16 Year Old Boy Experiences 1st Physical Healing by Jesus!

In this video, at the beginning the woman was in terrible pain in her knee and he back but by the end she was completely pain free, could bend her knee, and walked perfectly normal. This is pretty typical when we hit the streets.

Our new friends wanted to come out with us and experience some real healing by Jesus, so we showed them just how easy it is for people to get healed when you step out in faith and keep it simple. We call it “getting Kickstarted” and we love teaching others how simple it is to see Jesus use us for healing others.

In this video, 16 year old Sam who had never experienced an instant healing like this, was pretty excited talking about it afterwards. He prayed for another 4-5 people with similar results that morning! It was such a good “first time” experience that I’m certain it raised Sam’s faith to a whole new level! Just believe….. 🙂