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Blindness healed by medical miracle Miracle Healing Pete Cabrera Jr

Blindness Healed! Pete Cabrera Jr Testimony

The Love of God will break every chain! Blindness Healed

It’s long but worth watching – check out this testimony from our brother Pete Cabrera Jr about a man who was almost completely blind from two stokes he had suffered years earlier. He was getting ready to attend school for the blind to prepare for a life without sight, but now is ready to go for his drivers license! Praise God! If you know someone who suffers from blindness, let them listen to this testimony so they might build their faith to receive sight from his prayer for healing at the end of this video. I’m believing the same anointing is being carried through his prayer for you to be healed in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen

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The Love of Jesus is Alive! Don’t miss this Amazing Testimony

We Were Created in His Image, and He is the Face of Love!
If you have not witnessed the love of God lately walking in the flesh, you have to see this testimony! We were born to become love, and this is the face of love! ….and in the middle of God’s love, they found healing 🙂

Blindness healed by medical miracle Body parts restored by documented miracle Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Miracle Healing Pete Cabrera Jr

Blind for 29 Years, Healed by Jesus

Watch this amazing testimony as this woman born without a retina in one eye, was healed with a miracle by Jesus through Pete Cabrera Jr. Ministries!

Luke 4:18

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed;
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Blindness healed by medical miracle Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Miracle Healing Salvation

Blind woman healed by Jesus in Africa in front of 200,000 witnesses!

Blind woman healed in Africa in front of 200,000 witnesses- precious!

As many of you are aware, Ivory Coast has been plagued by many years of civil war. Terrible atrocities have been committed and much blood has been shed in this place. In fact, our crusade field bears a grim reminder of the desperately wicked condition of fallen humanity. At the back of the crusade field there is a distinct area where curious mounds of dirt are grown over with thick weeds. As our bulldozers were clearing the field in preparation for the campaign, we were asked by officials not to clear that particular area because it is a mass grave where countless unidentified corpses are buried. Yet, this week, this very field, once the scene of death and destruction on a massive scale, has been transformed into ground zero for a historic harvest and a mass Holy Spirit outpouring. It is a striking metaphor of God’s redemptive work through salvation.The crowd grew to 200,000 tonight in spite of the fact that Ivory Coast national football team was playing against Tunisia contending for the Africa Cup of Nations! Our event director asked one young man why he came to the crusade instead of watching football and he said, “We need Jesus more than football.” This kind of hunger is what sets this campaign apart. The people are extraordinarily expectant and full of faith. The video at the top of this email is from the very first testimony tonight. It is from a woman who was totally blind in both eyes. Last night her left eye had been healed and she came to give glory to God. While interviewing her, I discovered that her right eye was still blind. I told her to cover that right eye and prayed. Nothing happened. I so I covered her eye and prayed again. “Mama look at me. What do you see?” I asked. For several seconds she looked at me intently (it probably seemed longer than it actually was:-) and then all of a sudden, she started shouting, “Oui, oui, oui, oui, oui” (French for “yes”). Jesus opened her eye on the platform in front of 200,000 people and, as you can imagine, the crowd went ballistic! Praise the Lord!This has been a historic event that will leave an indelible mark on Ivory Coast. The entire capital city has been shaken. The news media is out in full force every night. Top government officials have taken notice and are coming for prayer. The church leadership has never seen anything like it before. I am sure that if the Lord tarries, the great-grandchildren of these people will still be talking about what Jesus did here this week.And it’s not over yet! We still have one more meeting tomorrow night. Please continue to pray for us – that the full payload of Holy Spirit impact will demolish every last bastion of satanic influence and that from this week forward, Ivory Cost will be known, not as a place of war and bloodshed, but as the dominion of the Prince of Peace.Yours in the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, Peter van den Berg
Together with the whole CfaN teamPictures by O. Volyk
Blindness healed by medical miracle

Eyeballs Instantly appear in blind child -Healed by Jesus through Mel Bond

Eyeballs Instantly appear -Healed by Jesus!

This is an amazing video testimony of a healing by Jesus where a blind child receives restored sight and new eyeballs while Mel Bond prays for healing!

Part 2 More Amazing sight Miracles!

(Mel’s book listed in the video is available here for free:’sAnointing.pdf )