Book of Acts moment #8

God loves the despised, the brokenhearted, and the lost.

This is an older one from last fall I forgot to publish. A team of us had met at His Way Home Church in Haverhill to to go out on the streets praying for the sick in a less popular section of town on Saturday afternoon in September. I went into a small grocery/package store to buy some water.

There was an older woman in front of me waiting in line at the counter. I noticed she had her wrist all bandaged up. It was very similar to the picture I attached on this post. I asked her what was wrong. She said she just had surgery on the arm/wrist. She was extremely intoxicated, slurred a bit, and seemed very depressed and hopeless.injured handI think the “old me” would’ve looked at her and judged her in kind of a religious way because she was drunk. But instead, my heart instantly expanded and I felt great compassion for her condition. Maybe that was the real miracle in this story! It was purely the compassion of Jesus because it’s so much greater than anything my old nature could muster up and whenever it happens, powerful things follow.

I asked her what her level of pain was on a scale of 1 to 10- she thought about it and said it was about an eight. I asked you if I could pray for it and she said yes. I prayed once in the name of Jesus and asked her what her pain level was again. She looked so drunk that she actually seemed like she forget I had just prayed for it! But her reply was that the pain was about a three. I quickly laid my hand on it again prayed one more time and asked her what her pain level was……She had a big smile and she said it felt really good! I told her Jesus did it because He loves her, she smiled again and said thanks.

I heard someone recently say that healing is one of God’s “languages of love”. I like the way that sounds and in this example, I’d have to agree He was speaking to her on that day 🙂

God’s love is truly amazing, ….Jesus is Lord!
Scott L