In my name shall they cast out Devils – John G Lake

On the following night a young man came to me inquiring, “do you believe that motto up there?” pointing to a painted motto in large letters on the wall. It was. “In my name shall they cast out Devils”. I said yes Brother, I do.
He said “are you sure, for I am in earnest?”
I replied “My Brother. with all the earnestness of my soul I do.”

“Well” he replied “I have a Brother in the asylum. He has been there two years and the doctors cannot give us any hope, or in fact, seem to be at a loss for the reason for his conditon.”

I then inquired under what circumstances his brother had went in. He told me that the brother had been attending a revival meeting and was seeking sanctification, and was a religious man who had trained his family in the fear of the Lord. That he had suddenly went insane, then they had to put him in the asylum and his family were in great financial distress.

The Spirit of the Lord impressed on me it was a case of devil possession, and we arranged the Brother should be brought to the meeting on Sunday afternoon. He came in charge of his Brother, his sister and an attendant. He came at once and was persuaded to kneel at the altar. I then called a number of Saints whom I knew to be vigorous in faith for healing and casting out of demons. Brother & sister Flower, their Son Roswell, Miss Alice Reynolds, and others. Then I stepped down put my hands on his head and rebuked, bound, and cast the devil out. He was instantly delivered and sat up quietly.

Three days after he was discharged from the asylum and went home well, returned to his work in a grain elevator. Four months afterward. his mother, sister, and brother returned to the Mission to praise God, saying he was perfectly, permanently delivered. The power to cast out demons continues to abide upon me.

From John G Lake’s Life and Diary – Talbert Morgan(somewhere between 1907-1910 in Idianapolis)

Talbert Morgan
AuthorHouse, 2005 – Religion – 188 pages
The life & diary of John G. Lake is a tremendous revelation into John G. Lake’s spirit & soul. Without this book which actually shows his hand written diary, it will be very difficult for us to know John G. Lake or understand him as a person.
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