Documented Healings By God

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Deafness healed Miracle Healing

Hearing Restored in US Army Vet in Massachusettes

Hearing restored in Vet after 15 years of total deafness in one ear!!

This is the testimony of Maurice who was awarded the “Distinguished Silver Cross” from the US Army. He is a homeless vet we met on the streets, who had suffered traumatic injuries while in combat. When we first met him, he had just heard a testimony of a man who was set free from anger when we prayed four months earlier. Maurice didn’t believe it and thought it was all nonsense. In fact, he was very discouraged and said there were no “good people” in the world and he was quite angry looking at first while we shared the love of Christ with him.

We encouraged him and shared the amazing truth about what Jesus had accomplished, and how there are many people in the world like Laury and I demonstrating the love of Christ through miracles, signs and wonders. Eventually he let us pray for his broken ankle and after speaking with him for a while, all his pain left.

Once that happened, we were able to pray for some other things and bless his future. In the end, he got so touched by the love of Jesus that he said that he really liked us and he was happy that we had stopped to talk and pray! That was a complete turn around from someone who originally said miracles were a bunch of $&@ bull!

That’s the transforming power of faith from Jesus that every believing Christian can enjoy if you are wish to be equipped, and activated to step out in faith and lay your hands on a sick person. It’s so simple any Christian can do it if you are open and willing to try!

This is Maurice’s testimony after Laury and I met him in the park and prayed for his ear! Jesus is amazing!

Bones healed by prayer miracle Deafness healed Miracle Healing

Man’s Hearing Restored and Back Healed in Manchester NH

Two with deafness healed in Manchester NH!
The Kingdom of Heaven is near….Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Yesterday we took out a beautiful family (Lori, her husband Peter, and their two children) who had contacted us to hit the streets and get Kickstarted praying for the sick.

What a productive day we had with The Lord! Each family member saw from 2-6 people get healed for a total of 12-15 healed that I can personally recall.

At one point my wife Laury and Lori M. prayed for a man I who believe was born mostly deaf and had a hearing aid in one ear. When they prayed, he said he heard popping in his ear and then instantly started hearing without his hearing aid! Yay God.

My wife Laury and Garth kept lining up people in need and we saw each family member individually pray for backs, hips, feet, legs, and knees and Jesus healed every one! It was awesome 🙂

Later we came across this man Eddy in a wheelchair scooter who had back pain at a level eight out if ten. Peter prayed and all pain left after three short prayers. Then we all prayed for his ears (including our friends Dennis and June) and his hearing gradually started to come back each time we prayed. After a few prayers I asked what percent was back and he said 50%. We kept pressing in for his healing and after about four more prayers he said it was 100% back! Jesus is the healer.

In a later conversation Eddy (the man just healed), asked when are you guys going to start holding healing services, he said “there’s a need and I would bring my friends and family” …..When the Lord opens that door, we will enter 🙂

For now, we are going to the streets and the marketplaces seeking the lost, the hurt, the broken hearted, and the poor.

Send more Lord, send more!

Deafness healed Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Hearing Restored: 3 Remove Hearing Aids in NH!

Luke 7:22
So He replied to them, Go and tell John what you have seen and heard: the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the good news (the Gospel) preached to them.

As Christians and children of God, that is also our great privilege to grow in faith, believe, and do the same works (and greater) of Jesus just as He proclaimed. Our team has been consistently stepping out seeing greater and greater miracles. Two years ago the miracles were sporadic for me personally but we just kept pressing in for more, and today we are seeing regular miracles weekly.

Last month (Jan 2015), we met a man in a mall on New Years Eve. We asked if he had pain but he said no – however I knew something wasn’t right. So I said, there is something you are not telling us. He said, “I have been waiting a long time for my miracle.” “Oh yah”, I said “what’s that?” He said he was born deaf in his left ear. I said, “Oh, that’s an easy one, let us pray” (I’m not sure why I was so confident since I had only seen us pray for one other person who got hearing back!) But one quick command/blessing and he got 50% of his hearing back, 3 more quick blessings and it all came back! Jesus is Lord!

If that wasn’t enough, we asked him if he ever heard of the baptism of the Holy Spirit? – he had not, but he asked us to pray for it after explaining the benefits and he received it, and it was evidenced by the gift of tongues. He received his private prayer language of tongues, right in the mall! You can’t make this stuff up..people are getting set free from sickness and bondage everywhere we go! The baptism of the Holy Spirit is becoming a regular occurrence on the streets, in malls, and in homes as we step out in faith, God is pouring out His Spirit in these days, in many such ways….and there’s nothing special about us, such gifts of faith are for all of us, I promise! Just believe! …the Kingdom of Heaven truly is near!

Well, that raised our faith so much that 3 weeks later my wife Laury and I prayed for one women with double hearing aids in Walmart who got all her hearing back (she happened to be a lovely Nun full of life), and then two hours later we met a sweet elderly couple 91 years old. The man’s knees got healed, and as they were walking away we noticed they had hearing aids in both ears. We ran back over to them and prayed for the man first and he got all his hearing back and was astonished and grateful. Then his wife asked if we could pray for her ears and as her hearing become significantly better, and her sweet husband was so moved that his eyes filed with tears of joy. What a beautiful couple we encountered who were married for 70 years, full of love for each other and full of light! And what a privilege to follow Jesus and see such joy when someone gets healed by Him.

I believe this is the Christian life we are called to live, full of signs and wonders! Week after week we now see dozens of backs, hips, knees, feet, stomachs, shoulders, wrists, and arms healed and we are so delighted, but we also expect to see greater. We expect cancer, MS, MD, lung disease, heart disease, CP, Autism, and any other so called incurable diseases to bow down to the name of Jesus. It’s already starting to happen and getting stronger…. don’t miss the call. Step out in faith and simply start believing in what Jesus did, believe in what He said we would do, believe in what He accomplished for us, then proclaim it and the miracles will follow. Don’t give up, don’t give in, and don’t be discouraged – keep at it and signs will follow those who believe – that’s a promise from God Himself.

Friends I believe that Faith is rising in the body, and God wants us “all in”! So come on and ride the wave….just step out and pray for someone today and watch Jesus meet you in the middle!
Scott L

Bethel Church Body parts restored by documented miracle Deafness healed Miracle Healing

Hearing Loss from Vietnam War Healed!

Hearing Loss from Vietnam War Healed and Shoulder Injury Healed at the Same Time!

Watch the testimony of how this man’s hearing loss was fully restored and his shoulder injury of many years also was healed….watch his big smile as he describes he can now put his previously injured arm, around his lovely wife – very sweet! God is good!

Bethel Church Bill Johnson Body parts restored by documented miracle Deafness healed Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing

Lifetime Hearing Loss Fully Restored Through Prayer by Jesus!

Bethel Healing Rooms: David Thorn, Hearing Restored, Hearing Aids Removed!
Watch this heart felt testimony of a young father who describes receiving the gift of hearing from Jesus in the Healing Rooms at Bethel Church in Redding CA. He can hear the sounds and voices of his children like never before! Yay God