Knee Instantly Healed in Boston – Happy Man!

Knee Healed then Man Skips without Cane!

Jose was limping really bad with his cane as he approached us so we flagged him down Sunday on the streets of Boston. We gave him a sandwich and a drink and then prayed for his knee. He said it was an eight out of ten. Two quick prayers in Jesus name and it went to zero, but he didn’t get excited until he started walking without a limp. Then he said “wait until my friends see me now! …I got no pain, for real!!! …thank you Jesus”

It was a delayed reaction but he was very happy to be healed and then began spinning his cane around as he skipped down the sidewalk.

We generally see several knees healed every weekend, but this guy was so happy I had to get his testimony on video!

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2 thoughts on “Knee Instantly Healed in Boston – Happy Man!

  1. Thank you so much for addressing this. Do you have anymore scriptures to support that the sign gifts have not stopped? Being in N.E. as am I, could you direct to a church, or fellowship that is witnessing healings, and deliverances?

    • Hi Penelope,
      The truth is, there are NO scriptures to support that the gifts of Holy Spirit were ever supposed to stop. Jesus told His disciples to make more disciples and teach them all that I have taught you. Since His plan was and is, to fill the earth with disciples who represent Him, then there was no plan to stop the gifts. There are many churches now in NE that are seeing such evidence. Destiny in Concord, Faith worship in Pepperrell MA, Living Word Assembly of God in Gilmantom Ironworks NH, and many others.

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