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Smith Wigglesworth Testimonies- April 1920

Luke 10:19-22.It is more important our unity with Jesus than anything else. When our hearts are in perfect tune then we can have confidence before God. It is more important than casting out evil spirits, but it brings the casting-out of evil spirits. Greater is He that is in you than the power of Satan. …

Heaven or Hell encounter Miracle Healing Salvation

Catholic Woman Dies, Meets Jesus in Heaven and Wakes up in the Morgue!

Catholic Woman Dies, Meets Jesus in Heaven and Wakes up in the Morgue!

MUST SEE! Incredible testimony from Pauline who shares about when she died in a bus accident and went to hell, then to Heaven, had an encounter with Jesus and then woke up at the morgue. Pauline found out she didn’t really know Jesus and went to hell, but cried out and then got rescued by Jesus to learn Jesus is not impressed by religion, but desires a personal relationship with Him alone! Powerful testimony of a life restored and now lived for Jesus.

Miracle Healing Salvation Scott Levesque Signs and Wonders

Miracles on Methadone Mile

Miracles in the Boston Homeless Community!

Check out this Boston based newscast/interview that our friend Brandt Gillespie filmed, who is Audio/Video Director at Congregación León de Judá in Boston MA.

He is a media mogul with a YouTube channel called PRAYtv, doing wonderful exploits for the Kingdom of heaven and wanted to capture exactly what we were doing each week when we minister to the homeless in Boston and see miracles every week.

May this broadcast inspire many to step out in faith and watch Holy Spirit reveal the nature of Jesus, and God’s Love!

Holy Spirit Homelessness Miracle Healing Salvation

Depression Instantly Cast Out – Joy of Jesus fills his heart!

Spirit of Depression Cast Out!

We met this homeless man Jose on the streets of Springfield on Sunday. After speaking with him and giving him some food and supplies, our team with my wife Laury, Mike Ermold, and Pastor Bob Olmstead from Lighthouse Church asked if we could bless him through prayer.

As we we praying, all his depression left and he was filled with joy. Jesus is so real to us because He constantly reveals Himself like this when we pray. Holy Spirit who lives in us wants to demonstrate His Power and Love to the lost, and set the captives free.

This is the simplicity of the Gospel. When miracles like this happen, people are looking for real answers to their problems in life – we point them to Jesus, the only real solution to eternal peace, joy, and fulfillment in life. He is the way, the truth, and the life and worthy to follow. Do you know this man called Jesus? He’s amazing!

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Author Commentaries Miracle Healing Salvation Scott Levesque

Heavenly Assignments – Revival in South America!

Laury and I have been called to South America to Raise Up and Army of Believers in Faith!

We are so are excited to be going to South America to start a revival in God’s Church filled with a demonstration of the real power of the Gospel!

For the past two years we’ve been quietly training people from all over the US and Canada in the gifts of the Holy Spirit watching God build an army of believers, walking in a real demonstration of God’s power, and miracles everywhere we go..

As a result, we’ve seen thousands of miracle healings, the oppressed set free, demons cast out, prophesies fulfilled, churches strengthened, and lost souls making Jesus their Lord! …..and now we’re going international!

We’re so excited to be working with Anthony and Daisy from who are connected with some local pastors and churches in Bolivia and Brazil. We’ll be on a kingdom mission to equip the saints and share all we’ve learned about healing, prophesy, evangelism, and street ministry to reach the lost with the real Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please keep us in prayer as we venture into this new assignment from Heaven! To God be the Glory!

Blessings to all,

Scott & Laury Levesque,
Imperishable Love Ministries
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Salvation Scott Levesque

Does Going to Church Make Us Christian?

Does Going to Church Make Us a Christian?

Hey all, check out this 18 minute video of my personal testimony and how I came to Christ. I hope this message can be shared with many friends and family around the world, who go to church but have not experienced a true born again experience, and need real salvation.

Over the years we have come across hundreds of people who profess to be saved, and believe they are saved simply because they go to church, sing songs, and follow church routines. Many believe Jesus is the son of God, but hey so do demons.

The problem is that many do not know Jesus as their Lord, have never turned from their sinful ways, don’t read His word, and would not know His voice from a false prophet if one showed up. That was the state I was in for many years of my life. Like me in my past, if they have not been born again, these friends and family members are essentially lost, with no hope of eternal life if they do not understand that “showing up at church” doesn’t save.

A relationship with Jesus as Lord, is the ONLY thing that can save us. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with going to church, but the church can’t save anyone nor bring anyone eternal life, any more than a cross around your neck, a Saint past, a golden idol, or even a virgin Mother.

If you want to be saved, Jesus said you must be born again. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life”. No one can be saved on the basis of going to church, being born into a church going family, by good deeds, or because they are a “good person”. Yes you can be saved in a church, but not by the church. The only way to be saved is by making Jesus your Lord, and being born again.

Make Him your Lord if you haven’t already; Repent, be baptized, and be filled with the Holy Spirit and start living a life for Him. You will never regret it!!

Much Love,
Scott Levesque

Bones healed by prayer miracle Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing Salvation Scott Levesque The Last Reformation Tumors reduced or disappear

3 Days of Non-Stop Healing Testimonies from NH

Check out how the Spirit of God is being poured out in NH in three days 12/13 to 12/15. This is the normal Christian life if we will just believe!

We’ve been hitting the streets every Saturday since Torben Sondergaard’s visit to NH/MA in July. The number of healing experiences and salvations has been amazing and grows each week in power. So many testimonies we often don’t post most of them, but here are a few from just what my wife Laury and I witnessed this past weekend. Others on the team saw similar healing as we often move separately as “mini-pods” with unique testimonies flooding the places we visit. This actually only some of what we experienced over 7hrs on ONE Saturday! One other note worth mentioning, in the past 6 weeks we’ve seen athiests, agnostics, Muslims, and Budhists all healed in the name of Jesus! Jesus is Lord….Yay God 🙂

At the feeding center Saturday we prayed for Women with back/sciatic pain and with a tumor on her back-all pain left and after three prayers the tumor disappeared. Then she received Jesus as Lord and we asked for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, ….she got hosed and she said she felt happy.

Two women in anguish got prayed for and wept after being touched by the love of God . They got filled with the peace of Jesus.

Another mans pain went down to zero in his knees after prayer and he had far greater movement afterwards. So many people have been healed at the feeding center these past 5 weeks that each week we see less and less sick people to pray for (yay!)….they are all getting healed in the name of Jesus. One day, I know we’ll be hitting hospitals in every city and doing the same!

Later at lunch I got a word that a 55 year old man’s knee was in pain from a sports injury after High School – He was a bit freaked out that we knew that and only let us briefly pray once, but he felt relief!

Later in Walmart we saw a woman’s foot completely healed, four different women with various back pain/sciatic issues healed, three women with hip pain healed, three women with canes and knee pain healed, one man with hip and knee pain healed, I got a word of knowledge about arthritis with a sweet older women in her back – two prayers and she went from a pain level of 8 to zero and was healed, a women in a scooter with polio felt all the pain leave her back and legs after three prayers, and a sweet 92 year old women who had stomach pain got healed and was so moved that she wept and and praised God for healing her and thanked us several times with great joy in her face (she got hit hard by the presence of God). It was precious and beautiful!

On Sunday we prayed for a man with a bad knee at a local church and his knee got healed. Then at mom’s nursing home we prayed for an ankle injury on a kitchen worker who got healed, and then we prayed for a 92 Y/O women (patient) with a broken tailbone who’s pain went to zero- she also had arthritis in her hands with pain unable to move them. All pain left after 3-4 prayers and she had total movement and said they felt very hot! Jesus! Amazingly we’ve been praying for a chance to raise the dead and the night ended with God giving us a chance to pray to raise someone who died while at the nursing home while we were still there. We had faith she would rise and layed hands on her since she was in the bed beside mom’s, but I believe she was already in heaven and wouldn’t come back (hey I can’t blame her!)…I believe we’ll see the dead raised here soon enough because Jesus said so….next one!

Then, last night at mom’s nursing home a nurses attendant got healed of oppressive fatigue, and calf cramps and then an LNA got healed of sciatic pain and hip degenerative pain. We are starting to see more and more staff members (and patients) healed at the nursing home! Jesus is alive and well in NH!

…all creation anxiously awaited for what is being revealed today – Just Believe!

This is a video of a typical healing in Walmart (three weeks ago)!

Bones healed by prayer miracle Miracle Healing Salvation

More Book of ACTS moments in Manchester NH!

Healings in Manchester, New Hampshire, with Eric Wilding, Scott and Laury Levesque, Joseph R, Garth and friends.

Watch what happens as a boy comes looking to be healed after his friends were healed in Jesus’ name. What an awesome day we experienced in Manchester with Eric. The video begins right after we had already seen about 30 people healed of various conditions at the “Food for Children” event at the JFK Coliseum. One woman we prayed for had a “withered arm” that had no functions due to a terrible accidental severing of her nerves in a surgical procedure 12 years earlier. After about 5 minutes of constant prayer she started to get feeling back in the forearm. After about 10 minutes she started to move her hand for the first time in 12 years. by the time we finished, she was lifting her arm again! Jesus is Lord!!!

The video ends with the same young boy who avoided us 2 hours earlier, coming back to receive healing for his wrist. But he received more than just healing, he got Jesus and the fire of the Holy Spirit! This is the life we are all called to live out by becoming light in the darkness and spreading the good news of Jesus to the lost. Come on Church, let’s run – we can do this 🙂
Scott & Laury Levesque


CBN Healing Testamony Heaven or Hell encounter Miracle Healing Salvation

Tamara Laroux – Surviving a Suicide Attempt

Tamara Laroux tired to end her life and ended up in hell….

A story of attempted suicide leading to a horrific experience of hell between the time she was bleeding out and when she recovered.

Listen to her powerful testimony of how Tamara was totally deceived by the lies of the enemy and ended up tormented and suicidal as a result. She first went to hell, because she had not submitted her life to the love of God, found only in surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. But then somehow through God’s amazing Mercy, He heard her prayer and not only saved her from eternal death but also healed her. Watch this fascinating testimony of God’s amazing Love! Jesus is Lord.

Miracle Healing Salvation

Resurrection Drama: The Miracle of God’s Love

This Resurrection drama film was completely filmed and created by the beautiful people in my church (Crossing Life Church) in Windham NH.

It’s 20 minutes long but well worth the time. The ending is spectacular…..

It’s true-,the God of Love can change any heart, even yours and mine!
The Spirit of the Lord is upon you!

Crossing LIFE Church Drama Resurrection Sunday

CBN Healing Testamony Heaven or Hell encounter Miracle Healing Salvation

Atheist Ian McCormack – Left Dead on a Morgue Slab, Travels to Hell & Back

Ian McCormack’s heart stopped and pronounced dead, found himself in Hell crying out to God….b
ut then he met Jesus!

Wow, don’t miss this amazing story of God’s love and the power of prayer from loved ones. God sent His son so that each of us could come to know His love and the saving grace of his death, burial, and resurrection. He is the way, the truth, and the life….don’t miss experiencing the depth of His love for you. Ask Him into your life, ask Him to reveal his amazing love, ask Him to cleanse your sins, and ask Him to set you free!

Ian McCormack (The Lazarus Phenomenon Film) was an atheist, living a totally worldly lifestyle, when he got stung by 5 deadly jellyfish, and died. Listen to his story as he describes his experience in hell, but then had an encounter with God through his Christian mother’s prayers! Amazingly he found forgiveness and came back to live a life of love! What a love story! The end message is that we all have the same opportunity today, to lay down our lives for the sake of love. Come on church, let’s run the race Paul mentioned in 1 Corinthians and lay it all down for love!

In 1982, Ian McCormack of the film The Lazarus Phenomenon was an adventurous 26-year-old. He was diving for lobster on the island of Mauritius (in the southwest Indian Ocean) one evening and was stung by five box jellyfish – one of the most venomous creatures in the world. Its poison can kill a person in four minutes. When an ambulance came, his body was completely paralyzed, and necrosis had started to set into his bone marrow.

On the way to the hospital, McCormack began to see his life flash before him. He knew he was near death. He was an atheist and didn’t know whether or not there was an afterlife. As he lay dying, he saw a vision of his mother, who was the only Christian in his family, praying for him. She encouraged McCormack to cry out to God from his heart and God would hear him and forgive him. He didn’t know what to pray, so he cried out that if God was real, God would help him pray. Instantly, God showed McCormack the Lord’s Prayer.


The ambulance reached the hospital and they brought McCormack inside. The doctors tried to save his life by injecting anti-toxins and dextrose into his body, but it didn’t help. Within a few minutes, hisbody lay lifeless for about 15 minutes.

During this time, McCormack was in a very dark place, and he didn’t know where he was. As he reached out, he found he wasn’t touching anything. When he tried to touch his face, his hand would go right through it. McCormack began to sense that it wasn’t just a physical darkness, but a spiritual darkness. He had a cold eerie feeling that there was something or someone else there, and it or he was looking at McCormack.


Then, a luminous beam of light radiated through the darkness and started to lift him upward. He found himself being translated up into it. McCormack then entered an opening and found himself inside a long narrow tunnel. At the far end of the tunnel he could see the source of the light. Then he watched as a wave of the light broke off the source and moved up the tunnel towards him. This light passed through McCormack, and he could feel a wave of warmth and comfort flood his soul.

Coming out of the end of this tunnel, he found himself standing in the presence of awesome light and power. He wondered if this was just an energy source in the universe or if perhaps there could be someone standing in the midst of this light. A voice immediately responded to his thought and asked him, “Ian, do you wish to return?” McCormack responded, “I don’t know where I am, but if I am out of my physical body, I wish to return.”

The voice then said, “If you wish to return, you must see in a new light.” ” Words appeared in front of him, “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all (1 John 1:5).” McCormack had never read a Bible before in his life so he didn’t know these words came straight out of it.

Want to learn more about Ian McCormack’s powerful vision? Check out the DVD, The Lazaraus Phenomenon.

Holy Spirit Miracle Healing Salvation

Setting Captives Free 3 – Homeless Woman Sees the Love of Jesus Demonstrated

Setting Captives Free 3: Homeless woman touched by God’s Love!

This testimony is from my sister in Christ Valerie Renee Tyler who gave me permission to share the story. If you want witness a modern day event filled with the Love of Jesus, then look into Valerie’s eyes with me, and experience your soul being filled with “His light” as you read her testimony….you will see Jesus when you look into her eyes, I promise!
“Here in California w/relatives. but the harvest is plentiful elsewhere. While waiting to be picked up for lunch w/a former co-worker, young lady walks by, and I asked her had anyone told how beautiful she was. She just sat down and begin to tell me her story. She at 35 y/o is homeless (she had her belongings in a pillow case). She has an addiction and is in an abusive relationship, plus estranged from her family. I just started sharing Jesus w/her and just loved on her. As I prayed for her she began to cry and laid on my shoulder.

By now my friend and sister in Christ arrives. I explain what’s going on. We end up taking her to lunch. She was hungry. She kept saying thank you. She was not use to being around someone who gives and expects nothing in return.

On the way back to where I’m staying, I knew I was going to let her shower because she was dirty. I waited til all my family left and let her shower. I’m glad my daughter is out of town. She would not take kindly to me having a ‘stranger’ in the house. She’s sleeping right now. She told me she hadn’t slept in a couple days (she was sleeping while eating). I’m going to drop her off after my granddaughter comes back, give her a few $$$ (I was blessed w/$100), and thank God for setting Christina free. She told me I had such a Presence which I know is the One who lives w/in me. Yay God”

Addendum to prior post.
“My heart is hurting. Had to wake Christina up after allowing her to sleep almost three hours. She slept hard. She wanted her nails polished. Just happened to have the color she wanted. Blessed her w/couple pair of shoes my daughter just happened to be giving away which was just her size. If didn’t want to have to wake her up. She said it was so peaceful. I had to drop her off, but the day is coming when I will have those homes of refuge and restoration, filled w/many, many good things where they will not have to leave until they have been set free and restored.”

Holy Spirit Miracle Healing Salvation Scott Levesque

Setting Captives Free by Scott Levesque

Setting Captives Free
By Scott L

For those of us who are believers, Jesus has called us to “be a light in the world”, to set the captives free, and to go out as He did to defeat the works of the devil.

Today I share these two testimonies (below) to bring glory to the name of Jesus because His word says if we fear not, we shall overcome the enemy and set captives free!
“And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death. (Revelation 12:11)” May each of us grow into a greater revelation of such a divine purpose for our lives’.

Supporting Scriptures:

“Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” ( Matthew 5:15-16) The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim release to the captives, And recovery of sight to the blind, To set free those who are oppressed, (Isaiah 61:1 & Luke 4:18)

“… God anointed Him with the Holy Spirit and with power, and how He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.” (ACTS 10:38)

“I am going to send you to the Gentiles, to open their eyes so they may turn from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God. Then they will receive forgiveness for their sins and be given a place among God’s people, who are set apart by faith in me.” ( ACTS 26:18 )

For two Fridays in a row, I was thrust into the darkest places which I can only describe as “standing in the enemy camp among the fires of hell”.

In both cases, the people involved we literally led out of the captivity of darkness (by the Holy Spirit), into the saving light of Jesus Christ. In both cases, the light of heaven overtook darkness and revealed the love of God to men who had become deceived and stuck in darkness. The Bible says “yet while they were still sinners, God so loved the world he sent His son”. This scripture reveals the very nature of God’s love for  the world but I also believe it is a message for us as followers as well. Since we are His son’s and daughters, we are called to affect the same world by sharing the good news of His love for them, and in doing so use the truth found in Jesus’ finished work to set captives free from oppression, the affects of sin. It sounds complicated but is actually pretty simple if we reduce it all to revealing God’s truth in love.

First testimony:.

In this story, I was at a place of business where I openly shared the love of Jesus several months back with the company vice president, planting seeds of hope for a man clearly tormented by life’s circumstances. Although the gentleman was raised as a Catholic, and attending church, he was living a life oppressed by the difficulties most of us have experienced at times in life. His faith and church attendance did not seem to have him walking in the true joy of his salvation, a place most people don’t believe is possible to experience while we are afflicted. The truth is, we can experience such joy in our walk as demonstrated by Paul himself who was singing while chained in prison, when we are truly set free with truth.

My friend at the time was open and appreciative when I shared the truth of God’s love for him, and helped him understand just how to walk in such ways that he had never heard or experienced before. I tried to explain that much of the turmoil he was experiencing was common for all of us in life, but that the turmoil doesn’t have to rob our peace. Scripture says we will all experience tribulation – we don;t have to look far to know we are in the middle of a war for souls here on earth, and often we each can face significant difficulties at times.

One of our greatest misunderstandings as believers, is that we often allow such difficulties to define our relationship with God. What we often fail to perceive is that such difficulties are only the enemy trying to separate us from the love of Jesus, and take our eyes off God and off our true destiny. The devil actually uses tribulation in life as “an intentional distraction”, knowing most believers will simply become so crushed much by the weight of difficulties, we’ll take our eyes off God and try to exist by our own means. Once the enemy gets us isolated that place, isolated and filled with self pity, we then will often come to a place where in misunderstand the source of trouble, and we begin to curse God for allowing such events to take place. The devil is simply a con artist who knows how to subtly twist truths in life to turn our hearts from God. Repentance in it’s purest form, is simply learning how to “turn our hearts” back to God when face with such deceptions in life. This is why Jesus said, “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light”.

I simply shared some these words of life and encouragement of the Gospel with my friend and told him “don’t buy the lie, it’s the enemy trying to keep you from God”!  He got it, and seemed to be touched and understood the truth in my words….at that time, he looked like a light went off in his head and he then profusely thanked me for taking the time to shed some light on his troubles. I believe he experienced his first taste of the freedom of Jesus’ message for us, similar to a captive being set free from bondage.

Fast forward four months, and this same gentleman recognizing truth in what I shared in the fall, now asked me if I would pray for him for some of his recent struggles. We went into a private location, and he began to share with me how he was now recognizing the voice of the enemy trying to deceive him with turmoil and feelings of offense, especially regarding his wife, yet he couldn’t seem to stop the voices and feelings. He said he felt so tormented, angry, and depressed over the past several months, and felt somewhat stuck in it all. But he also mentioned that through each tribulation, he could hear my voice reminding him that the enemy was simply at work trying to deceive him from truth, and keep him from God,  in the middle all of the chaos. For anyone to get this part, is actually really good progress and the first step to getting set free from the negative affects of difficulties in life.

As out time continued, my friend shared the difficult details with me how his addiction to pornography had led him into such a dark emotional place, that he asked his wife to participate in unthinkable acts. His mind had become so deceived by the lusts of pornography, that it entered his marriage like a cancer ready to kill. Through pornography, his marriage clearly became ensnared by the enemy, which led to even greater acts of sin and darkness, which also led the marriage to a very dark  place. We should never forget, the job description of the devil is to “kill, steal, and destroy”, and if we don’t guard our hearts and become deceived by the lusts of the flesh and the world, we lose our focus on God and then provide “the foothold” for the enemy to deceive us…..and he (the destroyer) will happily oblige to step up to the task. Scripture says it’s the goodness of God that leads a man to repentance. When men truly begin to lay hold of this truth, and see just how good life can be walking closer to God, then sin no longer has the same allure, and these same men who were actively sinning, begin to walk a more pure life with greater joy. It is true freedom in life.

I have to admit, just listening to the story was a shock to me as I was seeing and smelling the horrible affects of darkness within a man so deceived by sin that he was completely ensnared, and broken to the point of losing his marriage. I live a really simple life these days, far from the influences of the world, fiercely protecting my heart from such worldly lusts, and I had forgotten just how harsh the world can be when living a deceived life, following the ways of this world that many folks believe to be harmless. I am so thankful that there is another way we can live, free from bondage, rooted and grounded in the life of Jesus, rooted and grounded in peace and love, overflowing with joy. I am so thankful I have been restored!

Well, the end of the story is that I simply spent about 45 minutes “loving the lost” and “ministering truth” bringing light into the dark places of deception deep within his misunderstandings. I simply took time to help him see clearly and separated darkness from light in his life. I shared what Jesus taught about “love keeping no account of wrongs”, and how if he was truly born again, he is now a child of God, and a citizen of heaven, no longer born of the family of Adam who belong to this world. who are helpless to sin. I revealed that as a child of God, he is no longer subject to the bondage of sin nor it’s affects. Jesus died to remove the bondage of sin that this man was suffering, but no one had taken the time to tell him that fact. (dead to sin, alive to Christ Rom 6:11) Often, simply understanding that we are now new creations in Christ can set many people free who were/are stuck in bondage and believe they are still old creations of this world. Knowing our identity can often set Christians completely free! (check out my article on “Was Jesus really the death of sin in my life?” )

We prayed together for redemption, forgiveness, and restoration, and by faith I know God heard our prayers and the Holy Spirit will help set this man and his marriage free from sin and the bondage of offense and deception. He already shared with me that he no longer watches pornography! Where there is a will, there is a way with God!

The Bible says “the power of life and death is in the tongue”…I really understand that now that now I’ve seen countless people set free in the past two years, simply through explaining truth and releasing blessings in their lives with the power of faithful prayers. When we begin speaking “Kingdom life”, truth, and God’s purposes into their souls, it works in agreement with God’s desires and releases the power of the Holy Spirit to restore lives. It’s far greater than seeing the affects of positive verses negative thinking, it’s actually bringing heaven to earth!  God is a God of life and a God of Love, and He has called us who are His children, to use our voices (through love) to set the captives free who do not understand the real freedom we can attain from sin, simply by knowing we are children of God, guarding our hearts, and most importantly, surrendering our thoughts, our will, and our lives to Jesus, so that He can transform us into His holy people and bring more of heaven, into a dark world.

Some need more teaching than others, but there is always hope for even the darkest situations with one solution for all, …..that answer is found in Jesus. Let’s run with our destiny, and become the face of love for a lost world!

Scott L

Part 2

In the second incident, my friend Tom asked if Mike Tiso and I could stop by his neighbor’s house after attending a spirit filled healing service earlier that night. Although we totally immersed in light from such a powerful service, as we walked into the house, I was totally shocked by the atmosphere and the events that began to unfold.

To help further set the stage, Tom had been praying for this house for four years, and he invited us over to meet them for this specific purpose (i.e. “pulling the family out of the flames of deception” which had over-run their lives)….He and Mike just forgot to mention that minor detail to me before entering the house, which felt a bit like walking into the devils playground!

You  may think that sounds naive, but Oh My Gosh… the house was filled with total chaos and it looked a bit like a non-fiction horror movie playing though my eyes. Honestly, it’s hard to fully describe the sense of real darkness we had just stepped in to in a large home filled with six teenage boys. Here’s the scene, four boys were participating in and cheering on, a “staged gladiator fight” between the pet black cat and two mice. They had placed all three in man-made corral, trying to entice the cat to rip apart and eat the poor mice, laughing uncontrollably at the pending death trap! While they were cheering on the fight, one other boy was completely enchanted playing a south park video on a 50” screen while the sound was blaring in our ears 10 feet away. Another boy was playing some really loud drums 20 feet away, and just to round out the picture, the father was singing Karaoke tunes on some other loud speakers! Oh but wait, it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share that the oldest  boy who was a neighbor, was showing us his 8” “satanic pentagram” that he had drawn in magic marker, on his stomach! It was total darkness!

None the less,  as the three of us went in (Mike, Tom, and myself) we all knew we were on assignment from God to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus, so we began to minister “truth in love”.

OK if I’m honest, I have to admit it was a bit hard for me at first to adjust and minister in such a place of total darkness, but after seeing Mike Tiso fearlessly thrust himself into the darkness and immediately preaching the gospel to the teenage boys, I knew that game was on! I literally went out of the house, shook off the cobwebs, hit the “reset button” in my head, and went back in a few minutes later with full armor God and a new sense of mission! I came to understand the burden of Tom’s heart for this family, who for four years was setting the stage for this night through his prayers, and I knew as a team our mission was to bring light into this home. And oh what a night began to unfold……


First, Tom get’s us through the gates and makes the introductions, then Mike walks in like a fearless gladiator who instead of taking one step back like I did at first, took three steps forward and entered the lion’s den! Mike took on the teenage boys, while Tom took on the girlfriend, and I eventually connected with the dad. In a short time, Mike was full tilt, sharing the message of salvation with the younger boys. It was astonishing to watch Mike while fire burned within him for these young souls! Pure poetry in action!

All this was happening while the dad watched from a distance. It began inspiring me to go deeper with the father of the boys while Mike was speaking with them so during that time, I was sharing healing testimonies that rocked the dad so much he got goose bumps, so I used those testimonies (as I normally do!) to springboard into God’s love and real message of freedom, helping him understand what Jesus really accomplished, verses “man-made religious doctrines”. By now, the girlfriend had left so Tom began moving back and forth in the house, infusing his words of truth where ever any “dark holes” appeared in the house!!

Well, eventually we all rotated among the residents in the rooms (more than once) and openly ministered the Gospel of God’s love to them from multiple angels for over two and a half hours. It was like we had become three parts of one well oiled machine, pouring out light everywhere we walked and talked! So cool!

When we began, the father of the house was clearly dying inside from such horrific happenings he shared with us that were done against him from his ex wife (who happens to be a witch). For eight years his ex and her husband have been plotting against him in wicked ways attacking him through defamation and trying to harm him in every way to ruin his life and it had been working. She even showed up one night at his front door, in her wedding dress, covered in blood. Tell me the devil doesn’t use deceived people for his puppets. Clearly this man had been tormented for 8 years by demonic forces trying to ruin his life.

But then, Jesus showed up in the form of three men, to help set him and his home free! We ministered truth, we broke strongholds of deception, strongholds of a broken heart, strongholds of a man tormented by the real abuses, we broke curses of a deranged ex-wife who was consuming his thoughts and his heart with bitterness, we broke chains of oppression, and we ministered the peace and love that Jesus died for on the cross, teaching him how to lay it all at down through Jesus. We prayed and prayed more, set this broken man free from torment, and released the Kingdom of heaven in his home. Many may think this to be no more than a theatrical show of good intentions, but I assure you this is all very real in God’s Kingdom. By the end, his face visibly looked like the face of a new man, set free, full of hope for a new life.

It was amazing! Although this assignment wasn’t very tidy (in fact it was pretty stinky at some points) after two+ hours, the entire household was visibly transformed, the teenage boys seemed at peace, light pieced the darkness, and this broken man had his hope in life renewed. At the end of the night, his very words were “it feels like I’ve hit a new turning point tonight!”


Who knew God could use three unlikely men of God, completely unique, each equipped very differently for the Kingdom, ministering gifts to a household like a revolving wheel of light, yet in total unity of purpose to pull this family out of the flames of hell?

It was like walking into the enemy camp, a war zone, and setting captives/prisoners free in the spirit realm, yet it was beautifully poetic as a ballet while the spirit orchestrated every detail!

You just can’t make this stuff up when led by the spirit; following Jesus is indeed an adventure! The Bible says that “some plant, some water, but it is God who gives the increase”…I’m believing that this house is now a reclaimed territory for Jesus, about to produce a lot of fruit for the Kingdom! Amen

Scott L


Salvation Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth: Can God “tame us” us from the inside out?

“Blessed are the Meek”

Can God “tame us” us from the inside out? See what old Smith Wigglesworth had to say in his testimonies about the sermon Jesus taught “Blessed are the Meek”!

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Moses was headstrong in his zeal for his own people, and it resulted in his killing a man. His heart was right in his desire to correct things, but he was working on natural lines, and when we work on natural lines we always fail. Moses had a mighty passion, and that is one of the best things in the world when God has control and it becomes a passion for souls to be born again; but apart from God it is one of the worst things. Paul had it to a tremendous extent, and, breathing out threatening, he was hailing men and women to prison. But God changed it, and later we find him wishing himself accursed from Christ for the sake of his brethren, his kinsmen according to the flesh. God took the headstrong Moses and molded him into the meekest of men. He took the fiery Saul of Tarsus and made him the foremost exponent of grace. Oh, brothers, God can transform you in like manner, and plant in you a divine meekness and every other thing that you lack.

In our Sunday school we had a boy with red hair. His head was as red as fire and so was his temper. He was such a trial. He kicked his teachers and the superintendent. He was simply uncontrollable. The teachers had a meeting in which they discussed the matter of expelling him. They thought that God might undertake for that boy and so they decided to give him another chance. One day he had to be turned out, and he broke all the windows of the mission. He was worse outside than in. Some time later we had a ten-days revival meeting. There was nothing much doing in that meeting and people thought it a waste of time, but there was one result–the redheaded lad got saved. After he was saved, the difficulty was to get rid of him at our house. He would be there until midnight crying to God to make him pliable and use him for His glory. God delivered the lad from his temper and made him one of the meekest, most beautiful boys you ever saw. For twenty years he has been a mighty missionary in China. God takes us just as we are and transforms us by His power.

I can remember the time when I used to go white with rage, and shake all over with temper. I could hardly hold myself together. I waited on God for ten days. In those ten days I was being emptied out and the life of the Lord Jesus was being wrought into me. My wife testified of the transformation that took place in my life, “I never saw such a change. I have never been able to cook anything since that time that has not pleased him. Nothing is too hot or too cold, everything is just right.” God must come and reign supreme in your life. Will you let Him do it? He can do it, and He will if you will let Him. It is no use trying to tame the “old man.” But God can deal with him. The carnal mind will never be subjected to God, but God will bring it to the cross where it belongs, and will put in its place, the pure, the holy, the meek mind of the Master.

Holy Spirit Miracle Healing Salvation

Rescued from the pit!

Broken life filled with despair, saved by God!

Tracy Judkins’ life was at the climax of despair and hopelessness, …drug addictions, violence, and lost custody of her son, finally found her in prison where she cried out to a God she never knew and wasn’t sure existed, but then He showed up and Jesus rescued her life….. She now lives for Him!

Watch this touching testimony of one woman’s battle overcome by the love of God!

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