Dan Mohler Teaching: “Why we aren’t healed?”

Great teaching by Dan Mohler on why sometimes we are not healed after prayer.

Dan is usually super humble when he shares these things but in this he is very strong and honest about healing in his own walk….was spoken at the end of a healing conference, in an intimate Q & A session so please keep that in mind!

8 thoughts on “Dan Mohler Teaching: “Why we aren’t healed?”

  1. I think GOD is always drawing us closer 61/2years ago I got really sick and was in hospital for 6 mo. Track and feeding tube doctor told me I would not talk or walk the church prayed for me and my sister and brother in law prayed for me my sister class sent me cards my brother in law said who’s report are you going to believe dr or gods word I said gods word and slowly my parlized vocal cords started to work and through rehab ab I slowy recovered psalm 118 v 18 19 you shall not die but live and bring glory to God. I am still on dyalsis yet I am trusting God for a full recovery and regardless I am still trusting Him . I also prayed for other people but have not seen healing come br the late dr cook says keep on keeping please pray foe me for a full recovery to the glory of God your bro in Christ bob Halek

  2. WOW. Just…WOW.

    Never heard teaching like this before and made me sit up and take notice. Will be sharing with my family as well.

    Thanks for uploading.

  3. It is wonderful to hear someone who is not afraid to speak the truth, the problem is people want to just ask God for something and if they do not receive it then they can play the blame game and thereby satisfy their carnal flesh. I have been standing on the Word of God for sometime for a healing and you helped to open my hearts eyes for understanding, which I have been asking God for, so I thank you for your message.

  4. I’ve been struggling with my faith after asking God to heal me and not getting what I wanted. This video just put it all into perspective for me. Jesus loves me and nothing else matters.

    • Yay God! Now you can go after someone else’s healing, and find yours along that journey as you grow in faith for others, your own healing will come! Amen?

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