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The amazing story of George Abbott being miraculously healed of liver cancer

After being diagnosed with gall bladder cancer, the tumor was removed by surgery. However, during the operation the surgeon found the cancer had spread to George’s liver bed. The prognosis was poor.

The amazing story of George Abbott being miraculously healed of liver cancer can be found on

After being diagnosed with gall bladder cancer, the tumor was removed by surgery. However, during the operation the surgeon found the cancer had spread to George’s liver bed. The prognosis was poor.

Then later a miracle happened, through the power of prayer, he was healed by God of liver cancer.

The following excerpt is by Rod Thomas of the Christian Broadcasting Network:

“Well, they found gallbladder cancer,” George said. “This is a very rare form of cancer.”

Doctors performed emergency surgery to remove the cancerous gall bladder; but there was more bad news.

“When they did the surgery, the cancer had gone down into the liver bed,” George said. “And that, as you well know, basically the prognosis is that you’re not going to live very long.”

Their family doctor, Dr. McQueen, who is also their friend, feared the worst.

“His prognosis was poor,” Dr. McQueen said. “With the stage of the cancer being advanced, once it had metastasized to another organ, he is classified as advanced stage carcinoma. For George, his treatment options were limited. Not only were those options limited, the ones that were available to him, in many cases, will take your life.”

Facing almost certain death, George got a second opinion.

“Same diagnosis, same prognosis,” George said. “The only difference was that this doctor was a little more positive and he said to me, ‘we’re going to operate.’”

“He also said, ‘okay, this is in the upper part of the liver; but if I open him up and I find any cancer anywhere else in the liver, I’m just going to close him back up because then there’ll be nothing we can do,’” Cheryl said. “I just thought, ‘I cannot lose my husband.’”

At the surgeon’s recommendation, George did not undergo chemotherapy or take any medication before surgery. Ultimately, he knew his fate was in God’s hands.

“I know that God heals,” George said. “But I’m also a realist and I know that the Bible says, ‘it’s appointed once to die, and then the judgment.’ So, I was ready to accept this – that if this is the time that God wanted to take me home, I was ready for that.”

As the surgery date approached, Cheryl prayed for God’s help.

“Our church got together and had a prayer meeting and one of the ladies in the church or maybe more than one, called The 700 Club and asked for prayer for George,” Cheryl said.

As surgeons performed the procedure, Cheryl got a phone call.

“I got off the phone and I just started crying. ‘The doctor said that his liver is perfectly normal; that there was no sign of cancer whatsoever.’ So we were just hugging each other and crying,” she said.

“The doctor said it looked like a normal, healthy liver. God had taken [the cancer], and I don’t know how He did it. I don’t know whether He just made the cancer go away. I don’t know if He gave me a new liver. It doesn’t matter to me. All I know is God is a God of miracles and he healed me,” George said.

“They believe in prayer and they trust in the sovereignty of God,” Dr. McQueen said. “There is no medical treatment or explanation for that type of result – absolutely miraculous!”

For the past two years, routine tests have shown the same result – no cancer!

“God really did heal,” Cheryl said. “I mean, when God does something, He does it right.”

“Some people today say, ‘well, miracles went out with the apostles.’ Well, I’m here to tell you that miracles did not go out with the apostles, that God is a God of miracles and He is a healer today,” George said. “He gave me a miracle – the miracle of life.”

Cancer Medical Miracle Healing Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing

Struggling with shame and guilt, she thought God was punishing her…

Amazing Healing Testimony from Andrew Wommack Ministries
– Connie Weiskopf –

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Some people profess to believe in God, but they don’t know Him, His nature, His love or Connie WeiskopfHis power. This was true of Connie Weiskopf for a long time. Connie grew up in a large family with whom she attended a denominational church. It was through her church experience that the blindness of religion covered her eyes. It was there that God, the Father, was misrepresented as a wrathful, angry God, ready to strike her with sickness or to punish her because of her sin.

One particular event during Connie’s formative adolescent years caused her to look at life through a filter; at the age of sixteen she was raped. Because of her religious foundation, and misconception of who God is, Connie was unable to turn to Him for comfort. Rather she hid from God; struggling with the shame and guilt she carried by herself. Connie came to blame God for the bad things that happened in her life.

After college Connie established herself as a graphic designer and renowned watercolor artist. As life progressed, she became involved in an abusive relationship, one in which she was raped again. This time, Connie found herself with an unwanted pregnancy. Connie had her first abortion, and her shame and guilt deepened.

Still unable to turn to God, Connie looked to the world for love, and in her wounded state she became involved with David—another unhealthy relationship. Connie had a second abortion. “David and I aborted our first child together and my heart truly died. I no longer felt. I only existed. No one ever told me I had choices, only that abortion would solve my ‘problem’,” said Connie.

Sometime later, a friend invited Connie to church, and for the first time she felt the love of God. At last, Connie had found a comfortable place in God’s presence. She was also pregnant again. Worried that if anyone knew she was pregnant she wouldn’t be welcome to continue to meet with the God she had just met, she terminated her third child.

Continuing to attend her new church, Connie gave her life to Christ and fell passionately in love with Him. “He became everything I had been searching for. He became my best friend and my husband,” Connie said.

As Connie’s passions and focus shifted to Jesus, she and David separated. She attended a local Bible college hosted at her church, and as she sought to know Him, Connie learned to recognize His voice. Two years after their separation, the Lord led her back to David and the two were married.

A friend had given her one of Andrew’s tapes several years earlier and she knew that when Andrew prayed, people received healing. Connie contacted AWM and asked if Andrew would come pray for her. The ministry replied that he was unable to accommodate her request, but instead invited her to where Andrew would be ministering at a local church in Colorado Springs.

Connie went to the meeting and was able to meet with Andrew before the service. After asking if she was ready to receive her healing, Andrew prayed a simple prayer. She remembers Andrew’s message about the balance of grace and faith being exactly what she needed to hear to receive her healing.

Although she had been prayed for, Connie underwent surgery a short time later. Following the procedure, during which a surgeon removed a portion of her left breast, the doctor called and said, “We don’t know what happened, there was no cancer left.” Connie said, “I know what happened. God healed me!” David and Connie praised God and rejoiced in Him!

After several relocations, including one back to her home State of Colorado, and a career change in which the Lord led her away from the arts to a position with Life Choices Pregnancy Center, Connie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Prior to her diagnosis, the Lord had been teaching Connie about His healing power, so she sought healing through His Word and prayer from like-minded people in her church.

Now, Connie continues her work as a Center Director with Life Choices Pregnancy Center. Through her position she is able to share the truth with the women who visit the facility. “I get to share the truth so that women know they can make a choice for life. I share that there is a loving, gracious God, who took care of all of our sins at the cross. I also get to share about the power of Jesus Christ that is available to those who believe,” said Connie. While Connie has seen many healed, she said she receives her greatest joy when salvations occur and she can see others getting it; getting to know about this incredible love of a good God.

For more information about Connie and her ministry visit Connie Weiskopf Ministries.

Body parts restored by documented miracle

Throat cancer healed by God, Demon cast out in young girl, mute boy healed in India!

Throat cancer healed by God, Demon cast out in young girl, mute boy healed! “Through miracles people are flocking to Christ” in Rajasthan India

By Mark Ellis

Pastor Promod Patel

Christians make up less than one percent of the population in Rajasthan, the largest state in India, which borders Pakistan to the west. There are few Christians amid the oldest civilization on the Indian subcontinent, but God is moving in powerful ways that sometimes resemble the Book of Acts.

“Through miracles people are flocking to Christ,” says Pastor Promod Patel. “The church here is growing day by day.”

Pastor Patel is the grandson of one of the first Indian believers in Rajasthan. His life is like one of the early church fathers—he plants churches, travels and encourages the church, at times taking great risks to his own safety.



Not long ago, Pastor Patel was in the region of Kushalgarh, where he met a sick couple, Kalu and Nirmala. “Both were sick but after praying for them in Jesus name they were healed,” he recounts. “Then they started a church to serve the Lord.”

When the couple began to minister they encountered a slightly built, middle-aged man named Waloo, who had been bedridden for two years, suffering from throat cancer. “They prayed in Jesus’ name and he was healed,” Pastor Patel reports. Waloo’s neck reveals a long stretch mark where God touched him and “surgically”removed the large tumor.

Today Waloo sells ice cream from a bicycle-mounted ice chest. His new career gives him a chance to share the gospel with children.

In a neighboring town, Pastor Patel met a demon-possessed girl named Romila. For

Romila (left)

two months, the young girl suffered with the oppression and her family was desperate for relief. “After prayer and fasting she was delivered in Jesus’ name and is growing in His Word.” Pastor Patel reports.

A 12-year-old deaf and mute boy named Patrus in another town was also healed at a prayer meeting. When his healing came, he shouted “Alleluia” and then “Praise the Lord!” After this miracle, he was able to start attending school for the first time.

“As the gospel was being preached and miracles were


happening we also encountered opposition,” Pastor Patel reports. “As believers came to Christ there was persecution from the village.”

Pastor Patel partnered with Living Water International to bring clean water into Todi Village. “Since bringing the clean water, the opposition has melted away,” Pastor Patel says. “We are now not only giving people an opportunity to drink clean water, but also giving people an opportunity to hear the gospel and drink the living water.”

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