Miracles on Methadone Mile Boston MA

Miracles in Boston MA

We hit the streets every week, ministering to the homeless, praying for the sick, and blessing the poor and we see people touched by Jesus and healed every week. Not only are they healed, but seeds of hope are planted, and watered, as God gives increase as His goodness leads them to repentance. MANY hearts are turned back to the Father as they begin to see hope that they will indeed find their way out of the bonds of addiction and poverty.

Check out this interview with me, our friend Garth, and Brandt Gillespie formerly with the Christian Broadcast Network and now head of Media Productions at Lion of Judah church. See how it all started and where the Lord has lead our efforts these past three years!

May you be encouraged to step out in faith, be the light of the world, and see miracles, signs, and wonders in your everyday life!

2 thoughts on “Miracles on Methadone Mile Boston MA

  1. Do you reply to comments? I listened to the Boston video, and was encouraged to want to be used in the power of the Spirit, however God would want…but, a question–is it necessary, or important to have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit before going into this type of ministry?

    • Hi Penelope, We have activated many Christians and not all have had the baptism of the Holy Spirit yet still see great results, because they have/received the same Holy Spirit when they were born again. Several received the Baptism after we preyed for them and some didn’t think they had the Baptism but they in fact already had it and were believing a lie. Either case Holy Spirit is ready to teach and counsel anyone who wants to grow in the revelation of what it means to walk with Christ in us, the hope of Glory!

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