Power & Love Healing Series

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Healing Series: Answers to some of the most common questions on HEALING, DELIVERANCE, and IMPARTATION

This set is a compilation of video gathered from approximately 10 different Schools of Power and Love. Parts 1, 2 and 3 are taught by Todd White. The remaining 4 parts are clips from the Question and Answer sessions and deal with the most common questions we have received in over 45 Schools of Power and Love. The majority of Parts 4 through 7 are clips of Dan Mohler and Todd White but also Bob Hazlett, Tom Ruotolo and Chris Overstreet respond to some of the questions.

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Each of the 7 Parts range from 35 to 50 minutes. We intentionally edited the Parts so they would be very manageable in a small group format. We strongly encourage people to watch 1 part at a time and then go out to love on and pray for people!

Questions addressed in this series are:
Part 1 –Is it always God’s will to heal? Does God ever put sickness on us? What about Paul’s Thorn?
Part 2 – What should you do when you pray and people are not healed?
Part 3 – Is it always our faith that prevents healing? How does fasting play a role in healing?
Part 4 – Is God in control of everything that happens? Why does God not heal in every circumstance? Didn’t God allow Satan to afflict Job? Do you have to command healing for it to happen? How do we pray for ourselves for healing? Why have I not been healed yet even though I have had 10 or 15 people pray for me? How can I pray for others if I’m not healed yet?
Part 5 – Why does it seem harder to get our own healing to manifest than to see others healed? Should we wait to try to minister to our relatives until we are stronger in our faith? What do you say to someone who is not healed? How do we address it when people get healed but then their sickness returns? How do you know if you should stop taking your medication?
Part 6 – How do you continue to step out to pray for people when you have tried it with little or no results? What conditions or problems would you not pray for in public? Where does sensitivity come in to the picture in ministering to people publicly? What about ministering to people of other cultures?
Part 7 – How many times should we pray for someone? Do we need to be careful about touching the demonized? How do you deal with someone who is demonize? How do we incorporate Deliverance in our walk with the Lord? What about impartation…is it Scriptural? Is the healing anointing transferable by the laying on of hands? Why aren’t we going to morgues and funeral homes to raise the dead? What should you do if you are not allowed to say the name of Jesus where you work?

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