Documented Healings By God

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Leg Lenthening Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Leg Grows Out in Manchester NH

Leg Grow out in Manchester NH.

OK so I know this is a challenge for a lot of people to wrap their belief around who have never seen such a thing, but it’s become a pretty regular occurrence for anyone walking in the supernatural and seeing healing miracles on a regular basis.

Although we experience this regularly as well, it was the first time our friend Peter got to pray for someone with a short leg and he and George were both pretty excited at the end result! Yay Jesus 🙂

Holy Spirit Leg Lenthening Miracle Healing

Leg Grows on Camera- Holy Spirit Healing!

Amazing Video- Woman’s Leg Grows 1 inch in seconds!

Watch this video as her back gets completely healed of pain, her leg grows out, and she get’s totally filled by the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus. This is becoming a normal day in the lives of so many Christian’s, now walking out that life which Jesus told us to follow! Just step out in faith, believe, and watch what Jesus will do!

OK here’s one more leg lengthening for you!