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3 Days of Non-Stop Healing Testimonies from NH

Check out how the Spirit of God is being poured out in NH in three days 12/13 to 12/15. This is the normal Christian life if we will just believe!

We’ve been hitting the streets every Saturday since Torben Sondergaard’s visit to NH/MA in July. The number of healing experiences and salvations has been amazing and grows each week in power. So many testimonies we often don’t post most of them, but here are a few from just what my wife Laury and I witnessed this past weekend. Others on the team saw similar healing as we often move separately as “mini-pods” with unique testimonies flooding the places we visit. This actually only some of what we experienced over 7hrs on ONE Saturday! One other note worth mentioning, in the past 6 weeks we’ve seen athiests, agnostics, Muslims, and Budhists all healed in the name of Jesus! Jesus is Lord….Yay God 🙂

At the feeding center Saturday we prayed for Women with back/sciatic pain and with a tumor on her back-all pain left and after three prayers the tumor disappeared. Then she received Jesus as Lord and we asked for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, ….she got hosed and she said she felt happy.

Two women in anguish got prayed for and wept after being touched by the love of God . They got filled with the peace of Jesus.

Another mans pain went down to zero in his knees after prayer and he had far greater movement afterwards. So many people have been healed at the feeding center these past 5 weeks that each week we see less and less sick people to pray for (yay!)….they are all getting healed in the name of Jesus. One day, I know we’ll be hitting hospitals in every city and doing the same!

Later at lunch I got a word that a 55 year old man’s knee was in pain from a sports injury after High School – He was a bit freaked out that we knew that and only let us briefly pray once, but he felt relief!

Later in Walmart we saw a woman’s foot completely healed, four different women with various back pain/sciatic issues healed, three women with hip pain healed, three women with canes and knee pain healed, one man with hip and knee pain healed, I got a word of knowledge about arthritis with a sweet older women in her back – two prayers and she went from a pain level of 8 to zero and was healed, a women in a scooter with polio felt all the pain leave her back and legs after three prayers, and a sweet 92 year old women who had stomach pain got healed and was so moved that she wept and and praised God for healing her and thanked us several times with great joy in her face (she got hit hard by the presence of God). It was precious and beautiful!

On Sunday we prayed for a man with a bad knee at a local church and his knee got healed. Then at mom’s nursing home we prayed for an ankle injury on a kitchen worker who got healed, and then we prayed for a 92 Y/O women (patient) with a broken tailbone who’s pain went to zero- she also had arthritis in her hands with pain unable to move them. All pain left after 3-4 prayers and she had total movement and said they felt very hot! Jesus! Amazingly we’ve been praying for a chance to raise the dead and the night ended with God giving us a chance to pray to raise someone who died while at the nursing home while we were still there. We had faith she would rise and layed hands on her since she was in the bed beside mom’s, but I believe she was already in heaven and wouldn’t come back (hey I can’t blame her!)…I believe we’ll see the dead raised here soon enough because Jesus said so….next one!

Then, last night at mom’s nursing home a nurses attendant got healed of oppressive fatigue, and calf cramps and then an LNA got healed of sciatic pain and hip degenerative pain. We are starting to see more and more staff members (and patients) healed at the nursing home! Jesus is alive and well in NH!

…all creation anxiously awaited for what is being revealed today – Just Believe!

This is a video of a typical healing in Walmart (three weeks ago)!

Body parts restored by documented miracle CBN Healing Testamony Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing Tumors reduced or disappear

Grade 4 Bladder Cancer Healed

Grade 4 Bladder Cancer Healed by Prayer!

Watch this amazing story of healing from a man diagnosed with only three months to live! He was repented, he was forgiven, and he was healed by a combination of medicine and faith! God is so good! Jesus is Lord! Believe!

Cancer Medical Miracle Healing Miracle Healing Tumors reduced or disappear

Pelvic Cancer Healed: TB Joshua Ministries Africa

Pelvic cancer healed by Jesus through TB Joshua in Africa

Normally I wouldn’t post such a raw video so I have to warn viewers, this is VERY graphic as  you can see by the image below, and may be hard to watch. That said, I am compelled to add this story because it’s a “real life miracle” and not that uncommon to see such wounds (and miracles) in an area where medical care for the poor is scarce but faith is strong. Such a story brings glory to God and glory to Jesus, because she was indeed completely healed of pelvic cancer and most likely may have died as a result! Praise the Lord! Amen

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Stage 4 Bone Cancer Healed by Jesus

Stage 4 Bone Cancer and Breast Cancer Healed by Jesus

This story will cause your spirit to rejoice! It’s an inspiring testimony of a dying woman’s desperate decision to risk everything and travel across the world to one of Bill Johnson’s “Kingdom Invasion” a healing conferences in Singapore. She traveled through her pain, overcame unbelief,  and received a miracle of healing from Jesus. This is a great testimony of faith that will lift your spirit!!

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Body parts restored by documented miracle Cancer Medical Miracle Healing Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing Tumors reduced or disappear

The amazing story of George Abbott being miraculously healed of liver cancer

After being diagnosed with gall bladder cancer, the tumor was removed by surgery. However, during the operation the surgeon found the cancer had spread to George’s liver bed. The prognosis was poor.

The amazing story of George Abbott being miraculously healed of liver cancer can be found on

After being diagnosed with gall bladder cancer, the tumor was removed by surgery. However, during the operation the surgeon found the cancer had spread to George’s liver bed. The prognosis was poor.

Then later a miracle happened, through the power of prayer, he was healed by God of liver cancer.

The following excerpt is by Rod Thomas of the Christian Broadcasting Network:

“Well, they found gallbladder cancer,” George said. “This is a very rare form of cancer.”

Doctors performed emergency surgery to remove the cancerous gall bladder; but there was more bad news.

“When they did the surgery, the cancer had gone down into the liver bed,” George said. “And that, as you well know, basically the prognosis is that you’re not going to live very long.”

Their family doctor, Dr. McQueen, who is also their friend, feared the worst.

“His prognosis was poor,” Dr. McQueen said. “With the stage of the cancer being advanced, once it had metastasized to another organ, he is classified as advanced stage carcinoma. For George, his treatment options were limited. Not only were those options limited, the ones that were available to him, in many cases, will take your life.”

Facing almost certain death, George got a second opinion.

“Same diagnosis, same prognosis,” George said. “The only difference was that this doctor was a little more positive and he said to me, ‘we’re going to operate.’”

“He also said, ‘okay, this is in the upper part of the liver; but if I open him up and I find any cancer anywhere else in the liver, I’m just going to close him back up because then there’ll be nothing we can do,’” Cheryl said. “I just thought, ‘I cannot lose my husband.’”

At the surgeon’s recommendation, George did not undergo chemotherapy or take any medication before surgery. Ultimately, he knew his fate was in God’s hands.

“I know that God heals,” George said. “But I’m also a realist and I know that the Bible says, ‘it’s appointed once to die, and then the judgment.’ So, I was ready to accept this – that if this is the time that God wanted to take me home, I was ready for that.”

As the surgery date approached, Cheryl prayed for God’s help.

“Our church got together and had a prayer meeting and one of the ladies in the church or maybe more than one, called The 700 Club and asked for prayer for George,” Cheryl said.

As surgeons performed the procedure, Cheryl got a phone call.

“I got off the phone and I just started crying. ‘The doctor said that his liver is perfectly normal; that there was no sign of cancer whatsoever.’ So we were just hugging each other and crying,” she said.

“The doctor said it looked like a normal, healthy liver. God had taken [the cancer], and I don’t know how He did it. I don’t know whether He just made the cancer go away. I don’t know if He gave me a new liver. It doesn’t matter to me. All I know is God is a God of miracles and he healed me,” George said.

“They believe in prayer and they trust in the sovereignty of God,” Dr. McQueen said. “There is no medical treatment or explanation for that type of result – absolutely miraculous!”

For the past two years, routine tests have shown the same result – no cancer!

“God really did heal,” Cheryl said. “I mean, when God does something, He does it right.”

“Some people today say, ‘well, miracles went out with the apostles.’ Well, I’m here to tell you that miracles did not go out with the apostles, that God is a God of miracles and He is a healer today,” George said. “He gave me a miracle – the miracle of life.”