep looking, there is plenty out there, you just haven’t what you need yet.

      Best healing testimony ever! Babys heart restored by documented miracle.

      Woman Healed of Parkinson’s Disease by God

      Stage 4 Bone Cancer Healed by Jesus

      Woman healed by God of stage 4 breast cancer, bone cancer, and brain cancer.

      God Bless,

  20. 1)Please pray for an improvement in my financial affairs
    2) pls also pray that the hIV+ home I ran since June 2005 and was ousted by the other committee members in July 2013 will be returned to me in a peaceful manner

    1. Hi Lucy,

      Praying for God’s blessings, wisdom, truth, and freedom for your life….
      May His Peace be with you sister-

    1. Hi Dennis,
      “By his stripes he is healed”. Jesus told us to lay hands on the sick and free those oppressed with sickness which He already paid for…. Lay hands on your brother if you can, then both you and I command that tumor to leave, and enforce authority for your brother to be healed, by the power of the Holy Spirit, through Jesus. I am standing in faith for him right now! Tell him “the Kingdom is near” as Jesus’ finished work heals him.
      God bless

    2. Janice Carter says:

      I plead the Blood of Jesus over your brother. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  21. Ann Eleri Richards says:

    My sister Elisabeth Moses, has suffered a left side neglect ischemic stroke and has lost her core balance. I used to have a close relationship with God. I seem to have lost touch can anyone help or pray on her behalf. Thank you one and all.

    1. Hi Ann,
      I have been praying for your sister Elizabeth, commanding her sickness to leave her in the name of Jesus. May she be fully healed by His power and may you find your way back to God’s love.

  22. Will you please pray for me…….5 yrs since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I made a decision then to be as positive, as active and mobile for as long as possible, to make peace with the diagnosis and manage it ……….I now feel that was a wrong decision………..I should have trusted our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from the first day to completely cure me from this dreadful disease and use me in His Kingdom every day. Forgive me Lord I I repent today and say I am not strong, I need You Jesus to touch me and heal me, and make me whole again ………please pray for me …….

    1. Helene,

      There are two testimonies of Parkinson’s being healed on this site. I am praying and believing your testimony will be a third healing. Let’s agree to command that disease to leave your body, and do not give up fighting against what has already been paid by our gracious Lord Jesus. The devil is a liar and has no right over your body. Keep fighting, keep enforcing what Jesus did for you, and believe you are healed by the power of His spirit and it will be revealed….. Be healed Helene- I am believing for you!

  23. My daughter is dying. She has emphysema, her cervical neckbones are twisted from the back and her neck backbones stick out on the side of her neck. Her back vertebrae bones are crooked more to the side off center of her back. She has no curves in her backbones and neckbones. They are straight up and down. My daughter, Latricia has severe chronic migraines. She hurts everyday, most and sometimes all day. She has to live in the dark. She has to wear dark glasses when she is out and have her room and house mostly dark. She cannot take her two sons anywhere like the movies, skating, and no where. They are so unhappy.Her stomach is messed up from so many prescription drugs for so long including pain medications over-the-counter. The doctors kept her in the dark about her x-rays. Now after more than 20 yrs., she moved and went to another doctor(a chiropractor), and he was the only one who would tell her the truth. I prayed for her that she would finally know the truth so many doctors kept from us for so long and God showed us. Now it is too late for her to get treatment to prevent what has happened. All the doctor says he can do is make her comfortable. She may be paralyzed eventually. She has had a seizure from those doctors putting her on seizure medicines, instead of telling her the truth. She also needs prayer to get her to stop smoking. She says it helps her to take the pain when it is too, too bad. She wants to die. She feels she is being punished or that God is busy curing and caring for his real children. But, she has a strong belief in our Lord Jesus, our Personal Saviour and Lord God Almighty Alpha and Omega God in Heaven. Please pray to Lord Jesus to finally hear her prayers and mine and heal her of all her pain and illness. Also, she throws up coffee ground blood from so many prescriptions and other medicines. So, please pray for Latricia to God in Jesus’s name to have mercy on Latricia, give her grace and heal her as man on earth wouldn’t. I am her mother. The emergency room is tired of seeing us. They just send us home for the end. Pat

    1. Just curious about Latricia since I am new on here and this is dated 2014. I would love to hear from her mother

  24. Please pray for complete healing for my daughter who has sickle cell disease.
    Her name is Tiffany and I do believe that God still heals today and nothing is too hard for Him. However, the faith walk becomes challenging when you see a loved one in severe pain. Thank you to everyone for your prayers.

  25. I have bowel and liver cancer. I have an 8 year girl who is terribly disturbed by my illness and pain. I need desperately to be there for her again, please pray for me, I believe the healing is almost complete..

    1. I rebuke the cancer in your body and by the blood of Jesus, and by His wounds given for our sake, I enforce the the victory of the atonement, and command the cancer to shrivel up and die, and be no more! Be healed by His Holy name, you are set free, you are healed.

      I thank you Abba Father, Jesus my King, and Holy Spirit for the victory and for your amazing love. Amen

      1. bless you all, thank you Scott,thank you God, still i can only lie in bed

  26. Daniel Adam says:

    Dear in Christ.
    Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ
    Myself Daniel Adam, 47year old, living in Davangere. Karnataka State, India. I am married surviving with wife & Two Children. We are all born & brought up Christian Believers. Regular to the Church. I have a Daughter: 14year old son, I help take care of them and I am begging for prayer for this financial miracle to come. Please pray for my family and I.
    I am a service engineer (Technician) of Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances. Having a service centre. Since from past 6years I am struggling with my business is running very poor No Profit or No gain. As a result of this I am in debts about Rs.8Lac that I have to repay back with interest, there is no any improvement in my business as well as my financial condition. It is remaining same and worsens than ever. Like Conditions in the slum worsened. Because of this my tears are dried out by crying day and night. Pastor, pray that I need Godly wisdom & knowledge to handle this toughen situation. I have been looking for a Breakup in my present business and praying everyday for this miracle to come in however Jesus chooses to send it to me. I have been trying so hard to be patient. I have been praying but I am scared that God may not answer. I have exhausted all options (I don’t qualify for a loan, I don’t have parents with money, I have no right to be asking to borrow) And I don’t have anyone that can take me in. Please pray that God will send a miracle.
    Please pray that God will send a miracle. Thank you for your love and reading all of this. –
    Daniel Adam,

  27. I am almost 5 weeks pregnant doctors say I am having a miscarriage because my hcg levels were low then dropped even lower I have no signs of miscarriage so I got a second opinion the new doc says I can’t have a miscarriage without bleeding and wants to do more test Monday(3 days from now) I pray silently hoping God will save my baby I still rub my belly n sing Jesus loves my grandma told me anytime I have negative thoughts to sing that song that just saying the name of God would rid any evil that were making me have bad thoughts so I’m asking that you keep me and my baby in your prayer. Thank you

    1. Hi Roxy,
      We just had a very anointed service this evening. Right after I service we had some very powerful prayer ministry that took place. After that prayer ministry three of us came together and prayed over your unborn child not only did we pray for complete healing and restoration, but we also prayed to release your child into a destiny of living for the Kingdom, with each step number by God, and a life poured out as an offering for Jesus. May your child be anointed, and live out a life for our king Jesus, and for the glory of our father in heaven, by the power of the Holy Spirit I pray this in the name of Jesus, Amen

      1. Thank you so much for your prayers I feel excited and at ease

  28. Dear Scott
    bless you and thank you..
    I had a really painful time last week but today felt better.. I am worried that it is growing, I need to feel Jesus close to me
    love Miriam

  29. My brother has huntingtons disease and I am visiting him from another city at the moment. He is in pallative care meaning the disease has reached a stage where he is expected to die any day. Yesterday I told him about God and Jesus, about prayer and how Jesus answers all prayers. He prayed with me – I prayed for God’s will to be done be it (I was concerned about after death and wanted him to be with the Lord) healing and salvation – both or just salvation. He seemed to have been wiling himself to go because he had no drugs and looked like he was leaving this world.

    Please agree with me for the power of the Holy Spirit, the power of the love of Christ and the intimate knowledge He has of my brother to be present in my brothers life now – to manifest in the way God and my brother wishes so he may find the wonderful peace Jesus gives. Thankyou so much and God bless you all.

    1. Ann,

      We just prayed as a group of three men, for your brother and we felt the power of Holy Spirit responding to our prayer and touching your brother at about 12:45AM today.

      Standing in faith that Jesus was received.

      God be with you in this time


  30. I am humbly asking for your prayer for the healing of any diseases in the body of my sister Evangeline A. And please pray for me also that i can find a better job and a financial provision. May God bless us all! thank you….Liza G.

  31. Lakia Jackson says:



    1. Praying for your babies Lakia, that Jesus would let them live, and their hearts beat strong.

    2. Father I thank you for the life you have placed in Lakia. I thank you that your will is for perfect life, and that you will knit two perfect babies in her womb, delivered in perfect health and in perfect time.

      I come against the destroyer, in the name of Jesus and proclaim life in your body. I rebuke the negative Dr reports over your babies, and we will not accept any words of trouble, over this pregnancy.

      We come into perfect agreement with the will of Abba Father, to create perfect babies and we decree that they shall be divinely protected all the days of their lives- we pray this in the name of Jesus.

  32. Please pray for me, ongoing chest infection, not going away. Very weak. Coughing keeps me awake at night. Also pray for salvation of husband who mocks my primitive faith, and even the older kids are skeptics. The younger 2 still believe. All I wanted was to have loads of kids, and a Christian life in the country. And be missionary. None of my dreams seem to,work out anymore. I am beginning to loose hope and give In to self pity. Life has been hard. Gets tough being only born again believer for miles around. Please pray for me. That my faith might grow and I come into God,s will for me,not mans. Recently stopped smoking and left 12 step group to focus on faith in Jesus only. Much counter attack, even On kids. Ps. god has also been so good and delivered my girl twice, helping with teen,s eating disorder etc. Very blessed with kids. Wish I had been better in passing on the faith to them, but was so messed up from very traumatic past. Mum died in house fire aged 16. Before then she suffered with alcoholism and psychizophrenic. All my family of origin has been damaged. Divorced etc. including me. Not making excuses for self, I know I have been truly wretched sinner myself. But God came for us lost sinners. One of my German uncles was a nazi. I rebuke any curses and bless the Jewish people today. In Jesus,name. The ONLY name by which we are healed. Not Mary. Not higher power. Jesus only. Please pray for my health, thanks and bless your ministry of hope In these darkening days.

    1. Christina,

      I encourage you to read my articles on this site to help you understand your identity as a child of God. It’s so important to understand that you are not a wretched sinner, but you were only a lost daughter who God loved(s) so much that He sent His son to restore your place in His family.

      Do not give weight to your past, nor the things of life that have come against you for doing so gives the enemy a foothold in your life. These things do not define your relationship with Jesus.

      Keep your eyes on Him and the heavens above, and not on the things the enemy tries to bring against you. Otherwise, you give the enemy a stage that should be reserved for God alone in your life. Walk by faith not by sight, believe in God’s goodness no matter what lies in front, and rejoice in your eternal destiny for our time here is brief.

      I speak against all condemnation in your life, and release you to Gods love and peace for you, established by His Son Jesus. I speak life over you and release you from all enemy attacks, in the name of Jesus.

      Christina, you must learn to continue to speak life over yourself and your family, and stop coming into agreement with the enemy by speaking words of defeat and death. Come into agreement with God by speaking life and your life will be blessed beyond measure.

      Take your eyes off of your life and place then on Jesus. Be restored as a powerful daughter of God, and take your place as a woman filled with His light, and become a light to the world around you, rooted and grounded in Love.

      Be blessed for you are a daughter of the most High God 😉

  33. I pray and ask that my cup can be filled so that it overflows, touching all those around me. I want more of Jesus in my life, for all those around me to see his perfect love. I pray for all those who I know need prayer, and those who I don’t know, that each of them is touched by the Lord. I ask that we pray for those who do not belive in Jesus, that the love of God still rains upon them. I ask that we all pray that no matter what comes or happens, no matter how difficult or physically imposible things may seem, that the Love of God fills our life, imparting reassurance of his perfect will, despite our understanding.
    God bless you all richly, we are never alone.

    1. Amen!
      2 Corinthians 5:7 (AMP)
      7 For we walk by faith [we regulate our lives and conduct ourselves by our conviction or belief respecting man’s relationship to God and divine things, with trust and holy fervor; thus we walk] not by sight or appearance.

      7 For we live by believing and not by seeing.

  34. been seeking and seeking for healing for son and i, even the best have prayed over us. think it is a big joke anymore!! we need healed from a chiropractor mess up!! i am in a bad way and the doctors here are idiots!!

    1. Father I pray for your manifested peace to come upon Dee. I pray for healing and that Dee would find comfort and complete healing in the name of your son Jesus, the great healer of all. Amen

  35. Thank you for all you do. God Bless you. Please pray for my three nieces that have been diagnosed with autoimmune conditions. Two, 18 year old twins Gathoni and Njeri with connective tissue disorder and their older sister Wanjiru(26) with MPO. One of the twins, Gathoi with CTD has started to have complications and her white blood count that has been dropping for no known reason. She is being treated with steroids and the doctors are monitoring her progress. Please pray for complete healing for all three and that they will know without a doubt that Jesus healed them. Pray that they will begin a strong relationship with God the father. Their Aunt Gathoni

    1. Saints of the Kingdom, let’s rise up in unity here for the nieces of our sister who is crying out for our help.

      I urge you fellow believers, in His Holy name, to use the power of Christ in you, to defeat the works of the enemy here, just as Jesus did. He is in us, release healing and let your prayers rise like incense to the throne for these three daughters….rise up in prayer, rise up in prayer, rise up in prayer all ye saints!

      1 Peter 3:12
      For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, And His ears are open to their prayers;


      “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, …” Rev 12:11

  36. Supriya Rohini says:

    Greetings in the name of Jesus. Please pray for my skin disease and headaches.

    1. Yes, Greetings back to you in the name of Jesus Supriya. May you be healed of all skin disorders and headaches, in the mighty name of our savior Jesus! Amen

  37. urgent prayer request for anointed people to agree for manifestation of supernatural miracle healing total body restoration for both my husband Jerry and me Mary.
    thank you

    1. Mary,
      May the mighty God of Love, fill you and Jerry with His Peace and Joy. By the power of that Love, as demonstrated by His Son, I proclaim total restoration and healing over your bodies, in the mighty unfailing name of Jesus of Nazareth. Amen



    1. Sister, I stand in full agreement with you. The enemy is a liar and has no right. Jesus is Lord. By His work, sickness has been defeated. We command her body to come into agreement with the finished work of Jesus and to be fully healed in and by the name above all names, Jesus. Amen

  39. Please pray for my mom Sandra to be healed of a brain injury that happened in 2011. She’s not been doing well lately and the doctors say she has severe brain damage. She has been gradually getting worse. Please pray for full restoration of her brain and brain function. In Jesus name amen thank you.

    1. Father I pray in the name of your Son Jesus, for Sandra to be healed. Father may your love be manifested and your will be revealed through our faith in the finished work of your Son Jesus on the cross. I speak life into her body and I think you Jesus for healing her by your Holy Spirit, the same spirit that raised you from the grave! Amen

    1. Father I thank you for Healing mental illness in Henry and that you will be glorified as he testifies to his healing in the name of your son Jesus, Healer and Lord over all! Amen

  40. Please agree with me for total body restoration miracle healing for both my husband Jerry and me mary. Very discouraged and believing for an instant miracle…a miracle healing would be visible to anyone. Physical and mental issues too numerous to itemize.

    thank you,

    1. May the God of heaven and earth, manifest his gory to you today with a real encounter of His presence, and His love, in the name of Jesus. – Be healed of all mental and physical issues by the power of His Holy Spirit.

      We give thanks and glory to you father for this healing, Amen.

  41. healing prayer and deliverence from reflux globus disease,[digestive disorder]

    1. Father I pray right now for Ana I pray that your love would fill her with kindness and mercy and peace. Holy Spirit I ask that you completely crush her reflux globus digestive disorder and heal Ana. By your power of your Holy Spirit father I command her body to submit to healing so that anything that is not of you, shall be removed from her body and in the name of Jesus she is completely healed. I thank you father that she will now give testimony of her healing to the world, in the name of Jesus Christ and that your great love will be revealed through this healing and you Abba Father will be glorified in the name of your son Jesus Christ, amen

  42. PLease pray for my family and myself. I have a wound and tumors on
    my left breast. I am a born again christian and spirit filled.Thank you for
    all that you do for others.

    1. Father I thank you for the privilege to pray for my sister Stephanie. Father I pray that you would fill her with your love and I pray that the oil of your spirit would pour down upon her and she would feel the warmth of your healing power. Holy Spirit thank you for healing Stephanie, thank you for healing her tumor, thank you for removing all cancer from her body, be healed! Father I give you thanks in the mighty name of Jesus Christ,
      May her testimony of healing be heard by all!!

  43. I request healing from depression, abdominal hernia and right eye discomfort. Thank you God I’m sorry, please forgive me I love you, thankyou!

    1. Hey Allen, please know Jesus came to remove sin and to give us abundant life, but the devil came to kill, steal, and destroy.

      Sickness is from the devil not God, God is not punishing you. God sent his son because he so loved the world. He sent his son to remove sin and sickness in the world,…. scripture says he loved us yet while we were still sinners, therefore he still loves us and he loves you, and if you are born again, have believed upon his son, have repented and been baptized for the remission if sin, then you have also been forgiven of your sins. Be free.

      Father I thank you for the healing that you’re bringing upon Allan at this very time. I thank you that the atonement of Jesus has taken away the effects of sickness in this world and that Allan is set free from depression, healed from his hernia and healed from any discomfort or pain in his eyes.

      Father I thank you that by your spirit in the name of Jesus Christ, he is healed.

      Be healed and rejoice Allen in the name of Jesus of Nazareth!

  44. I got morgellons in a light form a few years back and never completely got rid of it. I infected two people and their friends during healing. They are now much worse than I ever was and they infected me again. I am extremely depressed and worried for them. Can you please pray for them. I also have had lyme and co infections for fifteen years and have been bedridden with severy pain most of the time. Can you please pray for me as well.

    1. Father I come to you in the name of Jesus right now, and I break the curses of infirmity over Mia, I break the curse of Magellans disease and I break the spirit of infirmity over her. I cast out the infection of lyme disease and I command her body to be in perfect agreement with the will of God for perfect health in the name of Jesus I claim total healing.
      Receive your healing by Jesus Mia- The Lord is with you and the Kingdom is near! Amen

  45. I believe please pray for my 52 year old brother tony that he does not have pancreatic cancer

    1. Father I pray for Theresa’s brother Tony that his pancreas will be found in perfect health with no disease, I break off any spirit of infirmity and command healing by the power of Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus, ….by this power, in His Holy Name, your brother is declared healed by His promises through His stripes. God is faithful and true by the testimony of His Word. Be healed Tony. Amen

  46. Love this site and will be praying for people on here. I need prayers for wayward daughter and her family /they just act like they don’t care about all of us Mother and sibling. Keep up the blessed work, I have loved reading Wigglesworth.

    1. Father I pray for Mina’s family that they would encounter you in a real way today and that they would be called to the destiny you ordained for their lives as your children, for the sake of building and expanding your kingdom, and spreading the good news of the Gospel to all, in the name of Jesus. Amen

  47. Thank you so much for your prayer and ministry!

    My name is Christina, and my husband is Micha. I found your website because of friends in Sydney, Australia. Their baby and our baby were both given the diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome, but we believe that God is bigger. That in the name of Jesus the Down’s Syndrome must leave our babies. I am now in my 29th week of pregnancy. The first diagnosis was done in the 22nd week, and there the doctor saw no nasal bone, a hole in our baby’s heart, a thick neck, calcification in our baby’s liver and in both intestines. The head is also listed as being too large and the arms and legs too short. The doctor told us that he is 99% certain that our baby has Down’s Syndrome. We told him that we are Christians and that we believe in miracles. He told us that no miracle will happen, that we should prepare ourselves to have a baby with Down’s Syndrome. Since that day we have been praying and trusting God.

    We believe that Jesus is also our savior and our healer, and that by His stripes we are healed. We have spoken to the Down’s Syndrome and told it in Jesus name to leave our baby. I have come to question everything that the doctor’s have told us. I am even now questioning if we are really going to have a little boy. Last May doctor’s tested my fallopian tubes to see if they were open, because I have (had-I believe I have been healed) scaring in my uterus (endrimetriosis- I was told it would be very difficult to maybe impossible to get pregnant, because of this.) Then they tested my tubes, and I was told, that both are closed, that I could not get pregnant naturally. My fiancé and I were told to go to a clinic to get information about becoming pregnant through artificial means. At the time, I was still a virgin, and it was upsetting to hear this news, because I had at 39 finally meant my man of God who I believe God had sent to me to marry. I had waited all those years for the right man, who God meant for me to be with. Then I was told that I could not have children.

    We decided not to accept this diagnosis and to trust God. We got pregnant after we got married right away, but then we never saw a heartbeat, and I had a miscarriage. We continued to pray and trust God. Believing God had already worked a miracle and healed me, so that I could get pregnant. On December 24, 2013, we were blessed to see that we were pregnant again. My problem was that I feared that I would lose this baby too. Just when I had began to feel our baby move often and I started getting excited about being pregnant and trusting that all would be well. We went to an ultrasound that told us that our baby was sick. We were told our baby would live, but our baby had a disease that no doctor could heal. Since that day I have not stopped asking God why, and I have not stopped asking the sickness to leave my baby’s body. Several other people have prayed for our baby.

    We are blessed to be in a church where they believe that Jesus is also our healer, that by Jesus’ stripes we are healed. That we do not need to do anything except believe and accept to receive healing. It does not matter that our baby does not believe in Jesus yet. The elder’s of the church also prayed for us, and anointed us with oil just like it says in James. What I do not understand is why in the 27th week of my pregnancy did the ultrasound not show the result of this healing? The diagnosis did not change. In Curry Blake’s video, he says that if we are not seeing healing that it is a sign that the people who are praying are not real believers. This makes me wonder. Is everyone who has prayed for our baby not a believer? We believe that Jesus died for the sins and sicknesses of the world, that he already paid the price, that we can speak to sicknesses and tell them to leave, and then they have to leave.

    We continue to speak out this in Jesus’ name, and it is our prayer that we will see the manifestation of this healing at the next ultrasound 34 week of my pregnancy. We would love to hear your input on this, and we ask you to declare with us, that our baby is healed in Jesus’ name. We see Down’s Syndrome as a mountain that we are speaking to with our mustard seed of faith to leave the body of our baby. We ask you to do this with us. Thank you for the time that you have taken to read this post, and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Christina and Micha in Berlin, Germany.

    We have named our baby Gabriel (which means, great man of God, because we want our baby to be a great man of God.)

    We were told by several doctor’s that our baby is a boy, but like I said, I have come to question everything that the doctors have told us. My trust is in God.

    My prayer to God is to have a healthy baby. I would be happy with a boy or a girl. My desire is for this baby to be healthy, and to be able to enjoy life to the fullest without any problems and to be able to live for God.

    1. Hi Christina,

      I stand with you and your husband and faith believing your baby Gabriel shall be healed in the name of Jesus. God placed you on my heart to intercede in prayer for your child this morning for quite some time, declaring healing and a life lived that will bring Glory to God, and a wonderful testimony of healing for ever and ever to be shared. Amen.

      You are right to say “I have come to question everything that the doctors have told us. My trust is in God.”

      Keep speaking words of life over your baby and praising God and all He has done by sending his son Jesus who defeated sin and sickness. When we do this, we cast out fear and doubt and keep our eyes on Jesus, not the diagnosis.

      Jesus said many times in Scripture that we should not fear and we should not doubt. Just ask Peter what happened while walking on water when these entered in him! These are tools of the enemy to keep our faith from rising up because when Gods perfect will is manifested in us, there is no fear or doubt.

      Do not question God as to why. Scripture says the devil came to kill steel and destroy. The devil is the author of sickness in this fallen world not God. Scripture also says that Jesus came to defeat the works of the devil. Jesus said “I come to give life abundant”. it is in the life, the atonement, the crucifixion, the burial, and the resurrection of Jesus that we find this “abundant life”. He is Lord over all and in that fact, is the substance of our faith.

      Dan Mohler said that faith is a position of our heart and not a point in time. We must lay hold of the fact that it is indeed God’s will for us to be healed and we must enter into that rest knowing this truth. Let the position of a heart be at peace with God’s will to heal us and our faith will rise up to manifest the glory of his healing by his love.

      Faith is the hope of his love manifested (the substance of things hoped for), and the revelation of God’s supernatural power that our natural eyes cannot see (the evidence of things unseen). Or as the Amp translation states it: 1:11 Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].

      This is what it means to walk by faith and not by sight. Speak those things into existence (blessings, healing, health, praise, and thanks) day and night, and watch Holy Spirit do wonders as you come into agreement with Gods will for healing. Do not give the enemy a stage, give it all to Jesus and watch the fruit of His suffering, revealed in Gabriele’s healing.

      Thank you for your request and your awesome desire to see faith rise up like the sun! You guys are awesome and will live a life filled with Gods blessings, sharing testimony all around the world! My heart is filled with the love of Jesus for you, your husband, and your child!

      Believe, receive, and be blessed in His Holy Name! Amen


  48. I request prayer in what I know is a spiritual warfare; my family has been under attack for year; my husband is does not believe in Christ, but is starting to pray to the Creator; we are involved in a legal matter; in the past was only him, but now I seem to be tangled-up in it too. please help me in prayers.

  49. urgent: requesting anointed healer to impart supernatural miracle healing, in the name of Jesus, for total body restoration for both my husband Jerry and me Mary…some tell me these healings just isn’t going to happen…I’m beliving for instant miracle healings….if a word of knowledge is possible please help.

    thank you

  50. nathalie schneider says:

    Jesus loves you and saved you now. Jesus says that you are free and now, go to the others in need to liberate them. May God bless you

  51. nathalie schneider says:

    I know that your baby is well. Don’t be afraid of anything. You can sing that you love Jesus because your baby is well. In the name of Jesus you are victorious over anything coming from satan. God bless you

  52. I have Parkinson’s disease and hope that Jesus will heal me. I am a sinner, and a bad sinner, but I still am not giving up. I have been angry with god because in thought that he was ignoring my plea, and am sorry for my actions. I truly believe that Jesus can heal me if he so desires . Please pray for me. Thank you for your prayers .

    1. Hi Francis,
      If you have confessed all your sins and turned to God with a repentant heart, then your sins are forgiven by God and forgotten, and you are no longer seen by Him as a sinner, but a son of God, forgiven and set free by the blood of Jesus. Move past your sin and be healed in the mighty name of Jesus. Jesus healed all of us 2000 years ago, all we need to do is believe it and claim our healing and give thanks by faith for that healing, even when we may not see it or feel it yet. Healing and supernatural living comes by faith. Don’t give up, we are all growing in faith to see the kingdom released by faith. Keep thanking Him for healing, keep praising Him until you are filled with His Glory and there is no room for sickness or doubt!
      By faith in Christ Jesus, I command Parkinson’s to get out, never return, and for you your body to be completely healed in His Holy name, Jesus the healer! Amen

  53. HORACIO PENA JR. says:

    i need prayer for cal surgery to my left knee…i have pain and my lower back has been so painful since my surgery…i have a hard time walking and i want to exercise again and run….i want a new left knee , and right knee and spinal column….in Jesus name

  54. Palatina Nova says:

    Please pray for my father to be healed, in Jesus’ name. He had a stroke and now has Parkinson’s. Also, please pray that I be healed of Chronic Epstein Virus. I have bee suffering for 16 years. Thank you. God bless you and your ministry.

    1. Palatina,

      Check out the stroke testimony healing recently posted – keep laying hands on your father in the name of Jesus and believe and watch your faith grow as you you release the promises of God and stand on those promises without doubt. I have literally prayed and laid hands on people once each week for 6 weeks as they slowly recovered and improved into full healing. Curry Blake from JGLM said often we don’t see outward manifestations of healing until the person is 70% healed internally first – so stand in faith and keep praying, laying hands on your dad. I’ve seem my own mother improve greatly over 5 months as she could no longer speak due to an Alzheimer’s diagnosis – she is now comprehending much more, speaking more and understanding my questions after being completely unresponsive for a year. Jesus is Lord over all – stand in faith sister!

      Lord I speak life over Palatina’s dad, I speak healing into his brain, I speak full restoration for your testimony God, of healing in the name of your mighty son Jesus – Be healed, and Epstein Virus I command you to leave her body right now, in the name of Jesus – Amen!!!

  55. Heavenly Father, please have mercy and compassion on Keith..Lord He does not go to church, he is not baptised,this is all new to him..BUT LORD, Have mercy on him and please heal keith. He had lung cnacer, half his left lung is removed, he completed chemo and radiation and now they found a recurrence of cancer in his lymph nodes..he is hurt angry discouraged and lost his faith. God I am praying on his behalf, please have mercy mercy mercy upon him..HEAL HIm GOD..when he goes for a petscan let them say it’s clear and let cancer be cursed at its root and never comes back. god please perform a miracle in keiths life…Please let him see this miracle and be in awe of you, I plead the blood of Jesus over Keiths life right now in Jesus Name I pray, amen

  56. Juvenal Mojica says:

    Please pray for God to bless me with the blessings of Abraham. Thank you

  57. Please pray for my 13 year old daughter Lyndi who has had surgery for scoliosis and now has problems with superior mesenteric artery syndrome – issues with her stomach, duodenum and aorta, and nausea due to being stretched from the surgery. She is unable to eat at the present. Please pray for her. Thank you and may the Lord Bless you.

  58. Request an Impartation of the Gift of Healing for the glory of God!

  59. I am desperate for God to heal my broken heart. I have been suffering for 50 years. I dont know where to turn for help. I have been to many healing seminars and conferences but i never get healed/delivered. I have confessed all my sins and forgiven everyone to the best of my knowledge but my broken heart persists. Today i was screaming in pain for 20 minutes “PLEASE GOD HELP ME, PLEASE GOD HELP ME, PLEASE GOD HELP ME.” No one has any answers. I was abandoned as a small child. Both of my parents were abandoned by thier parents. The abandonment curse runs very deep on both sides of my family. I have been a christian for 25 years but i have never felt God’s love. Only pain and suffering all this time. My wife is at her breaking point. We have no family support at all and very little church support. No one knows what to do or say so they just disappear (abandonment again) – keeps happening over and over and over…have tried to break the curse without success. Desperate for help. Desperate for healing. the enemy has been destroying us the past two years. We have lost a lot. Please help us – please help us !!!

    1. Dave, there is so much I could say – the most important thing for us to understand is that we are in a war here on earth, satan is the enemy who wants to kill steal and destroy, and he uses our thoughts and our feelings to try and discourage us into despair. Our job is to understand God has already given every weapon to us, to fight the enemy who’s dominion over us has been/was/is defeated by Christ. The enemy wants us to think we need to beg God for help, when God says I He already gave us the Keys and all the weapons needed to defeat the works of the enemy. We are warriors in a battle to reclaim the kingdom – we must rise up and take our place and never yield to the enemy our authority over him, by becoming deceived into thinking we are defeated. Take back your authority, and start speaking Gods promises over your life, and stop speaking death over your self and your life. Do not come into agreement with satan by speaking defeat over yourself. There is the power of life and death in your own words- speak life. It’s really very simply and means as you speak life back into your days, you walk by faith until you start seeing the enemy defeated through Gods promises fulfilled. I Hope that makes sense – watch some Dan Mohler on you tube and you will begin to renew your mind onto Gods plan for your life and not Satans plan. You have all the authority. Stand up and take back your life. Be blessed my brother and stand firm in the hope if glory.

    2. Timothy Matula says:

      Dave, I thank God for you my brother. Holy Spirit come and invade Dave’s very body right now with Your tangible presence and show him who You are, LOVE. Jesus, wrap Your arms around him and hold him as this curse of abandonment in stripped from him, never to afflict him again in Jesus’ name. Father, show Dave who he is, give him wisdom and revelation through Christ Jesus.

      Dave, God chose you befor the He even laid the foundations of this earth. You are the apple of His eye and He loves you more than you can even imagine

      I agree with my other brother, watch Dan Mohler on He will guide you into your identity as a child of God. It will wreck you in the most wonderful way when you come to the realization of who you really are and what your created value is. Below is the Father’s Love Letter, I balled like a baby when I first read it and I still do. His Word is spirit and truth, speak them over yourself.

      My Child,

      You may not know me,
      but I know everything about you.
      Psalm 139:1

      I know when you sit down and when you rise up.
      Psalm 139:2

      I am familiar with all your ways.
      Psalm 139:3

      Even the very hairs on your head are numbered.
      Matthew 10:29-31

      For you were made in my image.
      Genesis 1:27

      In me you live and move and have your being.
      Acts 17:28

      For you are my offspring.
      Acts 17:28

      I knew you even before you were conceived.
      Jeremiah 1:4-5

      I chose you when I planned creation.
      Ephesians 1:11-12

      You were not a mistake,
      for all your days are written in my book.
      Psalm 139:15-16

      I determined the exact time of your birth
      and where you would live.
      Acts 17:26

      You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
      Psalm 139:14

      I knit you together in your mother’s womb.
      Psalm 139:13

      And brought you forth on the day you were born.
      Psalm 71:6

      I have been misrepresented
      by those who don’t know me.
      John 8:41-44

      I am not distant and angry,
      but am the complete expression of love.
      1 John 4:16

      And it is my desire to lavish my love on you.
      1 John 3:1

      Simply because you are my child
      and I am your Father.
      1 John 3:1

      I offer you more than your earthly father ever could.
      Matthew 7:11

      For I am the perfect father.
      Matthew 5:48

      Every good gift that you receive comes from my hand.
      James 1:17

      For I am your provider and I meet all your needs.
      Matthew 6:31-33

      My plan for your future has always been filled with hope.
      Jeremiah 29:11

      Because I love you with an everlasting love.
      Jeremiah 31:3

      My thoughts toward you are countless
      as the sand on the seashore.
      Psalms 139:17-18

      And I rejoice over you with singing.
      Zephaniah 3:17

      I will never stop doing good to you.
      Jeremiah 32:40

      For you are my treasured possession.
      Exodus 19:5

      I desire to establish you
      with all my heart and all my soul.
      Jeremiah 32:41

      And I want to show you great and marvelous things.
      Jeremiah 33:3

      If you seek me with all your heart,
      you will find me.
      Deuteronomy 4:29

      Delight in me and I will give you
      the desires of your heart.
      Psalm 37:4

      For it is I who gave you those desires.
      Philippians 2:13

      I am able to do more for you
      than you could possibly imagine.
      Ephesians 3:20

      For I am your greatest encourager.
      2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

      I am also the Father who comforts you
      in all your troubles.
      2 Corinthians 1:3-4

      When you are brokenhearted,
      I am close to you.
      Psalm 34:18

      As a shepherd carries a lamb,
      I have carried you close to my heart.
      Isaiah 40:11

      One day I will wipe away
      every tear from your eyes.
      Revelation 21:3-4

      And I’ll take away all the pain
      you have suffered on this earth.
      Revelation 21:3-4

      I am your Father, and I love you
      even as I love my son, Jesus.
      John 17:23

      For in Jesus, my love for you is revealed.
      John 17:26

      He is the exact representation of my being.
      Hebrews 1:3

      He came to demonstrate that I am for you,
      not against you.
      Romans 8:31

      And to tell you that I am not counting your sins.
      2 Corinthians 5:18-19

      Jesus died so that you and I could be reconciled.
      2 Corinthians 5:18-19

      His death was the ultimate expression
      of my love for you.
      1 John 4:10

      I gave up everything I loved
      that I might gain your love.
      Romans 8:31-32

      If you receive the gift of my son Jesus,
      you receive me.
      1 John 2:23

      And nothing will ever separate you
      from my love again.
      Romans 8:38-39

      Come home and I’ll throw the biggest party
      heaven has ever seen.
      Luke 15:7

      I have always been Father,
      and will always be Father.
      Ephesians 3:14-15

      My question is…
      Will you be my child?
      John 1:12-13

      I am waiting for you.
      Luke 15:11-32

      Love, Your Dad
      Almighty God

    3. Dave, I am sending much, much Love to you and your beloved wife!!!
      And more and more Love! I feel and share your pain.
      I am sure, God hears our prayers for your family.
      Don’t give up. Never.
      Please, read the Diary of St Faustina or listen to it on YouTube.
      Love, Love!

    4. elizabeth hamilton says:

      At our church yesterday… we had a woman who drew a heart on a piece of paper…. and God healed several people of broken hearts… I release that healing over you…. Holy Spirit come…

  60. My daughter Melissa has a very rare tumor in her mouth, aggressive, major operation in two weeks times with row of teeth coming out and part of jaw and bone being removed.. need miracle healing before that day, as will be 7 hour operation. Thank you for urgent prayers..

    1. Father I thank you that all things are possible through you. In the name of Jesus I command the tumor in Melissa’s mouth to shrivel up and die. I call to her body, life and perfect healing as it is in heaven, and I thank you father for the healing we find in your son Jesus, that we will find also for Melissa. Jesus came to give us abundant life and to destroy the works of the devil- today we call upon His name for those very promises. Amen

    2. Timothy Matula says:

      Papa, I thank You for Your daughter, Melissa. I curse you at the root tumor. Wither and disapper. God did not plant you so I uproot you never to reappear again. I command you to leave in Jesus’ name. All that has been taken will be restored now. Fill her Holy Spirit with Your beautiful presence, for in it is healing. All the glory to God!

  61. IMPRESSED!!! Glory to God for keeping His word: “I am the Lord thy God, I change Not.” The EVIDENCE is demonstrable and irrefutable. PRAY FOR ME FO RTHE FOLLOWNG: Please pray that
    (1) that the Lord grant me a re-creative miracle and completely and immediately restore my teeth and gums;
    (2) that the Lord will heal me from high blood pressure and restore my kidneys and any other my organs and/or limbs affected by high blood pressure;
    (3) that the Lord will restore my cheekbone that was broken;
    (4) that the Lord will NOW completely overturn and set aside all my convictions for drugs so I will be in a position to accomplish my ambitions without further restrictions;
    (5) that the Lord will bless my hedge fund company (and all my other companies) and heal and restore the friendship and business relationship between myself and Craig;
    (6) that the relationship and my failure to be the father God gave me the ability to be will be heal between myself and my sons; (7) that the Lord will heal my brother from gambling addiction that is destroying him, that the Lord will equally heal our relationship as biological brothers;
    (8) that the Lord will allow me to immediately afford the rent for where I am staying; and
    (9) the Lord will heal my father, of poor blood circulation.


    1. Father I pray for healing for Nicholas in all areas, I pray for all his relationships to be restored through Godly love as you desire, and I pray he lose his old life to find his new life in you. I pray that he would seek you Father with all his heart, mind, soul, and strength – that he would seek first the Kingdom of God so that all these things may be added to him. I pray he would come to know you through repentance, water baptism, and baptism of the Holy Spirit, and begin a truly new life living for and seeking you with all his heart. I pray this father in your Son’s Holy name, Jesus Lord of ALL. Amen

  62. Please pray for my 3 year old son Saish
    to disappear tumor from his optical nerve and get his 100% vision back.

    1. Father I thank you for healing and in the name of Jesus I rebuke the tumor in Saish’s eye and command it to go away. I command his eye to be completely healed with perfect vision through the power of The Holy Spirit and give thanks to our Father, to our Lord Jesus, and to the Holy Spirit for their amazing mercy, and grace, and love unending. Amen

    2. Timothy Matula says:

      Father, I thank You for Ssish, Your beautiful child. I thank You that we are Your children and You have called us by name. I curse this tumor and rebuke it in Jesus’ name. Shrink and disappear right now. I declare 100% vision restoration in the matchless name of Jesus. Be healed!

  63. Nicholas Gayle says:


    Father GOD, I come to you on behalf of Melissa who has tumor growing in her mouth. I come to you because I know it is your will for us to prosper even as our soul prosper. Melissa was HEALED because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross. SO Lord I ask, in the name of Jesus, that before the day of Melissa’s scheduled operation arrive, that you completely heal this little ANGEL, your ANGEL, from the attack of the evil one. Father she needs you NOW, if you don’t come through for her, who will. There is no other GOD but YOU FATHER. Out of You well of Your divine love, please, please heal this little girl NOW father. Don’t allow her to experience the horror of this 7 hour operation.

    You said with God all things are possible, so we are asking of you to do what only you can do. So heal her and bring Gory to you name so those who are familiar with her condition; those skeptics, those who doubt your operation and miraculous power today, will have not doubt to believe in the living and true God; the God the Bible speaks about. For this we praise you, for this we glorify, and for this we magnify you oh worthy Father. Thank you for answering favorably. Thank you!!!

  64. My baby boy is 16 weeks and all tests shows that he has down syndrome. God I thank you for this baby from the bottom of my heart! Children are a bless. Please stop any defect in his body and heal him completely in the name of Jesus a command the extra chromosome to be turned off now. AMEM ! Please pray with me and help my baby! Thank you and God Bless you all!

    1. Timothy Matula says:

      Father, I lift this baby boy up and thank You for his life. I curse the spirit of downs syndrome in Jesus’ name. I rebuke it, the Lord Jesus rebuke it. Out of him now. Jesus is King and every knee will bow at His name. Leave him now. I command all mental and physical aspects of his body to function normally. I do not care what the doctor’s reports say, I know that by the stripes of Jesus he is healed. I bless him and the parents with peace that passes ALL understanding. Holy Spirit, fill them to overflow with Your tangible presence in which they will find fullness of joy, peace, love, and total healing in Jesus’ name.

      1. Down Syndrome is not a spirit, it’s a chromosomal defect. They are special children from God, they show us the true meaning of love…. I know, my son is Downs. He is one the the best things that ever happened to me, and one of the greatest gifts to me from God. 🙂

        1. Almost all physical disease and disorders are an evil spirit or at least evil is it’s source. God did not create damaged DNA that causes many problems including Downs, Autism and many more. Every kind of disease and disorder that is incurable in mans eyes is from an evil source. Yes Downs people are a blessing as are all people but if we can order evil to leave and receive a miracle that improves quality of life then that is always a good thing!

  65. Father God, in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, our Savior, and our unstoppable power, I pray that Janaina’s son be COMPLETELY and IMMEDIATELY heal from down syndrome. You PROMISED that if we know that you hear us, and if we pray according to your will (healing is your will: “It is my will for you to prosper and be in good health even as your soul prosper” and “By His stripes we were healed.”), then we will have whatsoever we ask of you. Father, you PROMISED!!! So, according to your unbroken promise(s), we accept his irreversible healing and will wait in expectation for it. Lord, we are calling it done in Jesus name. Thank you Lord!


  66. Nicholas

    Please pray for the complete and immediate restoration of my teeth and gum, healing of my broken cheekbone and from high blood pressure, for a immediately needed financial miracle in accordance with me desire, that the Lord will grant me complete success of ALL my corporations, and give me the wisdom to be an exceptional business executive in the capacity of President & Chief Executive Officer. Thank you for praying for me.

  67. I want to believe in miracles so badly. Please please pray for my daughter, Cody. She has two herniated discs in her neck and is in great pain and having weakness in her upper body. She is a loving and kind person. Please pray for her healing.


      Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ, I am asking for the complete healing of Cody today, from the herniated discs in her neck. You said “…all things are possible for him who believes,” and “with God all things are possible.” Father I absolutely believe this promises of yours, so according to you God and perfect will for Cody’s life, because it is your will for her to prospers and be in good health even as her soul prosper, I accept her healing as being DONE. Righteous Father, Cody needs your divine mercy and divine favor to live a fruitful and accomplished life, in direct accordance with your good and perfect will. Show her your will. We know it is Your good pleasure to grant her heat’s desire, so we accept this gift of healing as being done. Thank You, Father!!!

    2. Timothy Matula says:

      Daddy, I lift up Your precious daughter, Cody. I thank You for my sister and bless her. I command all trauma out of Cody’s neck in Jesus’ name. I take authority over her body and command all discs to go back in place. I command all pain and inflamation to LEAVE her neck right now. Father, Your Word is in my mouth and it never returns void and I thank You that You watch over Your Word to perform it. All mobility without pain return right now. I thank You, Jesus, that whatever I ask in prayer, believing, and giving thanks I receive so that the Son may glorify the Father. Daddy, receive Your glory!

  68. Nick

    I know with God all things are possible, so I’m asking for prayer for a re-creative miracle for the complete and immediate healing of my teeth, gum, broken cheekbone; and for a needed financial miracle,

  69. Timothy Matula says:

    I pray for people on almost a daily basis while out and about and see countless manifestations of instant healings. However, lately, when praying for myself or having others pray for me nothing is happening or only temporary relief. I work out regularly and where the left forearm connects to the bicep I have had pain and discomfort for over 8 months. Also, my right wrist has been experiencing pain for about a month. I use to experience immediate healings for myself or at the most it would take 3 days. Any prayer is gratefully appreciated and I bless you with the joy of the Lord.

    Your brother in Christ,


  70. Please I need prayers for my baby with down syndrome. I am 17 weeks pregnant and asking for a miracle every day! Please ask God to have mercy on us.

  71. Hello

    Please pray for my brother and I. My brother sustained a traumatic brain injury three years ago and I am still believing God for a miracle.

    Pray for me that I will receive complete healing in my body.

    Thanks…my name is rosie.

  72. Pray that me and my two children be made physically whole.

  73. My pray daughter Annette needs a creative miracle.

    1. Timothy Matula says:

      Holy Spirit, fill Annette with Your tangible presence, let her know that You are there. In Jesus’ name I speak a creative miracle over you, Annette. Papa, You already know what she needs. Body, I command you to be resored, healed, and made whole right now in Jesus’ name. I bkess her, and you too, Mother, with the peace that passes all understanding. Be filled with His presence now.

  74. my brother Brian Longworth, who has cancer ,around Logan Brisbane Australia. has just been told by the docs ,it’s over ,they can’t do anything ,and i hear he’s accepted it .
    As a believer ,i don’t accept this ,and believe it’s a great time for god to show up and fix him up. he’s not a believer which means we have to do all the pushing to get him out of this bog. i’m praying for god showing up in an amazing way ,and totally delivering him .so i request and need your prayers to join mine in this . thanks
    PS. don’t hold it against him for not being a believer ,because he’s never seen or experienced the power of god . but he’s been talked to death about it . from people with no power ,
    so this is a great time for god to show him ,that the power is real and it’s not just talk. thanks again

    1. Timothy Matula says:

      I lift up Brian Father and crush that spirit of death, cancer, and acceptance of death. They are all a lie and I LOOSE them in Jesus’ name. I speak healing, complete healing, to all that was damaged by this disease. Full restoration and all the glory to You, my Lord. Be healed in Jesus’ name.

      Here is a link to a spirit filled and guided church in the Brisbane area if You are interested. I give my peace.

    2. Denise Boland says:

      Jim, I am praying for Brian, that God gives him a divine revelation of his love and healing power and that he not only i healed of cancer but becones a new creation in Christ Jesus. Psalms 118:17 I will live and not die and proclaim all the Lord has done for me. I am claiming that for my husband John, who also needs a healing and is not saved.

  75. Denise Boland says:

    Please pray for my husband John Moliere. He suffered a traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle accident and is not saved yet.

    1. Celia Cockett says:

      Celia Cockett on November 1, 2014 at 10:57 am said:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      I would like to ask for healing for Chris, my neighbour in the flats where I live. She has been quite unpleasant to me over the last 3 years but I have always been kindly towards her. I discovered that she is in pain much of the time – she has a scoliosis and her dresses hang so badly on her body. I have great compassion for her and have tried on two occasions to claim healing for her. This may be because I am doubtful of myself in Christ – though I know it is nothing to do with me; it is all about Him. But there is something preventing me from healing people as we have been commanded. However, I ask that you pray as I know God does not want Chris to have this condition another day. Also, should I tryt again for healing?

      1. Yes, Always keep praying and believing for healing. I have prayed 6-10 times in a row before seeing the full healing occur and have seen healing sometimes later that day or the next day. We are all learning to grow in faith. I am in agreement on complete healing for your friend, in the name of Jesus he is healed. Amen

  76. I need prayer for I have a misaligned Atlas c-1 due to injury. The chiropractor can no longer help me and I do not trust drs or man to touch me for I could become paralyzed. The Atlas has severly turned and messed up my spinal collum and that caused the autonomic nervous system to malfunction, all organs, and skeletal bones are out of place, my entire body is abnormal and dysfunctional causing pain. I awake with burning pain in my head and have head pains throughout, all my bones are in wrong places. I fall out and shift into different places on daily basis, Im a” broken doll” and body reacts to everything I do the next day, is painful it cant function. Every now and then I would try and hit my head on my bed rail to move the Atlas in different place, but its a dangerous thing because I don’t know if I will put myself in worse position than I was and may not get out of it.I am homebound, Im isolated. ive been doing this for 6 yrs now, I am slowly failing to survive. Im a believer and trusting Him for healing, for answered prayer.
    Heal me Lord, save me Lord, for You are my praise, thank you Jesus.

    1. I’ll say the same as the last comment – begin to speak healing and life over yourself and watch your faith heal you through Jesus. Do not speak words of death nor agree with what you may see in your body. Sickness is a trespass and a lie of the enemy to keep us in bondage. Speak life and God’s healing over yourself and watch the Holy Spirit do a good work in you by the Power of Jesus in you. Even if you don’t see it, keep speaking God’s promises the Jesus already paid for your sickness and by His stripes your are healed. Our words have great power and allow the enemy to attack us when we speak such things over ourselves as you have just spoken – you are a powerful sister in Christ, not a broken doll. You must learn to speak life over yourself, see yourself as a warrior, and say the opposite in order to come into agreement with who God says you are – that is what will allow the enemy to be cast out and all sickness must go in the name of Jesus. It’s really simple if you stand in faith speaking life not death. Be healed in His name – take your healing and agree with God for your freedom whether it takes an hour, a day or a year, stand firm. Amen

  77. Please I am backsliding very badly, I need deliverance in all areas of my life as I am weak, I so need the Lord, as pride, selfishness, adultary, alcohol and exaggerations lies and also fear in every area of my life and insecurities in every area of my life, have been taking a hold of my life I find it hard to say no when I should say no, I need Jesus please pray for me to be delivered and bind all the strong holds in my life, may the Lord bless you abundantly, thank you I believe the word where he says 2 or 3 are gathered he is present and believe he will bring it to pass upon agreement

    1. Our words have great power and allow the enemy to attack us when we speak such things over ourselves as you have just spoken. You must learn to speak life over yourself, see yourself as a warrior, and say the opposite in order to come into agreement with who God says you are as a son. It you do then those things you see will start to dissolve and lose power over you. Otherwise, your words come into agreement with the state of your old man, and not with your status as a new creation in Christ. You don’t need deliverance, you need truth and life spoken over yourself instead of death and lies. Renew your mind into who God says you are, not the thing you see in yourself that are bad. Those are your old nature trying to stay alive – they have been buried, don’t keep carrying them any more.

    2. Celia Cockett says:

      I understand where you are at and it’s true you must think life for yourself. Put yourself “In Christ” – you are all things in Christ; the light of the world; the salt of the earth; a branch of the true vine and a channel of His life; God’s workmanship created for good works;so, I may approach God in freedom and confidence; I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. And; I cannot be separated from the love of God; I have been hidden with Christ in God; I can find grace and mercy to help in time of need; I am born of God and the evil one cannot touch me. And; I am God’s child; I have been justified; I have been bought with a price, I belong to God; I have not been given a spirit of fear but one of power, love and a sound mind. All these truths will sustain you (and there are a whole lot more – look for them in the Word). Thrown yourself at His feet and He will honour you! God bless you my friend. Amen

  78. Christine Law says:

    I request healing and restoration of health for my friend MR. Bob Liu of Gold Cost, Brisbane, Australia.Bob and his family are christian. Bob has cancer to his liver and I request for healing and restoration of his health back to normal in Jesus almighty name.

    1. If you are a Christian, you already have authority to cast out the sickness in the name of Jesus. We are the vessels chosen to go out and heal the sick through His authority. Command the Cancer to leave and never come back in the name of our Lord Jesus, who already paid for that sickness. Stand firm and keep praying until it is gone. Watch this video by Dan Mohler and go after it! Be blessed!

  79. hello, please pray for me, i need healing because i´am suffering by a hypohysentumor an it causes many deasises… i need a wonder, my hope is the lord. I want to see healing in my church, in my city and in my land….
    blessings from germany

    1. Always rebuke the diagnosis – it has no right in you, Jesus already paid for all infirmities, it is not yours to hold or claim. Be healed in the name of Jesus, it is your birth right. Amen

  80. Please take a moment and pray for my son Kevins right shoulder.

    Thank you.

    1. Shoulder be healed in the name of Jesus – it happens that quick for us on the streets, be healed!

  81. Nov 3rd (in 2 days) I have to meet the doctors , the reports says esophageal cancer re occurred. I dont believe in devil’s words, God healed me. He gave me a promise too, saying it has been completely uprooted. Please agree with me and pray for me. Let God be Glorified thru me.

    1. In complete agreement sister – You are healed by his stripes – Amen

      1. Kim - sister :) (chubby sister) ... gotta get on a roll :) xxoo says:

        May you be healed and completely well and whole dear heart. May God bless you fully and completely and continue to bless you and to give you a gentle peace and joyful heart.

  82. stormy campos says:

    I have a broken foot thank you Jesus for healing in your name

  83. Please pray for my daughter, Lyndi. She has speech problems due to excessive nasal issues. She shall be healed by the Blood of Jesus. Help me pray for her complete healing.

  84. Jesus is same yesterday, today and tomorrow, He had compassion for all sick people and healed them, Bible says in 1peter 2 :24 says “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.” Jus claim this promise, receive the blessing in jesus name.

  85. God is so GOOD. Let’s exercise more faith in him, since HE is do faithful to his promises. I’m Nicholas! I am asking for prayer for the complete healing and divine restoration of my gum and broken cheekbone, and for a re-creative miracle for the immediate restoration of my teeth and facial skin. I’m also asking the Lord for the restoration of everything in and on my body that has gone and/or his going contrary to HIS will. I really NEED YOUR IMMEDIATE PRAYER on these issues. IT’S AN ABSOLUTE NEED.

  86. Please pray for me I have had a mysterious illness for the last few months, I believe in Gods healing power please pray for my healing.. Thank you

  87. Prayer for deliverence for son soul n daughters soul deliverence!…son direction for military decisions

  88. I beg you, please pray for me. I just turned 40 years old and have 4 small children. I have been very sick for 3 years after a tick bite. I had neurolyme which has progressed into more severe symptoms and inner organ failures. Please help me pray that I am completely healed By the blood of Jesus. My children need their Mom and I need to tell them about Jesus as I unfortunately was a sinner in the past. I have just found back to Jesus and am praying that the holy spirit fills me up completely. Please also pray that the blood of Jesus heals my children as three of them also have congenital medical issues. In Jesus name please God heal us!

  89. prayers for total healing for my husband’s lymphoma lukemia
    my grandsons ADHD ODD which is destroying his life
    God is good

  90. Kim - sister :) (chubby sister) ... gotta get on a roll :) xxoo says:

    Thank you all for praying for so many: !! #1) my wonderful uncle Jim for lung cancer – that he will be healed. #2) for my cousins, Jeannie and Janet (sisters both stricken with breast cancer at the same time) that they, too will be healed. # 3) for my wonderful son, Corey that he will find his way back to Jesus and will be whole again. #4) for my other wonderful son, Taylor that he will be healed of his stomach issues of 2 years and # 5 for my sweet sister, Carrie that she will be healed of her lifetime of mental illness and be pain free as well after so many years of suffering. She truly loves the Lord. I just wish He would bless her as she is such a blessing to others. Thank you everyone and may God bless you all for your caring ways. xxoo

  91. Hello,

    My son is over 2years old now as been recently been diagnose as cerebral palsy since he can not talk, walk or do things for himself. The medical test run on him indicates that he is fine but that is not the case in real. This so disturbing to us as parents but there is one thing we hold on unto, that the God we serve will always give good and perfect gifts unto his children. We always pray to see the perfection of God in him so kindly remember him in your prayers with us.

  92. michelle fields says:

    ask for prayer for my daughter elizabeth wilson she buried her baby may of this year. she was six months pregnant. she needs total deliverance suffers with fear, anxiety migranes. it is demonic. she can be very mean to hern nephew and younger brother

  93. I beg of you to pray for Nirmala who is in a state of coma after an accident. A week has gone by and she is still in coma. Please pray that she comes back to life, that the Lord’s mighty healing powers will alleviate her pains and dissolve the clot in the brain, and bring her back to life so that she and her family could celebrate Christmas together.

  94. I need a miracle healing in my back from disk degenerative disease and fibromyalgia pain in my body,I am in alot pain in feet and knees just all over my body.I need a miracle healing touch

  95. I need for my legs to be made perfect again. Straight and strong and I that I can walk normally again.

  96. I’m 8 weeks pregnant with my first child, my hormone levels have dropped significantly and Dr. says I’m having a miscarriage. I refuse to believe that, I believe this baby is a blessing from God, and the enemy can’t have our baby. I’m standing on Psalm 118:17 for this baby, Exodus 23:25-26, and some others. I know nothing is impossible with God, even though the Dr. says one thing I know God has the final authority, and God is the ultimate healer. I trust in God and believe He will heal whatever is wrong and bring forth a healthy happy baby, after a healthy full term pregnancy. Please join me in prayer for this precious baby. Thank you and God bless you!


  98. Tricia Gallagher says:

    Good Morning fellow children of God. My name is Tricia Gallagher. I am a student of all things spiritual and a true believer in the power of the Holy Spirit to heal. I come from a very large family and God has blessed us with great health. That is until now. I have brother-in-law who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. To sum Joe up in 4 words is easy. Salt of the Earth. He is one of those people who literary would give the shirt off of his back to anyone who asked. He is the father of 6 and a very devout Catholic. My sister is his caretaker and she is one of the strongest women I know but when I saw her this past weekend, she seemed resigned to him just getting worse. I asked her about spiritual healing. She shaid they had tried it. If I know my sister, it was probably someone local and maybe not as all encompassing as I feel a spiritual healer should be. They were each other’s first and only loves. They deserve a lifetime of happiness, joy and health. I wish they knew that they could achieve it but being Catholic, I think they deep down think they need to endure it. So, I am asking all communities that I can find to please pray for a miracle for my brother-in-law Joe O’Connor. The world needs more people like him around to bring the Light of Christ to all who meet him. Thank you all and thank you God for bringing a speedy recovery to him and his entire family.

  99. I pray for healing from lupus Rheumatoid arthritis sjorgrens syndrome vasculitis all autoimmune disorders and rib cage lungs healed from this disease. 17 years old started and I am now 40 yrs old. I love Jesus and am born again. I believe that He heals today thank you for all prayers.

  100. I believe the god is the only true physician.. please pray for my son sean who is 29 years old. He has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and now spots in his lungs also. Sean is a doctor himself to help others and now this. Please pray so that he is healed and restored to perfect health through God and with God. God bless to each of you… and thank you.

  101. I want you to ask God to make my legs 6 in longer since i have my legs not growing properly .I am sure that He will do for me through His son name Jesus.
    Sincerely yours,

  102. I wish for my 58days old daughter to be healed from a severe brain hemorrhage… Nd normal functioning of all the organs in her body…please pray for her quick recovery Nd a miracle from God

  103. Dear Prayer team
    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you I have been ill for 9 months now due to prescription medication that I put on in April it was Diazepam a muscle relaxant and i was put on it for panic attacks after an allergic reaction to a hair dye. Whilst on this medication a had an episode of blankness – ie a sort of not being real if that makes sense a very strange feeling and i knew something was wrong i saw my doctor and he put me onto another medication called Propananol a beta blocker. Anyway after being on this medication for a few days the doctor put my dosage up from 30 mg to 60 mg per day i then started to get strange feelings in my brain, swimmy head, dizziness, fizzing sort of pins and needles in my head and face etc it was very frightening. Later that night I had another blank episode and felt like and axe had gone through my head. I went back to my doctor numerous times telling her that something was wrong and that something had happened in my brain but she just said it was anxiety which I knew it wasn’t. I finally got her to reduce my dose which she did -a reducing regime over 4 days ( i have since found out that this should have been done very very slowly over a longer period of time) the feelings in my head increased along with numbness in my hands, body shakes, blurred vision, ear pain and after the four days when I was down to the 30 mg i had another funny turn not knowing who or were i was and a severe numbness on my scalp i told the doctor and she said it was anxiety again, but I knew it was the medication. After being on 30 mg for a few days i telephoned a different dr at the practise and asked if i could reduce to 20 mg as the tablet was making me unwell he said yes that’s fine so i did still experiencing these awful symptoms and not realising that part of it was withdrawal. I paid for an MRI scan as i was so concerned about my symptoms and i thought i had Parkinsons disease. After a few days my body started to burn up and I asked the dr if i could stop taking them and he said yes. At the time i did not realise that the quick withdrawal of the tablet was making my symptoms worse. Once I stopped taking it i had terrible pains in my head and rapid heart beat. I saw the neurologist in June after looking at my MRI scan and they found two lesions on the frontal lobes of my brain but said it was nothing to worry about. I told him that since the MRI i had had more severe head pains and asked for another MRI but he would not give me another scan.
    I had to use a head lice treatment in July as i caught head lice from some where and this only made my symptoms worse also dizziness and twitching, shortness of breath i have since read that pesticides in these treatments are neuro toxins and it definitely worsened my existing symptoms.
    This tablet initially started the symptoms in my brain but the inappropriate withdrawal made my situation worse but i did not know this at the time neither was i told this by any of the doctors i continue to have these strange sensations in my brain, ear pain, shaking, blurred vision, very dry eyes, numbness and swelling in my hands body weakness. My concentration level is very low i cannot even have a short conversation with anyone or read a book without my head hurting and swimmy sensations and feeling like it is going to explode i feel extremely poorly and weak an suffer constant fatigue.
    I am in a desperate situation i saw the Neurologist again a few weeks ago and he said there was nothing they could do for me and they were functional symptoms in other words all in my mind but i know this is not true I’ve never felt so ill in my life and I’ve been off work 9 months my elderly mother looks after me. I am not the same person anymore i cannot function properly and when I try the symptoms go worse. I can get around but my life has changed so much everything is such an effort and i end up very tired after doing things. I don’t know what is causing these symptoms but i know it only started after being on medication i was reasonably fit and healthy until then. I am desperate some days i feel like I’m dying and that there is something dreadfully wrong thats been possibly missed by the doctors. My GPs will not help me they don’t know what is wrong they just say it is physiological and will not admit that the medication may have caused this i am totally alone and have no where to turn. I am very frightened and have these strange nerve like vibrations in my head and my eyes feel like they are vibrating but no one can see them moving but i can feel it its very strange. I want to get well and get back to normal I know that this isn’t Gods pan for me. I love The Lord so much and i want to be able to read his word and pray without getting pain and serve Him again I cannot do very much now.
    I have found out that the medication Propananol can damage the blood vessels in the brain and that it goes into the nerves of the brain so i don’t know if there has been some kind of nerve damage or whether it has affected the central nervous system in some way or the blood brain barrier has been damaged i just don’t know and none of the medical profession seem to care or be able to help me they dont believe what I’m telling them. I cannot take any medication as it affects my brain now- i get pain, lethargic and my head shakes when I take anything i cannot even use shampoo on my hair as it feels like it goes into my head and gives me migrane and sinus problems and the vibration in my head worsens, it sounds bizarre i know and it’s hard getting people to believe me about this but it’s true.
    Please please pray for me i feel like my life is over and sometimes i feel suicidal. I pray every day but unable to do so for long periods due to my condition i have no diagnosis but i know that the things that have happened to me regarding medication have caused my symptoms. I may have to have an operation in January for a women’s problem but i don’t know what the anaesthetic would do to me it would go into my brain and i fear I may not come through it, my only option at present is to refuse the operation i don’t know what else to do please pray for me im in a desperate situation. God willing i hope to attend the task Jesus meeting on January 29th in Warrington so will ask you if you can pray for me in person.
    Thank for your time in reading this email I’m sorry it’s so long.
    Yours sincerly
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  104. sylvia ricks says:

    Tell Daniel Chand my daughter NIna in leeds has sciatic rhumatoid arthritus due to food poisening she is 31 release her suffering restore her health restore her imune systemher knees flare up her joints too please heal her through your prayers to god the father in jesus name i shall pray too thank you, and thank you Lord.

  105. Sharda Ganesh says:

    Six weeks and 3 days ago my son was assaulted. As a result he suffered severe diffuse axonal injuries. From day one I told the doctors and nurses that my God is bigger than my problems. I believe my Rocky is healed in the name of Jesus. Please join me in our faith in Christ for Rocky’s full recovery. Thank you, Jesus.

  106. Daughter Melissa had huge tumour operation in mouth, roof of mouth gone, plus part of jaw, learnt how to swallow and eat, exercises daily, but now seems to have lockjaw, meaning hardly opens, but has to take plate out daily and struggling as mouth won’t open hardly, please pray for mouth to open normal again, she so over it. Thank.

  107. i want a wife my names is kareem c. just prayer i no the word says in matthew 6:33 because i help empower others to see the love of christ the word says when two or more are gather together i am in the midst of them

  108. Hi, I’m asking for prayer for my 75 year old dad, George O. who is on his death bed from a recent diagnosis of cancer. We’re all in shock and distraught especially my mom. He stopped eating and drinking yesterday and wants relief from the pain. I ask that God will spare is life and remove the cancer and restore his body, mind and spirit to God’s glory! I’m just not ready to lose my dad, none of us are. I ask that God will use his healing as testimony of His love and grace to my very large Catholic family. I appreciate all of you brothers and sisters in Christ!
    his son, George Jr. in Tucson AZ

  109. Mr. John Vincent Ladalski says:

    PRAYERS Request
    Hello, I believe in Jesus Christ I have Faith , Ex-pat American living asia , mostly Thailand and Indonesia living in Jakarta , My state of luck/fortune ran out 5 years ago, then my leg problems need healings, seriously(LEFT HIP/RIGHT KNEE 3X twisted) as i teach martial arts i can not preform very well the lack of students as well getting any job. I also lecturer, no luck there too, 64 years old so no wife nor family.. I know my mission in life is a spiritual one, I have many obstacles, like demons spirits , they attack me in dreams, many time since teaching the truth about GOD but i have defeated them , but still cause me , prevent me in getting work, jobs, any finances or any help, even i work for someone they get problem with demons so if the company get problems. I can not receive my salary or loan which makes it more very difficult. My present job on a film company can me help get money ,money but their money is always have problems arising effecting last 5 months. I need to obtain soon ten days as my room /apt In Bangkok, Thailand which has all my belongings is 8 months overdue rent must pay $3000US to pay and servive, in a no work situition In the Mighty Name of the Master and God Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit pray for me set me free, rebuke them, save me , cast them out, cut then free from me of all demonic activity that affect me and my company and all it people that prevent their income which prevent my income , income or work outside from all possible sources. By Jesus Christ name what is the real cause of my problems , and free from the ten curses, and generational curses all of them free poverty spirit, or lack or poor, by me or outsides o me. I am a spiritual person, not perfect but i am desperate. last esp last 2 year. Even I do want study all these new teachings, as Sid Roth show has many wonderful serious followers of Jesus with supernatural spiritual experiences like your ,i wish study but to come to visit you to get anointing, deliverance, be born again , require money to travel, hotel like you overcome these OBSTACLES in my PATH. HELP ME THANK YOU ,, Holy Spirit JESUS EMMANUEL, , please help me AMEN
    this the 13 prayer attempt from various supernatural site who Sid Roth interviewed

  110. Heavenly you created everything you are wonderful and mighty.In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for a complete healing for my 26 year old son Andy from major depression and self medicating with drugs and alcohol.I ask for Andy to be able to get and keep a job to be able to get off the the streets and into rehab, the Salvation Army, life Challenge to have a safe home and dependable car.I ask for God to show him self to Andy for Andy to have a relationship with Jesus.May Jesus blood heal and cover Andy and heal him.I love you God.Amen

  111. I found out Im pregnant after 18 years of trying. Hubby and I learned from our fertility specialist that the pregnancy doesn’t appear viable and expect to miscarry. they want me to take a shot to eliminate the pregnancy because it’s presumed etopic and my health is at extreme risk. I don’t feel peace about that choice and want to wait an see if there are any changes. I am asking for intercessory prayer for my baby to survive and be born healthy. thanking you in advance for your prayers.

    1. Lord, please reach your hand in here with a miracle.

  112. He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? Romans 8:32
    Instead of waiting to see what the next problem is gonna be , why don’t
    u wait to see what the next blessing is gonna be.
    Believe that something good is gonna happen this day.
    “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

  113. Please pray for my best friend, Tricia. She is a strong believer with a husband and three kids. Her eleven year battle with breast cancer is getting tougher. The cancer just recently spread to her lungs and adrenal gland. We and our churches have been praying all along for her healing. Please come together with us and pray for her complete healing and Jesus’ soon return. Thank you,

  114. craig van kouwenberg says:

    Please ask Jesus’ healing touch for Harry B. of SouthEastern PA. He has been suffering an aggressive brain cancer attack; currently in a hospice home; some have already claimed him for Jesus’ healing in this life but we do not {YET!} see him healed.
    Thank you.

  115. I would love prayer for healing of my hips and right knee; I had two surgeries this past year for labral hip tears and am still in severe pain post-operatively. Additionally I have a right knee meniscus tear that is very painful and am unable to have surgery at this time due to work/insurance limitations. I’m a 27 year old pediatric nurse and the pain is making it difficult to make it through my shift or just accomplish regular activities of daily living like buying groceries, doing laundry, etc. I’m very depressed, exhausted from constant chronic pain, and fearful of my future. thank you for your prayers. -Kristin

    1. anamariacarrero says:

      Kristin, I pray depression goes away in Jesus name, look for all healing and depression scriptures you can find post them around your house and pray them out loud and armor your self daily with the verse in Ephesians;) you are more than a conquer and he that is in you is greater than he who is in this world. All scriptural! God Bless You, GBU

  116. says:

    I want to be saved and forgiven for all my sins. Pray for my salvation. Also please pray for my health, I want to be healed of herpes and if I’m infected with anything g else I want to be totally healed and delivered of stds. other std tests are pending. Pray for my husband too, he has infected me but has repented and we’re both praying and reading God’s word together. Please pray for our son and daughter that they be healed if they caught anything from us and that the live for God.

    1. says:

      test came back negative on herpes and other stds. Four days after I went to a clinic to have test taken. The woman who diagnosed me said she wasn’t 100% sure I had herpes but that she had a lot of experience and prescribe me medicine for herpes. Thanks to God Tests came back negative. I’m staying in God’s in Word.

  117. Please pray for my unborn baby girls heart defect ‘HLHS’ to be healed by a miracle from god. Thank you

    1. He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? Romans 8:32
      Instead of waiting to see what the next problem is gonna be , why don’t
      u wait to see what the next blessing is gonna be.
      Believe that something good is gonna happen this day.
      “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

  118. anamariacarrero says:

    GBU, I’m writing because I believe what the bible says and because God has answered my prayrs and has done things in my life and through my life. But right know I have something urgent my son has sizophrenia and I ask who come who is coming to my home? Who is equipped and filled to do the deleverance. God spoke through a friend for me to trust him and that he protects my son. I’m thinking as I today I’m I knocking so we can receive in this home? He won’t leave the house:/. His 30 and talented my first born. Was diagnosed 3 year ago this past January. There are no miracle workers that can see around here. Where are they? I leave in New Hampshire 😉

  119. Bedridden with lyme disease, candida, and more.. severe fatigue/weakness, and also severe chemical and hormonal imbalance and anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts, etc… Please pray for my healing. Thank you!

  120. Please pray that our gracious and forgiving Lord will soon see fit to heal me of my 3-yr duration of ALS – (Lou Gehrig’s disease). My left arm and hand are now categorized as paralyzed and my left ankle is extremely weak making walking very difficult. Also, my right wrist is now starting to show weakness (this is where it all started in my left side) so this situation is quite urgent as 90% of us only live 5 yrs with this disease. Thank you all for your prayer support. I greatly appreciate it! Richard

  121. I would like to pray for the work Jesus has or will do before my sister in law Corrina has her baby scanned one more time tomorrow. The baby in country Vic, Australia, was suffering for a bad case of spina bifida. Friend of mine and myself prayed for healing in the womb on Sunday at church. Corrina and my Brother Tim have decided to induce/abort at around 20 weeks unless they see a work of Jesus on the scan. We asked that in Jesus name the spina bifida is commanded to leave the baby while in the womb and to allow Corrina to deliver a healthy baby with all credit going to Jesus. thank you very Much!

  122. Praise the Lord!

    My baby niece, Aradya is a premature baby born in 5.5 month and weighed only 510 grams. She was born on 17 May 2013.

    She recognizes her family members, smiles at us and tries to respond to us. She is almost 5.5 kg now.

    Her head size is still small, has not gained neck control. She has stiffness in her limbs and doctors say she has cerebral palsy and may have developmental problems.

    She has just started making some noise. She cant crawl, sit straight or stand up, her leg bones and feet are curved. She has digestion problems, acid refluxes and is still on formula milk. She has very low eye sight too.

    Pastor, kindly pray that Aradya is fully healed and made complete in Jesus Name.

    Thank you very much for your prayers and support.


  123. Please pray for my 6 yr old son who suddenly developed tourettes a yr and a half ago. I feel so bad for him. I hate seeing him jerk and twist constantly. And say that it hurts and there is nothing I can do to help him. I dont understand how this happened. Noone in either side of our families has this. We feel completely alone. I just want him to be healed from this. I’ve had him prayed for by the pastors at our church, by family and friends, my husband and I always keep him in prayer. I’ve put him on countless prayer chains and prayer sites…yet He hasn’t been set free of this horrible condition. I will never stop praying. I will keep my hope for his healing in Jesus. But satan tries to get me down with thoughts that since he hasn’t been healed yet, that either he never will be, or that Jesus isnt doing miracles, that miracles in the bible were instant. You didnt have to wait and hope for maybe being healed one day, or maybe not…I know the bible says he heals every disease for all who ask. It is his will for us to be healed..he died for that just like he died so we could ALL be saved if we ask…so Im going to continue to ask for my sons healing. Please pray he will recieve his miracle soon. And pray the devil to stop planting wrong thoughts in our minds when we know the truth! Thank you and God bless you all who are praying with us!

    1. I pray God heals your son soon. Dear Lord, please set this little boy free from this terrible affliction through the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I command all sickness to leave his body by the blood of Jesus. I bind satan and all powers of darkness in the name of Jesus. Amen.

      Satan may attack you mind, but you just keep your faith in your heart. Bind satan every time he attacks you. I believe this is spiritual warfare for you. By his stripes you are healed.

  124. Kindly intercede for my Mother Irene Rodrigues from Mangalore, India to be completely and miraculously healed from Stage IV metastatic melanoma spread thru’ liver, spleen, chest, retroperitoneum and spinal chord. Apart from this, please pray that her haemoglobin increases to the normal range of 12 and her serum creatinine decreases.

  125. my father Rudy has cancer. the doctors say that it’s primary is from the gallbladder and the doctors say it’s rare because tumor is found in his abdomen and now cancer has spread in the lymph nodes. Please join me in praying for my father that he will be completely healed by God so that he will be able to live longer and for so many years. and that he may be able to share to other people of God’s goodness. please also pray that he will fully embrace the Lord in his life and live according to His teachings. please please pray for him.

    Thank you.

  126. Please pray for my son who is not working and doing drugs. Please pray that he might be healed in Jesus name. Please pray for for me for the Lord Jesus to restore my sight. Heal me from glaucoma and any other diseases in my body. I have not been able to work due to my vision loss. I am deep in debt. Thank you Lord

  127. Please pray for our family as we are overpowered by anger outburst. Thx in advance.

  128. Suffering from pain in my eyes, big yellow spots, shortsightedness, astigmatism.
    It has been prophesied over me that I am a seer (type of prophet in the old testament) and I’m developing that gift, so I believe there is also a something spiritual going on… No one in my family has eye problems.

    Please would you pray for me even though this request doesn’t seem as huge as other people’s posts…?

    I will do the same for you in return.
    God bless, Lisa

  129. Dear Todd,

    Can you please pray for Russell Wolfe?


    God’s Not Dead producer Russell Wolfe is fighting for his life. You can help by sharing this video and donating here:

  130. Lord, please cure my body – A few years ago, I developed IBS, and since then my body has had all manner of infections, diseases and so on – Prior to this i’d get the odd stomach bug and a cold. I’m only 38, I should be fitter than this – I don’t smoke, and I hardly drink, i eat a reasonably healthy diet

    Lord – please heal my body, cure it of this IBS, that no one knows what causes it, heal my body so that I can get back on with my life. If these diseases are punishment for something I have done, then I ask forgiveness..In your name, amen

  131. Please can you pray for me? I’ve had M.E. & Fybromyalgia for just over 6 years, chronic coccydinia for over 14 months and regular migraines due to a genetic disorder. I listened to Amanda Varty’s testimony which has given me HOPE! I love God and trust only Him to bring me through this, but on ‘dark’ days it can be really hard to believe things will ever change.
    Thank you and God bless you,
    Dawn x

  132. please pray for husband. he loves is Saved but doesn’t believe in healing and i have such a desire to pray for the sick right now. I want him to be so filled with the holy spirit. He thinks healing was to only get christianity started. I want him to be right beside me in this. I want him to know the love of jesus and that he is alive. I want him to see this and believe it because i believe once he does the stillness in his life will change and he will be eager to tell others of this great news! Thank you!!!!! Jesus Rocks!!

  133. Kindly request your fervent prayers for my mother Ammini Varghese, age 61 years who was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 3 years back. She is continuing the chemo treatment since then. Doctor says she is in stage four and it has spread to her lungs, liver, brain and other parts for her body.
    Although a believer’s family, my family has been going through so many other disgraceful and outcast situations. I need support in prayer and for my spirit not to lose hope in Jesus Christ. I believe he will heal my mother. Many people told me that stage 4 is the last stage and don’t keep much hope. But, if it is an impossible situation for life, then I know Jesus is the only possibility and he will give her abundant life.

  134. Please pray for the full healing of my body mind soul joints that I be healed in Jesus Name Amen!!! Distance is no berrier to the move of the Holy Spirit!!!

  135. Please pray for my healing. Allowed shoulders-dislocation on the right side,uneven cervical spine,protruding pelvis and chronic cough.
    Thank you.

  136. Please pray for me I need to conceive actually this month, I ma tired of disappointment month after month I need a miracle.

    Thank you

  137. Please pray for my husband Robert, He has a non-alcoholic fatty liver. He is in pain constantly. He has tried every diet and herbal remedy and nothing has worked. He has constant anxiety about it because doctors keep saying it can get worse. Please also pray for us for a financial miracle. Thank you & God Bless You.


  138. Hello Saints of God! Please intercede for me. I have a very large tear in my stomach ( hernia 20Cm) that I am seeking God to close supernaturally without surgery. I had a very vivid dream where I called the surgeon to cancel my appointment so I am hoping to do this for real! Bless you all for your prayers and Praise the Mighty name of Jesus!

  139. Please pray for my children and me. Please pray that God heals my children and they get to grow up to healthy adults and have a normal healthy life. I have four children and three of them have been diagnosed with a lung disease. I have been extremely sick myself for the past 3-4 years. My youngest one is 4 and has never really seen me well. Please pray for us in the name of Yeshua that God heals us. Thank you so much!

  140. Shelley George says:

    My husband, Thorsten, died suddenly on April 18th. He was the loving father to our 9yr old daughter Natalie. I humbly ask God to raise him from the dead so that he may glorify God and do great things here on earth in God’s name. I am a humble servant of the Lord, Shelley

  141. Please pray for healing of my spine. I have scoliosis, curvature of spine and causes back and neck pain. I believe in healing and ask you to please stand in agreement with me for the Lord to heal it completely. Thank you.

  142. My daughter Kim cannot keep a job because she is diagnosed with Dyslexia and she is always is fired from her job. She is so discouraged. My vision is so poor and I hate wearing glasses. I also have a lump on my neck, my hair is falling out instead of growing and I have pain in my left wrist for over a year now. My dad is diagnosed with prostate problems and has been wearing a tube for over 4 years now. My mother can hardly walk her legs are weak and she suffers from high blood pressure. Kindly agree with me in prayer for the above requests. God bless you. Thank you and keep up the good work.
    God bless you

  143. My cat is very sick and I can’t watching her dying .She has a bleeding tumor on her face and symptoms of kidney failure. After my mother’s death, I developed empathy for animals. Please pray for the tumor to dissapear and her kidney to be healed.
    Thank you.

  144. Please pray for my husband Sy he is very ill and we do not have any health coverage until June. I’m worried he may have colon cancer he has lost weight and has been throwing up on and off since Nov. we also need prayer for our fiances I can not work and we many lose our home God gave us and our car.

  145. Florida Believer says:

    I suffer from chronic back pain, and the doctor’s only give me pills to help. I do not want to be a pill head, and I know God can heal me through prayer and belief. Please pray that He will do so, as I urgently need it in order to be able to perform my job or I could lose it. In the Name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!

  146. Mikr olito says:

    hi I would like a prayer for my illness, science I was a baby I have had ear problems they would get infected and I would have bad ear acks I have had operations on my left ear. as a result it made my left ear go def my right ear has a hole in the ear drum. and I have a lose of hearing in that ear. I had a hole in my left ear. and the patched it, the deft nice is a result of this. I also have austio authritus in my neck as a result of a fall of a ladder, I can get very painful at times. my nose also runs down my throught all the tilme in the morning is the worst as I have to caugh all this up. will u please pray for me

  147. Dear sister and brothers, first of all thank you so much that you pray for our needs, God bless you all!
    I’d like to ask you for prayer as my mother, myself and my daugthers are suffering from a genetic desease that destroyes our hairs. It’s very hard to live with this desease, especially for may daughters that are only 17 and 20. Pls help me to pray God for our complete healing.
    Thank you

  148. Gail McNamee says:

    please pray for me to heal from emotional abuse from upstairs neighbors, severe depression and hopelessness, healing from cancer, iron defficient anemia success in getting a car and new home. I beg you please God remove my hopelessness and replace it with the faith I once had in you. Please give me hope and give me back my peace of mind. Please give me back my positive attitude.

  149. God does not give up on us… we give up on ourselves.. Every day look around and you will see that “man” creates our own environment.. God takes care of the wild flowers/birds/animals and he takes care of us the most.. he created us like him.. yet the “world” pulls us into “wanting” which is against just “needing” God. Look for God in all things.. we are only a slave to the things we create.. God did not intend for us to live with such disruption.. we create that all by ourselves.. the war of the flesh (human) against the spirit which is God. Breathe deep and know you are being taken care of.. just let go and let God! God Bless and I hope and pray you find your “positive” and that all things great and good!

  150. Connor Hinds says:

    Hello my name is Connor Hinds, I have been suffering with rosacea for 10 years now, it causes burning redness in my cheeks and is incurable. I have tried every medical and herbal treatment but none have worked. Could you please pray that this red curse will be lifted from me?
    With love Connor

  151. Please pray for me. I have crippling depression, cancer, need a new place to lice and a car. Everything just happened all at once even more than mentioned here and I’m past stressed out. Please pray for me that I am lifted out of this dark place. I have no motivation feel hopekess. Please pray that God gives me back the positive attitude Ionxe had and my peace of mind.

  152. Please pray for me. There are my 2 major problems. 1- I have been trying for a permanent government job for the last 4 years & trying very hard for it,but all in vain. I dont have a permanent government job till now.I am in depression. I request to you to pray for me to get a government job very soon. 2- There is a boy in my life.We like each-other & want to get married.My family is agree for this marriage but his family is not ready due to some caste problem.He is very good boy & I know both of us will be very happy in future.I request to you to pray for us so that his family can get ready for our marriage.We really want to marry each-other.I know no one is bigger than lord jesus & I have full faith on him…please pray for us…In the matchless name of lord jesus….I pray…AMEN…!!!

  153. Thomas Santosh Harris says:

    My name is Rev. Thomas. I am from India. I need your prayers for my wife Josephine and myself. We both have sugar diabetes and would like you to pray for total healing. In addition to this i feel weakness on my fingers and have no strength to do many things. Please pray that I get total release.

  154. Please pray for myself and my daughter Hannah who is a heroin addict. She is in deep anger, has a very rebellious spirit. She is no doubt hurting inside and very lost. She belongs to Jesus but has so fallen away. Please pray for a total deliverance from all demons attacking her and a renewed hunger and thirst for Jesus. Bless you all in Jesus’s mighty name!

  155. Please pray fora financial miracle for p.v.zachariah and family.

  156. Please pray for Baby Blake, he is having his 3rd and extremely risky open heart surgery June 18, 2015. He was removed from the heart transplant list due to his percentages not being high enough. Thank you and much love to all

  157. Praying that my dad be healed from brain damage and my uncle be healed as well!! So that God get all the Glory and praise!!

  158. Hello. Reading the testimonies on your site has caused my faith to rise up again. My hearts desire is to have the book of Acts church restored and I’ve been looking to connect with others who also have this desire. Back in 2012, my husband and I were leading a group in upstate NY like this. My husband was trained by Curry Blake. Steve Smith, a revivalist out of Australia who is known for ushering in the Holy Spirit in a powerful way, was overseeing our church. Amazing things were happening from broken bones being instantly healed to impacted teeth falling out. We even had the audible voices of angels show up during worship! Then, one cold winter night we were driving back from a brother and sisters’ house and it began to snow. Our van hit a patch of black ice and began to fishtail; then it rolled several times. Thankfully everyone was ok, well, all but me. I broke my neck and crushed my spinal cord; I couldn’t move or feel anything below my chest. During surgery the Dr. told my husband there was a high chance I would not make it, so he and another brother prayed for me for me 48hrs and God came thru, but the Drs. said I would never move or feel anything below my chest. Since then we have seen several miracles like my left hand coming back under prayer, my arms gaining strength, sensation in my arms returning after a prayer meeting, and my left leg moving. I can now walk up to 90 feet with assistance thanks to Jesus! I am still in need of more healing though. I experience unbearable constant pain and tightness and am still bound to a wheelchair, plus I have incontinance issues. I need a miracle to be restored to normal again. My husband has been under spiritual attack since the accident and can not get back to the place where he was in faith before the accident. I need to be restored to so I can bring hope and faith to others in my situation and be the hands and feet of God once again. We’re close to Albany, so I am excited to see your site and hope to meet other faith filled believers soon. Thank you for your prayers and be blessed.

  159. Sarah Ellison says:

    What a wonderful inspiring grateful i’ve found it…i live in England and am born again Christian..i contracted hepatitis c from a blood transfusion 30 years ago and also have osteo arthritis and circulation problems….i live alone and it has been very hard feeling unwell as i have had rescue animals to care for too..6 dogs and 9 cats….any prayer for me would be a real blessing… i pray for Gods’ unconditional love ,blessings and irreversable healing for all on this site…Sarah

  160. Sarah..
    I will pray for your healings 100%.. give all those rescued animals a big hug from me.. god bless always

  161. My 27-year-old girlfriend has just been diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in he brain-stem. Already she has lost vision in her left eye and is rather terrified that it may never heal. What makes matters worse is she’s a single mother doing her best to take care of her child. Her parents are away in China and she has no way of contacting them. All she has is me, and I’m trying my hardest to keep it together for her. I know things happen for a reason, but the love of my life is suffering and it isn’t fair–she’s the kindest, most caring, selfless person I know. Her soul is so gentle and given how much that has already happen to her in the past, I just don’t get life. I hate seeing her scared and losing hope. Please send positive vibes and prayers her way.

    1. Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I did not take my problem to the Lord, but took his promise, which says He sent his words and healed you, By his stripes we are healed. I got healed miraculously. Healing and miracles are real.

      Father in the name of Jesus I command this tumor to leave her body right now. Lord as you healed me, you will heal her too. Thank you lord for the strength and peace you are giving her right now. Just believe that you are already healed . God is not a man to lie nor son of man to change mind. He said it is Finished. All your problems are over. Be at peace. God bless you.

  162. Agatha Newton says:

    Please pray for me. I have diabetes and is having a really hard time. I have lost lots of weight,and I. Am having emotional problems.agatha

  163. Ask and you shall receive.. she is already cured.. as God hears your prayers and the bible teaches us that you have dominion over all things on this earth (even disease) so your faith and her’s will be her cure… “I walk by faith, not by sight” 2 corinthians 5:7 .. God bless you both and you are in my prayers.

  164. Please pray for my dad alistair he is 59 and had a serious stroke the future doesn’t look good and we are having to make a decision tonight about what’s best for him we need a miracle

  165. Bob Merritt says:

    Would you please pray with me to heal my spine. I am told that I have bone spurs that if not removed could result in me being paralyzed. Other bone spurs are also causing me pain in my arm and hand. I am scheduled for surgery on the 13th of July for 1 of 2 surgeries on my neck. Please pray that God will heal me without having to have these surgeries. Also that I may totally forgive someone for the emotional pain they have put me through. I am finding it very hard to forgive this person.

    1. First of all, let me tell you Pappa is well pleased with you and calls you son. Ask Holy Spirit to change your heart in the matter of forgiveness and He will. Just tell God, “As You have forgiven me, I forgive all who have hurt me.” I have found that when we ask He hears us and if He hears us we have what we ask.

      Jesus, you said when two or more are gathered in Your name that You are in their midst. We invite Your manifest presence and ask that You release Your glory. We come into agreement and curse you bone spurs and command you to dissappear in Jesus’ name. All pinched nerves be set free right now, all pain and inflmation come out! Holy Spirit, where the enemy had a place fill Bob right now. Be completely healed in Jesus’ name. All glory to You, Jesus!

  166. Expecting miracles says:

    I pray for miracle healing that my next labs show HIV negative and that my infant is healed of eczema

  167. Latisha Collier says:

    I hurt my back over 2 years ago. I’m in almost constant pain. I have 2 bulging discs and suffer from almost constant muscle spasms. It hurts to sit and stand. My mobility is really limited. Please pray for my back to heal and that I may be able to to full function.
    Thank you

    1. Latisha,

      Place your hand on your back where the bulging discs are and say the following: Father, I thank You for Who You are and I thank You for Your amazing love. Back, I command you to line up with the word of God which is in my mouth. I command all vertabrae and discs to go back into place in Jesus’ name. I command all pain and inflamation to leave, right now. Any nerves that are pinched be released now. Any discs or vertabrae that are damaged I command to become whole again. By Your stripes, Jesus, I am healed.

      Sometimes you have to command it more than once or maybe even multiple times several times. Keep doing it until all of it. It will go because every knee bows at the name of Jesus. Now, be healed in Jesus’ name.

  168. Be healed in the name of Jesus Christ. God is faithful to ALL HIS PROMISES. He simply cannot lie. You’re healed.

  169. I just want to be used by God! – by His way. I know that He can use me to heal the sick and to proclaim the righteousness and the saving grace of God. I want to be lead by the Holy Spirit for I can do nothing out of my own.

  170. Amohelang Sibi says:

    My brothers and sisters in Christ. I would really appreciate prayers for healing for myself and young son. I was diagnosed with HIV when i was pregnant with him. And no, i wasnt promoscuous. What im in desperate need of is the healing of this disease because this is my struggle daily, i dont want to dwell on how i got infected because blaming someone else is completely pointless and i choose to forgive as Christ forgave me rather than drown myself in unforgiveness. Through this disease, i have grown to know Christ, our Father, to love the Son and the Father and to understand how much the love me and the world and all those who are in it. I thank you children of God in advance for your prayers.
    May His holy name be praised, now and forevermore.