Brain Damaged Woman Wakes up from Coma Smarter!

Woman in Coma for Two Months Expected to Die Awakens!

This is a very inspiring testimony and miracle about remaining in faith and trusting God rather than trusting in what we see with our eyes when faced with tragedy. With little hope for life, and then little hope for a normal life after severe brain damage, this young woman arises smarter than before, defying science and medicine! What an amazing testimony!

Yay God!!

2 thoughts on “Brain Damaged Woman Wakes up from Coma Smarter!

  1. Praise God!!!
    We too need a miracle from God for my daughter Sara, 27months old, for her brain to be healed and restored from hypoxia and stroke she was born. Please stand with us in prayer!
    Thank you very much!

    • Standing with you Dauren – In Jesus name, all injuries be reversed, brain be whole and made new. Thank you father for your finished work and your amazing grace and love for us.

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