Documented Healings By God

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Baby Healed of Brain Cancer Through Miracle of God

Baby’s Brain and Spine Cancer Healed by Miracle of God

Wow, this one really moved my heart! God’s Love never ceases to bring so much joy to me, that I simply weep over the beauty of such miracles. Amazing Love…..Amazing Grace….Such an Amazing God!! Believe!

Cancer Medical Miracle Healing CBN Healing Testamony Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Miracle Healing

Dan’s Cancer Death Sentence Turns Into a Miracle!

Dan Fazzina’s Cancer Miracle
Dan Fazzina was diagnosed with a grapefruit sized tumor in his chest when he was just 27. Without major chemo, doctors said he only had three weeks to three months to live. The tumor was crushing his heart and organs. After treatments of chemo with little hope, Dan cried out to God asking to be healed.

Half way through treatments, the tumor was gone, ….no evidence, no scar tissue, no tumor! There’s always hope when it comes to God, don’t give up! God is so Good, Jesus is Lord.