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  1. I am RESPECTFULLY asking for your prayers from my ex-wife Paula D[age 64] who was abused by her mom, & older sister at age 4 as 1st husband for 16 yrs., Physical, Mentally & Emotionally and she lives with it daily. She is mad at me due to the transference of her hurt as I have only tried to help but she is mad and upset at me and now is seeing someone else who is 17 yrs. her senior.

    She has refused to speak me and is letting her mind rule her; if she would only be strong enough to allow her heart to led her back to me after 8 yrs of marriage and 14 total years together.

    I love her and only want to renew the love we shared for so long. The devil of co-dependency and enmeshment and the people pleaser too is a part of this.

    Pray that Paula will FOLLOW GOD’s Word and reconciles, REUNITES as One SPIRIT,AND again keep and RENEW our vows from our wedding date 11-11-2006 @ 4PM. I am standing on God’s Word and he commands me to stay the course and I am!!!

    PLEASE place your prays with mine that his words will be REVEALED to her HEART for a JOYFUL RECONCILATION in his NAME.


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