Do you want to be used by God? Do you feel like God isn’t hearing your prayers? Does the Bible seem lifeless to you?
Listen to this honest testimony of a woman who was questioning if God even existed, but she was Kickstarted in healing and is now on fire for the Lord.

This is such a common testimony we come across by many people wondering if God is even real, but if you really want to be used by God, come get Kickstarted and your life will change forever….. ours did!

If you live in the NH, MA area and want to get kickstarted, send us an email and you can join us as we hit the streets each weekend, being used by God, laying hands on the sick and preaching the good news!

2000+ years later, Jesus is still in the business of healing the sick, setting captives free, saving lives, bringing hearing to the deaf and looking for those who want to be used! He is Lord!