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Raised from Death Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth raising the dead II

That I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings. Philippians 3:10

One day I saw a woman with tumors. In the condition she was in, she could not live out that day. I said, “do you want to live?”

She could not speak, but she was able to move her finger. In the name of Jesus, I anointed her with oil. Mr. Fisher, who was with me, said “she’s gone!”

It had been a little blind girl who had led me to this dying mother’s bedside. Compassion broke my heart for that child. I had said to the mother, “lift your finger.” Carrying the mother across the room, I put her against the wardrobe. I held her there, I said “in the name of Jesus, death, come out.”

Like a falling tree, leaf after leaf, her body began moving. Upright instead of lifeless, her feet touched the floor. “In then name of Jesus walk,” I said. She did, back to her bed.

I told the story in the service. It was a doctor there who said “I’ll prove that.” He saw her and confirmed that the story was true. She told the doctor: “it is all true. I was in heaven and I saw countless numbers all like Jesus. He pointed, and I knew I had to go. Then I heard a voice saying, “Walk in the name of Jesus.”

There is power in his resurrection. There is a “righteousness which is from God by faith” Philippians 3:9. Are we able to comprehend it? Can we have it? It is his love. It is his life in us. It is his compassion.

We are on probation to slay the enemy and destroy the kingdom of darkness, to move among satanic forces and subdue them in the name of Jesus

Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth – Death Defied

Smith Wigglesworth Testimony Raising the Dead

Bishop Ronald Coady and his wife were ministering in New South Wales, Australia, in 1950 where they met a Methodist deaconess called sister Mary. She had brought them large quantities of tracks to use in their crusades.

While there, they were reading Stanley Frodsham’s book, Smith Wiglesworth-apostle of faith. The incident of his raising of a young woman from the dead especially had gripped them, and when Sister Mary came in, they read it to her, adding, “how we should love to meet that lady!”

She said, “you know that lady.”

They protested that they did not, but she persisted, “you’ve known her for sometime. I am that lady.”

The three of them laugh together with holy joy at God’s “coincidences.”

She told them of being paralyzed from the waist down in 1922 and a being seriously ill. Wigglesworth was holding meetings in her town, and her friends urged her to let them take her to the meeting for prayer. However, she did not believe in divine healing and did not wish to be prayed for.

She soon became worst and, in fact, was dying. Her friends asked her if she would allow the evangelist to pray for her if they brought him to the house. She finally consented, but he was delayed. Before he arrived, she died.

Sr. Mary Pople related that she went to heaven and was allowed in the throne room. She saw the Lord Jesus sitting on his throne. She saw the light such as she had never seen and heard music such as she had never heard before. Her heart was filled with rapturous joy.

As she looked at the Lord, He pointed to the doorway by which she had entered, and she knew she had to go back even if she did not want to. When she went through that door, she heard a voice that later she knew was Smith Wigglesworth’s. He was saying, “Death, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.” Then he commanded Mary to live.

Her eyes open, and those who had been weeping around her bed began to rejoice. She rose and dressed, and there was a knock at the door. Some girls from her Bible study group had arrived, thinking she was dead. To their surprise and joy, Marry herself opened the door to them.

She continued in the Lord’s service for many years. Not only was she raised from the dead, but she was totally healed of her sickness that had been on to death and of the paralysis that had bound her for years.

Without faith, it is impossible to please him.
Hebrews 11:6

From the book titled Smith Wigglesworth a man who walked with God by George Stormont.

Body parts restored by documented miracle Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth “Face to Face with the Devil”!

Smith Wigglesworth overcomes death!

I was called at 10 o’clock one night to pray for a young person given up by the doctor who was dying of consumption. As I looked, I saw that unless God undertook it was impossible for her to live. I turned to the mother and said, “Well, mother. you will have to go to bed.” She said, “Oh, I have not had my clothes off for three weeks.” I said to the daughters, “You will have to go to bed,” but they did not want to go. It was the same with the son. I put on my overcoat and said, “Good-bye, I’m off.” They said, “Oh, don’t leave us.” I said, “I can do nothing here.” They said, “Oh, if you will stop, we will all go to bed.” I knew that God would move nothing in an atmosphere of mere natural sympathy and unbelief.

They all went to bed and I stayed, and that was surely a time as I knelt by that bed face to face with death and with the devil. But God can change the hardest situation and make you know that He is almighty.

Then the fight came. It seemed as though the heavens were brass. I prayed from 11 to 3:30 in the morning. I saw the glimmering light on the face of the sufferer and saw her pass away. The devil said, “Now you are done for. You have come from Bradford and the girl has died on your hands.” I said, “It can’t be. God did not send me here for nothing. This is a time to change strength.” I remembered that passage which said, “Men ought always to pray and not to faint.” Death had taken place but I knew that my God was all-powerful, and He that had split the Red Sea is just the same today. It was a time when I would not have “No,” and God said “Yes.” I looked at the window and at that moment the face of Jesus appeared. It seemed as though a million rays of light were coming from His face. As He looked at the one who had just passed away, the color came back to the face. She rolled over and fell asleep. Then I had a glorious time. In the morning she woke early, put on a dressing gown and walked to the piano. She started to play and to sing a wonderful song. The mother and the sister and the brother had all come down to listen. The Lord had undertaken. A miracle had been wrought.

The Lord is calling us along this way. I am thanking God for difficult cases. The Lord has called us into heart union with Himself; He wants His bride to have one heart and one Spirit with Him and to do what He Himself loved to do. That case had to be a miracle. The lungs were gone, they were just in shreds, but the Lord restored lungs that were perfectly sound.

From the book: “Ever Increasing Faith”
Sermon Titled:  Gifts and Healings

Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Heaven or Hell encounter Miracle Healing Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth: Resurrecting the Dead

Smith Wigglesworth Testimony on Resurrecting the Dead

One morning about eleven o’clock I saw a woman who was suffering with a tumor. She could not live through the day. A little blind girl led me to the bedside. Compassion broke me up and I wanted that woman to live for the child’s sake. I said to the woman, “Do you want to live?” She could not speak. She just moved her finger. I anointed her with oil and said, “In the name of Jesus.” There was a stillness of death that followed; and the pastor, looking at the woman, said to me, “She is gone.”

When God pours in His compassion it has resurrection power in it. I carried that woman across the room, put her against a wardrobe, and held her there. I said, “In the name of Jesus, death, come out.” And soon her body began to tremble like a leaf. “In Jesus’ name, walk,” I said. She did and went back to bed.

I told this story in the assembly. There was a doctor there and he said, “I’ll prove that.” He went to the woman and she told him it was perfectly true. She said, “I was in heaven, and I saw countless numbers all like Jesus. Then I heard a voice saying, ‘Walk, in the name of Jesus.’’’

There is power in the name of Jesus. Let us apprehend it, the power of His resurrection, the power of His compassion, the power of His love. Love will break the hardest thing – there is nothing it will not break.

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