Here is a message the Lord gave me this morning. It’s a sobering message for the believers and the church, and a wake up call for the coming days ahead. Are we bearing fruit for the King and His Kingdom, or will we become the fig tree that was cursed by Jesus Himself?

Your life lived will answer that question. The days ahead will need true followers of Jesus who can bring His light into the dark days ahead. We are entering a time where faith will be tested and the church will be shaken, and countless souls will need the resurrection power of Jesus operating on this earth, to escape the perils of lawlessness.

Is the church ready? Can we carry the power and the hope of the gospel into the darkness? The answer is no, most of the church is not ready, and is still stuck in the system and dry bones of religion, but yes, if she awakens to the Lord’s call to rise up in faith and power, then yes, this will be the finest hour for Jesus’ church, and His bride will be revealed! Are you ready?