Todd White Healing Through God’s Love – Amazing LOVE!!!

Todd White Testimony of Amazing Love

I posted this amazing testimony of love, in 2015- it became the single my most viewed posts on this site, and is a great reminder of what the love of Jesus looks like when we become the son’s and daughter’s that creation longs to see… His Children, created in His image, made to become the face of His love!

Check out this amazing testimony of Todd White healing. His display of love should take our walk to a whole new perspective. What an example of walking like Jesus Todd has become!!! A walking epistle and an inspiration to all believers…Love you Todd 😉

5 thoughts on “Todd White Healing Through God’s Love – Amazing LOVE!!!

  1. I love Todd White. I saw him in Wilmington NC at some tent revival and Global River…He’s the real deal. I love the Truth that pours thru him. All creation groans and waits for the revealing of the sons of God. I see one right here!

    • Hi Rebecca,
      He is the real deal and inspires all of us to walk with such Godly love. Dan Mohler is much the same (but different in style) and I love both of their examples and teaching. I saw Todd teaching 4 days at Power & Love in PA last May, which finished with him preaching Sunday morning- it was amazing. Also caught Dan teaching in Bangor the end of the summer- what a heart for people and for God, wrapped in humility….love those guys! They have dramatically altered my own walk 😉

  2. was introduced to dan mohler and todd white videos by my son and man oh man i just pray that the Holy Spirit would set me on fire like this. i just love to see Spirit filled children of God walking in freedom and bearing the fruits of God.

  3. I have to say that Todd White is an awesome man of God. I met him at my church where they had The School of Power and Love in Wayne, NJ where he was doing his teaching on healing people in the streets. He is a straight up tell it like it is minister. Me & my fellow students went all over the streets healing people physically,mentally & spiritually. Because of this, we had many people who gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Thank you so much Todd White for your teachings. God bless you & your family always.

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