Man’s Hearing Restored and Back Healed in Manchester NH

Two with deafness healed in Manchester NH!
The Kingdom of Heaven is near….Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Yesterday we took out a beautiful family (Lori, her husband Peter, and their two children) who had contacted us to hit the streets and get Kickstarted praying for the sick.

What a productive day we had with The Lord! Each family member saw from 2-6 people get healed for a total of 12-15 healed that I can personally recall.

At one point my wife Laury and Lori M. prayed for a man I who believe was born mostly deaf and had a hearing aid in one ear. When they prayed, he said he heard popping in his ear and then instantly started hearing without his hearing aid! Yay God.

My wife Laury and Garth kept lining up people in need and we saw each family member individually pray for backs, hips, feet, legs, and knees and Jesus healed every one! It was awesome 🙂

Later we came across this man Eddy in a wheelchair scooter who had back pain at a level eight out if ten. Peter prayed and all pain left after three short prayers. Then we all prayed for his ears (including our friends Dennis and June) and his hearing gradually started to come back each time we prayed. After a few prayers I asked what percent was back and he said 50%. We kept pressing in for his healing and after about four more prayers he said it was 100% back! Jesus is the healer.

In a later conversation Eddy (the man just healed), asked when are you guys going to start holding healing services, he said “there’s a need and I would bring my friends and family” …..When the Lord opens that door, we will enter 🙂

For now, we are going to the streets and the marketplaces seeking the lost, the hurt, the broken hearted, and the poor.

Send more Lord, send more!

4 thoughts on “Man’s Hearing Restored and Back Healed in Manchester NH

  1. Hi. I am 26 years old from Aizawl Mizoram India and i have had nerve damage to my ear and have had problems ever since. I know i have sinned and confess to the Lord. I play drums and i am a percussionist playing band music to praise and serve the Lord. But my hearing has made me stop this for a while. I want to have my hearing back good as new. I know God can heal me with even just His thought. My hearing is deteriorating week by week. Please help me. I want to serve the Lord again. Please help.

    • Hi tluangtea10:

      Send a prayer request to . Their India managers are in Nagaland. Ask them to put you in touch with Bro. Tepu. They also have some sort of a ministry for the hearing impaired – but that is only hearing testing. But they can pray for you over the phone. Thanks and God bless you.

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