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Miracle Healing

Young man walks without crutches- astonished by miracle healing, receives Jesus as Lord!!

Lowell MA – Young man walks without crutches after miracle healing!

Laury and I were visiting Lowell General Hospital when we bumped into this young man who was in pain walking with crutches. He said he couldn’t put weight on his knee or straighten it due to an injury playing soccer the day before. He described the pain as a 6-7 out of 10 (10 being the worst)

After two quick prayers, he was so shocked the he started walking without the crutches- we never asked him to, he just did it and kept saying it was a miracle and asking how that was possible! We told him it was Jesus! He left with great thanks but returned after a few minutes, again astonished asking how this was possible….all things are possible through Jesus 🙂

This young man grew up in a Buddhist family in Hong Kong, but after this miracle, ten minutes later asked us to lead him to Jesus as his Lord. It was a celebration both on earth, and in Heaven! After praying for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, he had what he called “an unusual vision/image” when his eyes were closed, of three angels surrounded by a great white light. We told him Jesus was the source of the light….the light of the world!!

Earlier that night, Shing was lost as a sinner of this world but by the grace of God, was born again and adopted into the Kingdom of heaven and became a son of God with eternal life! That is why we are told the angels rejoice when even one sinner turns to God….Yay God!!!

John 8:12
I Am the Light of the World
12 Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
Scott & Laury L
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Miracle Healing Scott Levesque The Last Reformation

Man’s Knee Pain Healed During Training!

More Healing from NH!

Our new friends Steve and Daisy came all the way from Yonkers NY for us to train them in healing the sick and preaching the Gospel on the streets (we call it Kickstart Training). It was the first time they had ever seen Jesus using them for healing like this, and after seeing Jesus use them to heal about a dozen people earlier in the day, this was one of their encounters later in the afternoon in a Manchester NH park! It was an awesome training day. Yay Jesus… He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Miracle Healing

Knee & Back Healed by Jesus Through 16 Year Old boy!

16 Year Old Boy Experiences 1st Physical Healing by Jesus!

In this video, at the beginning the woman was in terrible pain in her knee and he back but by the end she was completely pain free, could bend her knee, and walked perfectly normal. This is pretty typical when we hit the streets.

Our new friends wanted to come out with us and experience some real healing by Jesus, so we showed them just how easy it is for people to get healed when you step out in faith and keep it simple. We call it “getting Kickstarted” and we love teaching others how simple it is to see Jesus use us for healing others.

In this video, 16 year old Sam who had never experienced an instant healing like this, was pretty excited talking about it afterwards. He prayed for another 4-5 people with similar results that morning! It was such a good “first time” experience that I’m certain it raised Sam’s faith to a whole new level! Just believe….. 🙂

Bones healed by prayer miracle Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Knee Healed – Woman walks away perfectly without her cane!

Woman’s Knee Healed Scheduled for Replacement!

This was a fun testimony to experience at the Topsfield fair in MA. Laury and I approached this woman in pain and asked why she needed the cane as she was sitting on a bench. She explained that she had 2 bad knees and that she recently had one kneed replaced and was scheduled for an appointment on Tuesday to discuss replacing the other knee.

We asked her if we could pray explaining all the pain would go away and that we recently prayed for another knee that was totally healed also scheduled for replacement. She agreed – She said she was in a lot of pain at a level 8 on a scale of 1-10 before prayer. We both layed hands on her knee, prayed in the name of Jesus and the pain went down to about a 4, then one more quick prayer and all the pain left. We told her to stand up and test it. She was so shocked (I love seeing that part!) and kept insisting it felt totally healed, we kept saying “we know”! It was so much fun to see the hope restored in her eyes.

We spent a bit more time ministering to her and her daughter and prayed over both to bless them. She walked away perfectly without a cane and without a limp and said she no longer felt like she had “bone on bone” and was so very happy 🙂 I believe she got a new knee from God that night!knee healed