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Terminal Brain Stem Injury Patient Returns from Heaven: Julie Papievis

Terminal Brain Stem Injury patient Returns from Heaven!

Julie was in a horrific car accident and was injured so badly that even her Doctor testified she had a only 4% chance of life, and would at best, live in a vegetative state if surviving the accident. But God had a different plan for her life. Listen to her testimony as she not only miraculously and fully recovered to run a triathlon, but also shares testimony of her brief time in heaven! Her book is called “Go back and be happy“, the last words of her grandparents in heaven before returning to her once broken body! By His stripes, she was healed!
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Heaven or Hell encounter Miracle Healing Raised from Death

Woman has NDE (near death experience) and Describes Heaven!

Woman has NDE (near death experience) and Describes Her Time in Heaven!

Watch this amazing testimony of an NDE (near death experience) of a woman who was clinically placed into a state of death, in order to surgically repair her brain aneurysm. Listen as she tells her amazing story of how she went to heaven and didn’t want to come back!