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Heidi Baker

The Heidi and Rolland Baker Story

The Heidi and Rolland Baker Story

This is Heidi and Rolland Baker’s life story of a life lived for God, with no limits. It’s an amazing love story that should inspire all of us, to use our lives saving the lost, comforting the poor, and being a light to a deceived world that desperately needs the love of Jesus.
Their story is celebration of sacrificial love and an example of dying to ourselves, and picking up our cross……

NOTE: This Video has been removed per request of the film distributor for Iris Global. You can purchase the video on Amazon or through Bethel here:

Bethel Church Bill Johnson Cancer Medical Miracle Healing Heidi Baker Miracle Healing

Stage 4 Cancer Miracle – She Had 5 Weeks to Live!

Amazing testimony of Stage 4 Cancer completely healed by Jesus in Bethel Church!

Not only was this precious woman healed of terminal cancer by Jesus, but she was also set on fire (and set free) and now serves God entirely through ministry and healing around the world! Wow….God is so good!!!!! Amen

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