John G Lake Ministry DHT Training- FREE

JGLM DHT Training with Curry Blake

These are a series of training videos with Curry Blake from JGLM Ministries, from 2013 in Australia. We fully endorse JGLM and Curry’s teachings and recommend that you purchase the current DVD training directly from JGLM here: or visit for more information. Filled with decades of practical insight and knowledge from John G Lake and Curry Blake, we also HIGHLY recommend purchasing the “New Man Series” which teaches about our authority in Christ in a powerful way that is biblical and easy to understand.

These are the videos from 2013:

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  1. in 1991 i fell 41ft and lived,soon after i got saved and was annointed to preach i was a jr pastor for 8 yrs under my uncles ministry.he divorced his wife and married the piano player,our church was destroyed and i wasforced to leave by him.he said god told him to stand in the pulpit and preach and i needed to leave,so i took me many years to overcome thiis spiritual trama,in 2007 iwas electrocuted with 14,400 volts and lived,i believe it was god who saved me again,i sought out the babtism of the holy ghost and fire and now i ask god to heal me from the after effects of my accident.i prayed to be heald but nothing happened. i was smoking a pipe and some cigars and refused to quit. i finally saw my disobidence and repented ,i am studing faith healers,my body is full of pain from arthritis,fibromyaliga,diabetes,psorisic arthoritis also. i am asking GOD TO RAISE ME UP AS A FAITH HEALER., i believe god led me to john g lake to teach me about healing, god still hears our prayers and i believe in miracales ! i was broken hearted and had to lay my dreams to rest just as if a person died ! i wanted to be a holy man and satan destroyed my dreams ! i pray in the spirit every day now and seek GODS wisdom and knowledge, have mercy on me and forgive me for my lack of faith.i wish i was a holy man , i am convinced there is more of GOD to experience at every age !!! please help me ! someone please help me find GOD .! I WISH I WAS A HOLY MAN !!!

    • Arthritis and fibromyalgia go, get out of Frank’s body, pain go and body be healed. Frank, praise God you have lived though so much but more important, praise God you were made into a son with all the benefits of heaven, here and now. The word talks a lot about who we are in Christ when we believe and follow him. Keep growing in the knowledge of Christ in you, keep seeking him, and start stepping out in faith praying for others and He will teach you by His Spirit. Know that Satan has already been defeated and is under foot. Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these thing will be added. Bless you my brother!

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